NFL Thursday Showcase: Philadelphia vs Seattle

Things are about to get a little more lively in the Northwest. The Philadelphia Eagles head to birthplace of grunge music to take on the Seattle Seahawks. At the beginning of the season, you would think this would be a game that Philly would automatically win, but with their problems this year, there's no telling how this game will go. But, in usual fashion, I'm gonna try my best to breakdown the Thursday Night NFL Showcase.

Vince Young is heading into his third start in place of Michael Vick. Vince has been uneven at best in his starts, so Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid would be smart to give the ball to star RB LaSean McCoy. McCoy is the most important player on this team and as he goes, the team goes. This Seattle defense needs to locate McCoy at all times. But not only must they locate McCoy, they must also make sure to wrap up the elusive running back when given the chance to. Another person the Seahawks may want to keep an eye on is WR DeSean Jackson. Jackson seems to have come alive in the past two weeks and it seems like this week could be his week as well. The Seahawks secondary better not be caught slipping or Jackson could light them up.

Speaking of Jacksons, Seattle QB Tavaris Jackson has been uneven at best. He's fought injuries, a disappearing running game and inconsistent receivers while trying to lead this team. Now some of this is on Jackson, but some of this mess isn't his fault at all. This game, maybe Tavaris can bring back that feeling of winning. It will be harder to bring that feeling back due to the fact that his best wide receiver, Sidney Rice, is out for the rest of the year with a concussion. That gives the Eagles one less weapon that they have to worry about. But Rice definitley isn't the only weapon that Philly has to contend with. RB Marshawn Lynch has been largely held in check this year by opposing defenses, but you never know when he will go "Beast Mode" on defenses. For the Eagles, who happen to be a weak run-stopping defense, they better hope Lynch and his offensive line don't get it going. The Eagles, for all the so-called improvements on this year, are a weak defense when it comes to stopping the run.

Expect the Eagles to come out and play hard for their coach. Look for the Seahawks to try and match that intensity, but the talent difference is pretty big here. Eventually, the talent that the Eagles have will allow them to go out and win this game, provided that they feed McCoy the ball.

Prediction: Philadelphia 27, Seattle 21

4 Responses

  1. Man how bad would it be for the Eagles if they list to Seattle, I’ll tell you my opinion in that stadium Seahawks have a shot. Like your final scores shows, it will be close.

  2. Dallah Smith

    Eagles will play hard for there coach but the seahawks will fight even harder and there defense will get turnovers to change the game seattle a tough place to place sorry eagles throw in towel

  3. I actually have Seattle winning. I think the Eagles inconsistency is to prevalent and Seattle has a defense that can hold the speed of the Eagles. Also, Vick out, Maclin and McCoy banged up. Seahawks 23, Eagles 17

  4. Andrew

    I was a little late reading this and with the game already 5 minutes into the 2nd quarter I would have to say your predictions were pretty spot on. Marshawn Lynch has gone all BEAST with 80+ yards and 2 touchdowns and The Real McCoy just answered with a TD of his own. Neither defense is playing well to this point and like you said VY and Jackson both are playing “uneven”. With that being said good work as always and really good job predicting exactly ( to this point) the way things would shake out.

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