Peyton Manning’s Real Life Direct TV Commercial

(photo courtesy of Daily Motion)

(photo courtesy of Daily Motion)

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos are 7-0 after a thorough beatdown of the Green Bay Packers at home. The defense smothered quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense and Peyton Manning looked like the all-time great he is, throwing for 340 yards on 21 completions. And even though he did not throw a touchdown, he was piercing Casey Heyward and the rest of the Packers secondary. With that performance, many began to think on how the reports on Peyton’s demise were not so true. The prevailing thought by some is that Peyton and the Broncos offense will get it together as the season goes on. After all, he is running a brand new offense under head coach Gary Kubiak and the offensive line isn’t exactly great this year. Couple that with the brand new addition of tight end Vernon Davis from the San Francisco 49ers and they could potentially be growing still as the season goes on. But some have to wonder if the familiar Peyton Manning that we see at the end of the season will show up.

Plenty are familiar with the Direct TV commercials that Peyton has been in recently. There is the regular Peyton Manning that we see having the great things in life and having a blast. And just like that version of Peyton, he is in a class of his own. Manning has dominated competition for most of his career in Indianapolis and has transferred that success to the Denver organization. Over his regular season career, he has over 537 touchdown passes and holds a 65.4 % career completion percentage. He has terrified plenty a defense with his intellect at the line of scrimmage. And for the most part, he has been his own offensive coordinator for the duration of his career. This MVP version of Peyton Manning is one that many believe to be one of the greatest of all-time. His regular season success is undeniable and his presence on the field is one that commands attention as well.

But just like anything, there are two sides to a story. And in this case, there is the Cable version of Peyton Manning. We have seen him take forms as high-voiced Peyton Manning and skinny-legged Peyton Manning, but there is one that Direct TV may want to take a look into. Peyton has been great during the regular season and he conquered some of his demons when he won a title with the Colts in Miami. But one demon that Manning has always had issues with is the cold weather. And cold-weather Peyton Manning is not a pretty sight. We all saw how he and the Broncos looked when they played the Seahawks at first. He was shell-shocked from the jump and most of his stats came when the game did not even matter anymore. And who can forget the performance Peyton had when he first got to Denver in the playoffs versus the Baltimore Ravens. Peyton was not sharp at all, throwing two interceptions and sporting a 56.4 QBR. These are just a few of the examples of what happens when Peyton plays in cold weather. It seems to take something out of him, like Superman when he comes in contract with kryptonite. Peyton’s kryptonite, the cold weather, is something he has really yet to solve over his career. And for those that think this is something that is made up, Peyton has a record of 9-14 in cold weather (which is usually in the playoffs) and he has not exactly been the greatest as of late in the playoffs in Denver. With cold weather coming soon in Denver, expect the cable version of Peyton to show up.

Peyton Manning has admittedly lost some touch in his fingers due to the multiple neck surgeries. Looking at his numbers currently, he is definitely not the same guy he once was. His seven touchdowns and eleven interceptions are unheard of for him. And with his past troubles in cold weather, there has to be some trepidation as to how he will perform this year in the cold. Peyton Manning is one of the greatest regular season quarterbacks of all-time. But when the cold arrives, he is the cable version of himself. It should be interesting to see if or when that version shows up and for how long it will be around.

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