Defense Separates Kansas City and the LA Rams

The NFL season is about to enter Week 6 on Thursday and there only stands two undefeated teams. Ironically, both used to be in the same state, but with the Rams moving to Los Angeles, there is only one undefeated team in the Show-Me state. The Kansas City Chiefs have been even better than expected in starting the season 5-0. Not to be slighted, the Rams are also 5-0 in the NFL. Both the Rams and the Chiefs will be compared to each other going forward because of the records they have. Unlike the Chiefs, the Rams have had Super Bowl aspirations thrust upon them since before the season. While everyone is championing the Rams, the Chiefs actually may be the better team of the two because of their defense.

The Rams are glitz and glamor as well as talent. No one imagined the Rams looking this good this fast in their return to Los Angeles. Even with as good as they look, there are still some warts on that team. One of them is the defense. Plenty talk about the collection of talent they have. No one can dispute the allure of names like Aaron Donald, Marcus Peters and Ndamukong Suh. While those names sound great in theory, the results aren't as good as many would expect. The Rams started off well, only giving up 36 points in the first three games. In the last two games though, the Rams have given up a total of 62 points. They are currently trending in the wrong way despite having a powerful offense. The Chiefs, on the other hand, started off 28 and 37 points in the first two games of the season. Ever since then, the Kansas City defense has started to settle in, quietly going from giving up 37 points in their second game to only 14 points in their last game. The defense for the Chiefs seems to be settling in and making some things happen while Rams defense hadn't actually improved over the times.

The defensive scoring has gotten better for Kansas City, but what has always been better for the Chiefs is the pass rush. With the Rams, their best pass-rushers are interior defensive linemen Michael Brockers along with Suh and McDonald. On the outside they have some unproven pass-rushers that no one is afraid of. The Rams have been able to get away with more things because of the offense they have, but they are eventually going to have to play in a low-scoring game that requires a game-changer coming off the edge. Speaking of rushers off the edge, the Chiefs have two of them in Dee Ford and Justin Houston. Both have been good this season for Kansas City, collecting a total eight sacks between the both of them. And as far as it goes up front, the Chiefs have some ultra-talented weapons off the edge that could give anyone nightmares.

The Rams do have a talented and exciting team. However, it takes more than just talent to win in the NFL. The Rams may be doing well now, but they have to figure out a few things defensively to be made whole.

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