Memo To Tiki Barber: Stay Off The Comeback Trail

Tiki Barber has shocked the world this week. The 36 year old former New York Giants running back has decided to file papers with the NFL to come out of retirement. He has started training again and he says he is still in good shape. He honestly thinks he can come back. In my estimation, he's still holding on. Still holding on to his past glory.

Tiki is a symbol of what a lot of retired athletes go through. Athletes have a hard time letting go of the spotlight. Michael Jordan, as great of an athlete as he was, couldn't get enough of the spotlight. After he retired from the NBA, he joined the Washington Wizards front office as a minority owner. He couldn't take the team losing and he got the bright idea that he could help this team by playing. But, all of us know that the move wasn't just for the chance of him helping his team, it was because he wanted to be the reason the team came back. The team ultimately didn't even make it to the playoffs.

Chris Carter is another example of a player who tried to hold on too long. After his stellar NFL career in Philadelphia and Minnesota, Carter decided to be an analyst. He was doing good being an analyst, until he thought he could come back with the Miami Dolphins. Well, he thought wrong because his time with Miami was some of the worst football he played. Great player, just tried to hang on too long.

Barber is going to continue to train. He's going to continue to believe he can contribute and enter the limelight again. I'm hoping he realizes why he retired and doesn't go through with this comeback. He could only damage the memories he created over his career.

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  1. Tiffany

    I think he is looking for a way to pay some bills….*singing “It’s cheaper to keep her”, lol. But seriously, I agree with you, part of being great is leaving when you’re on top and knowing when your time is up.

  2. James Rutherford

    One of my questions for the week was why is Ki Ki Barber trying to make a comeback, is it like Tiffany said for the money, did he not manage his money well,like so many before him. When I heard of his purposed comeback the first names that came to mind are Muhammad Ali the self proclaimed “Greatest,” Roy Jones Jr, Evander Holyfield,Jerry Rice and you can go on and on. Why can’t athlete understand that as ages go up,their skills slowly deteriorate, I know it’s the love of the game but common sense does apply, like Brett Favre do you have to be hit in the head to realize you need to retire.

    • That’s the million-dollar question. Sometimes the spirit, ego and competitive drive takes over. And for me, I want to remember players at their best. I don’t want to remember them for when they were at their worst.

  3. Lucy A

    Somebody needs to tell him that just because you’re in good shape doesn’t mean you’re necessarily in football shape. Smh, this experiment won’t go welll. Let’s see if he even makes it through training camp assuming he gets signed.

    • I agree. I don’t think his body, at 36, can take the pounding.

  4. sydney

    He is mad bcuz he left the Giants the season b4 they WON the superbowl. So he is in pursuit of a ring. His team has 1 and he has 0. He actually didn’t have to retire when he did. In NY we were surprised and upset that he did and thought he was a punk. No one likes u go home!

    • His first time retiring should be his last, but I guess glory calls. Let it go about him doing you all the way he did. He did you all a favor. The championship came when he walked out the door.

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