Lamar Jackson Can Be A NFL Quarterback

Lamar Jackson was one of the most electrifying quarterbacks in college football for the last few seasons. He was quick as a hiccup and his energy and electric play helped lead Louisville to some good wins during his time. Unfortunately, his junior season did not go the way he wanted it to. Louisville football did not make it as far as they wanted to go and Lamar had some uneven performances as the Cardinals finished the season 8-5. Although Lamar and the Cardinals did not have the season they wanted to, Jackson still had some highlight plays that got everyone excited. The only question left for Jackson was would he leave school after three seasons and some electrifying play. Well, the former Heisman winner decided that it was time to throw his hat in the NFL ring, skipping his senior season. As of right now, there are some that are projecting that he can do well while others are thinking that he will have to switch positions in order to succeed. For those that think he has to switch positions, that isn't only disrespectful, that is blind as well.

When Lamar Jackson first came to Louisville, he was an exciting player but he was limited. Jackson would run at every single chance he got. The result of that his freshman year was Lamar having almost as many runs as he had passing attempts. The team was good, but you had to wonder if he had the ability to grow as a passer. As his time has gone on in Louisville, he has taken that challenge of growing as a quarterback in the passing game. He still takes off and runs the football, but not quite as much as he did when he was a freshman. Part of that development can be attributed to the coaching of Bobby Petrino. The veteran head coach may have done some things in his past, but he is known for making quarterbacks the best they can be. Jackson may not have the prettiest throwing motion, but it is effective and he has gotten better with each season when it comes to completion percentages. Of course, he had a career-high 10 interceptions this season, but some of that can be charged to trying to do too much sometimes.

Jackson can be a NFL quarterback and he has improved over his time, but he has some things that definitely have to be worked on. One thing that could help him is if he is to put on some more weight. As he currently is listed, Jackson is 211 pounds. Now that is not that horrible for a man that is 6'3", but with all the hits that come along with the rigors of the NFL, he has to put on some muscle to absorb those hits. If he does not, then he will have some issues with staying healthy. Another things that has to continue to develop is his understanding of the passing game. Jackson has grown so much over his time in college in the passing game, but like many other college quarterbacks trying to make the pros, he has some more homework to do. First thing he has to adjust to is the differences in what is open in college and what is open in the NFL. The windows will be tighter so he will have to read things a little quicker and be able to fit the passes in there. Lamar has the ability to do so and with his work ethic, he can definitely make those adjustments and consequently make plays in the passing game.

Lamar Jackson is a talented runner, but don't think that is all he can do. Many have spoken on how he should be turned into a wide receiver because of his ability, but why is his mobility bad for the NFL game. Sure, he needs to develop some more in the passing game, but there are many quarterbacks that have had to over the years and were afforded the ability to do so. So with that being said, Jackson is a quarterback that is more than capable of being solid in the NFL. His athleticism is a gift, so hopefully no general managers or coaches try to take away that special gift he has by turning him into a wide receiver.

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