My Thoughts On Trade Of Kevin Kolb To Arizona

If you ask anyone about the toughest and most essential position in football, most will tell you its the QB position. That's why you see teams spending big money and making huge trades for that one piece they feel they need. Well, this off-season is no different. In the Wild Wild West 2011 off-season of the NFL, the Cardinals have agreed to trade CB Dominique Rogers-Cromartie and a 2012 draft pick to Philadelphia for the prize of the 2011 NFL QB pool, Kevin Kolb. The Cardinals also are going to give Kolb a guaranteed $30 million in a new deal. All seem to be rejoicing and saying that Arizona made a great deal. All but me agree on that.

I believe Arizona got the worst of this deal. I know some will think I'm crazy, but let me explain why. Kolb hasn't exactly had the most experience as a starter in this league. When Matt Cassel was traded from the Patriots to the Chiefs, he had started a full year and proven that he could at least handle the ups and downs of being a starting QB in the NFL. Besides that, let's revisit the last time a Vick backup was traded for my case. QB Matt Schuab was supposed to be this great QB that was mired behind Michael Vick in Atlanta. The Houston Texans saw a potential superstar QB in him and made a big trade to get him. Fast forward to a now and while Schuab has put up stats, he has also incurred injuries and never got his team to the playoffs.

Arizona has been notorious for having bad defense. So, in order to upgrade their offense, they trade arguably their best defensive player to get a QB? To me, that doesn't make any sense. What would have made sense is to trade for Kyle Orton from Denver. You could have upgraded your QB position and also kept your best cover corner. I think the world of rookie Patrick Peterson, but I question if he's ready to be the feature corner on this team.

For the Eagles, they made out like bandits in this deal. This deal effectively takes them out of the market for a corner. This deal also saves them money. They get Rogers-Cromartie while he's still in his rookie deal and they still have money to spend to improve their team and possibly go after the likes of LB Nick Barnett, DE Ray Edwards or DE Jason Babin. Another thing the Eagles could do is work out new deals for DeSean Jackson and Michael Vick as well.

In the end, these two teams still have to play the games, but in my estimation, the Eagles have always been a smart team when it comes to handling the salary cap and handling trades. I didn't agree with the Donovan McNabb deal last year. I couldn't understand it. But as I look at their organization now, they knew what they were doing and it was a stroke of genius. They seem to have perfect timing and this new deal to acquire a great young corner that they needed is just an example of the genius of the Eagles' front office.

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  1. You’re on point brother! Kolb has shown me nothing other than failed hyped expectations. Arizona paid a hefty price for the Kolb Hype Factor.
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  2. Lee Love

    It’s really wonderful when someone can command 30 million for basically an unproven body of work…don’t know what type of crystal ball Arizona is starring in but I hope is works our for them. Personally I don’t get the trade the builds him up as the 2nd coming. Arizona thought they had lighting in a bottle with Leinhart and that didn’t work out, so I hope Arizona management knows what they’re doing, that’s alot of money to experiment with.

  3. 7Boss1

    The Eagles won again and Arizona is nuts. I wouldn’t have given up what they gave up to get Kolb and I definitely wouldn’t have given him $30 million

  4. Well done Arizona is nuts for this move..

  5. I agree with every word typed/written here, I was saying that to people all day yesterday. For some reason the guy who couldn’t get the ball to DeSean Jackson against the Packers is a world beating QB…just don’t get it!! Eagles got their CB for the future as well as now…SMH the rich get richer!!

    • And I’m going to shock some people with this statement right here. I don’t know if Asante Samuel is a free agent after next year or not, but after this year, he could be next on the chopping block if he is still under contract.

  6. Nice move for Philly. Rodgers-Cromartie is a nice cornerback to put alongside Asante Samuel. Kolb will do okay in Arizona, but he still has a lot to prove especially since he is going to get paid like a franchise QB even though he hasn’t won anything.

  7. I’m not sure how Schaub has anything to do with this other than he happened to be Vick’s backup on a different team in a different time. Anyways, I think they probably gave away too much with Rodgers-Cromartie. I think it also depends on what the draft pick ends up being too because wasn’t it during the season all they wanted was a 1st? I think have a lot of people have doubts on Kolb and rightfully so because he hasn’t shown much. For me, I’m not sure but I definitely know that I am not an Orton fan. I don’t think he has the ability to take a team very far, especially when the going gets tough.

  8. Kareem Howard

    WOW, I didn’t realize that Cromartie was traded to the Eagles. This gives them a secondary that will discourage the pass which will increase productivity in the running game….If AZ is smart, the will sign Antonio Cromartie as his replacement. He wasn’t too shabby while in N.Y.

  9. Rogers Cromartie is a stud who has proved himself. Kolb on the other hand has not. Completely agree Eagles got the better part of the deal.

  10. Great trade for the Eagles. Cromartie and Samuel will make an awesome CB duo. I do like Peterson though and he will be a stud for the Cards. Not sold on Kolb though. Everyone is rating him so highly. He hasn’t done enough for me to earn the praise he’s been given.

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