Tyreek Hill vs Jalen Ramsey will not happen Sunday

If you looked at the schedule before the season, everyone may have been thinking the Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Atlanta Falcons was the biggest game on the schedule. The game may be big to the Steelers and Falcons because both are 1-3, but it isn't the biggest and best game on the Week 5 schedule. The Kansas City Chiefs, led by second-year quarterback Patrick Mahomes, host a physical Jacksonville Jaguars team that was one step away from the Super Bowl last season and has seemingly picked up where they left off. With the top offense and defense in the NFL set to face off against each other, there are two players many have gravitated to and are waiting to see face off. Wide receiver Tyreek Hill has been electric this season, putting up 364 yards receiving in the first four games of the season. Add in the electricity he adds to the return game and Hill is a problem for any team. On offense though, he will draw some attention from the best defensive back on the Jaguars' defense, Jalen Ramsey. While Tyreek Hill "can't wait" to line up against Ramsey, these two honestly may not see each other as much as fans would like.

Hill is a dynamic receiver and there is no doubt about it. Along with being a talented receiver though, he also lines up in many different positions on the field. Andy Reid is very creative with the speedster, lining him up in the backfield, in slot and out wide. He also has him in motion a lot of the time. With Hill moving around so much and Reid putting him in so many positions, you shouldn't expect Ramsey to follow him all over the field. We know Ramsey likes to take on the number one wide receiver of each team, but this is a unique scenario and you more than likely won't see Ramsey lining up in the box with Hill when he is at running back and motioning with him at all times. If Reid is smart (which he is), he would purposely set up ways to free Hill up from Ramsey while getting Hill in space at the same time.

So since Hill is not going to be covered by Ramsey all game, there is a few things the Jaguars are going to have to do in order to try and contain him. One thing is switching up the coverages. Hill torches man-to-man on a consistent basis, making defenders look silly. What the Jags can do all game is mix up their coverages. With them changing things up regularly, it not only makes Hill have to work to diagnose things but it puts pressure on Mahomes to recognize the defense and execute of change the play. Even though Mahomes, Hill and the rest of the offense may figure out things as the game goes on, for that one moment in time confusion will keep the Jags in their own way. Another thing the Jags can do is when Hill lines up in the backfield, make sure to put a safety over the top of a linebacker to help the linebacker out. When he lines up back there, usually Reid is scheming to get the mismatch he wants with Hill and with protection over the top, it makes someone else have to beat you other than the speedster.

Hill may not be the biggest player on the Chiefs offense but he sure is their most explosive weapon. Containing him will not be easy, but the Jags have the best defense in the NFL for a reason. We shall see if they use some of the things mentioned or come up with something completely different in order to reign in Hill. So while this matchup is touted as Hill versus Ramsey, it's more like Hill versus the Jags defense.

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