The Super Bowl up next for Nashville?

The stage was set for Nashville and all the world was going to be watching as 1st and Broadway became the home to a huge stage where the NFL Draft was going to be. Along with the stage, traffic was blocked off going down Broadway for about four or five blocks. The expectation was set for a huge crowd and that's what was delivered. The city ended up breaking the NFL Draft attendance record easily for the most people to attend all three days of the draft, topping 500,000 people in those three days. With all this excitement around the city and people seeing how Nashville could handle a bigtime event, there was that undoubtedly some rumblings about another big event in the NFL.

The Super Bowl has been to many places different times and even in places no on ever thought it would be like New York and Minneapolis, Minnesota, but with the buzz this weekend, there are plenty wondering if Nashville will ever be in line for the Super Bowl. Well, if you ask former Tennessee Titans wide receiver Chris Sanders, it may be time for the Super Bowl here in Nashville: "We could be, but we would have to get an indoor facility. I think if we get a dome that could help."

Sanders, like others, has thought about the Super Bowl here in Nashville, especially during the time of the draft being here. The city just continues to grow and grow, and with that, so do the expectations of what Nashville can do. As the city continues to grow, more hotels are coming here, with the next one being the MGM Grand coming to Nashville. Add that to what is already here and Nashville is on pace to have plenty of rooms in downtown Nashville and surrounding areas. And if you add in the new convention center Nashville will have in a couple of years, there will be plenty of places to have all the things the NFL will want to do come Super Bowl week.

While the surroundings will be good, the main thing it all comes down to is the stadium. Nissan Stadium has been in existence since the Titans have been in Nashville and quite honestly, it is not ready for a Super Bowl. The size and the structure of it is not worthy of the Super Bowl and with the unpredictable weather in Nashville, there could quite conceivably be some rain or cold weather and we know the NFL does not want a cold Super Bowl. With a new stadium, the Titans definitely would get a Super Bowl. The issue at hand will be if the city of Nashville and Davidson Country, which Nashville is in the center of, wants to help get the new stadium or not. Many will wonder where the Titans will play while the stadium is getting built, but that is a small issue compared to who will be paying for it.

The amazing energy in Nashville was captured on television and shown to the world and those that were there in the mass of people to experience definitely enjoyed themselves. The NFL Draft being in the Music City was a very good idea, but could this have actually been an audition for the Super Bowl?

(The quietness before the NFL Draft started.)

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