The Naming Rights Of Denver’s Stadium Just Got Interesting

The Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers and won the Lombardi Trophy last season. Going into this season, they will be without their two quarterbacks from last year and will be missing a few key pieces from their defense. But that’s not the only change that could be going on. Sports Authority currently has the naming rights to the stadium in Denver. They have had them since 2011. But recently, it came up that they were in a little bit of financial problems. The company could be looking at as much as $300 million in debt that they cannot pay back. And because of that, there are some that see them losing their naming rights to the stadium in Denver. If that happens, there are plenty businesses that will probably line up to purchase the stadium name. But there is one potential business that has created some buzz when they announced that they were interested. What is the name of the business you ask? Well, the business is called Native Roots.

For those that don’t know, Native Roots is the #1 marijuana dispensary in the state of Colorado which has 14 locations within the state. As we all know, marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado and this company has been taking full advantage of it. While no official word has been said about Sports Authority losing their naming rights, it will more than likely happen. If the Broncos stick with the Spots Authority Field name, then they will run the risk of losing money in that venture. And we all know that losing money is something businesses do not want to do in business. The information of Native Roots wanting to get their name dropped on April 1st and many thought that it was a joke. But Rhett Jordan, founder of Native Roots, had this to say about wanting the naming rights, “No, this is not an April Fool’s Day joke. We have a ton of pride in the Broncos. We’re a large corporation just like a Coors Light or Sports Authority.” There is no telling whether they will get the naming rights to the stadium. But there’s a good chance that it never happens. But let’s pretend for a second that it does happen.

The first thing that would happen is the Broncos organization would be accepting money for a legalize marijuana organization to sponsor their stadium. The second change would be the logo on the side of the field. Native Roots would more than likely want to put a marijuana leaf in their logo on the stadium. I can imagine Chris Berman now calling the stadium the Big Joint when talking about it on ESPN. But let’s think about some other things that would come along with the name change to Native Roots stadium. The backlash from some of the players in the NFL would be disastrous. Plenty players get suspended for using drugs. And one of those drugs that is outlawed by the NFL is marijuana. Players get suspended for games and, in some cases, indefinitely because of marijuana and other drugs. For a team in the NFL to accept money from a company that sells something that is considered illegal in the NFL would be very hypocritical. And at that point, Goodell and the owners would have a serious issue at the negotiating table in the next CBA negotiations.

Obviously letting Native Roots put their naming rights on a stadium in Denver will send a bigger message to the country than the NFL. The success of this company has shown that this is a business that can thrive across America. And with it thriving across America, it could help boost the economy. And even though some have their feelings about whether it should be legal or not, the real truth is it isn’t legal because the government has not figured out how to tax it fully. Once that happens, it will probably be legal in all 50 states. But as it stands right now, the thought of the NFL allowing this naming to happen is preposterous and will probably not happen. But in the future, it surely could happen. And with Missouri looking like it is about to be the third state to legalize marijuana soon, the experiment of legalizing marijuana is becoming more of a reality.

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