Time to call it a career Jordan Reed

Jordan Reed was once the focal point of the Washington Redskins' game. After a coaching change from his first two seasons, Reed became the focal point of the Redskins passing game under coach Jay Gruden and played so well in 2015 that he received a five year extension worth up to $46.5 million after that season. Unfortunately, things didn't get better for Reed after that extension, as he had injuries from 2016 to 2018. What would ultimately take him off the scene though in the 2019 season was a concussion. The talented tight end would suffer that concussion in the third game of the preseason. He would suffer a setback on Week 2 of this past season when those symptoms returned and he ended up missing the entire season. He only recently got released from concussion protocol and Thursday he got released from the Washington Redskins, saving them $8.5 million in cap space. With that release, the 29 year old football player needs to make his next move into retirement.

Jordan Reed gave what he have, but he has to give to himself on this next decision. (photo courtesy of Hogshaven.com)

The concussion was obviously much worse than people and team doctors thought it was and he unfortunately has a history of concussions. Every single time he has had one, he has gotten worse and worse and honestly at this point, he has to think about his life and the future there. He isn't even 30 yet and he has so much more to do, so why not retire while you still have some of your brain function? If he continues down this path, he could risk permanent brain damage. And with that, he would have a very limited life off the field.

Reed is a very talented player and he proved to be a solid weapon, as he was too fast for linebackers and too big for defensive backs. With all that being said, he can never be counted on again on the field. He has made good money as a professional athlete, but now he has to make a tough choice and step away from the game. His life has to mean more to him than playing a game that has not been kind to him in the concussion department. Ultimately the decision is up to him, but it will be hard for a team to trust him to be on the field.

Time for the next phase of life for Jordan Reed.

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