It’s Time For The Dallas Cowboys To Pony Up For Dez Bryant

X marks the spot. But when will Dez sign and will he sign a new deal or a franchise tag? (photo courtesy of

X marks the spot. But when will Dez sign and will he sign a new deal or a franchise tag? (photo courtesy of

The NFL football season is closing in on us very fast. And along with that, one of the best wide receivers in the NFL is on the hunt for a new contract. And after today, there is cause for concern in Dallas. Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys has been two of the most dynamic receivers in the NFL over the last two seasons. Bryant has amassed 29 touchdowns over the last two seasons and been the dominant force in the Cowboys passing game. Each and every week he gives opponents issues and they surely lose sleep thinking about facing him. He has been amazing on the field and has helped Dallas make it back to current relevance with his abilities. But now that it is time for the team to ante up and pay him, there seems to be some hesitation. Dez has stated on Twitter Monday that if no new deal is done by Wednesday, he will be sitting out of training camp and games as well. Although he would be in violation of his contract once he starts missing mandatory things like training camps and games, he feels strongly about his claim to get paid. In the grand scheme of things, Dez is trying to get taken care of for all that he has done for the organization over his time there. And he honestly has every right to be mad about no new deal so far.

Dez Bryant and the Cowboys returned to the playoffs last season and almost went to the NFC Championship game. Some attribute that to the running game and their offensive line, but there is definitely some credit that Dez is due. Besides Jason Witten, there was not a guy on that team that struck fear in opposing defenses that lined up at a skill position. Dez drew the best defensive back from every team every week. And each and every week, he went out and proved that he could still get his numbers and help the team win when matched up with the top defender of the opponent. Because of Dez and the running game, the offense was as efficient as it has been in a few years. The Dallas Cowboys were finally finding their footing and getting it done week in and week out. Although there was not a huge outcry from Dez about his contract, it was evident the Cowboys would have to pay him at some point. He has proven to be a valuable piece of their franchise and a game-changer on the field. With him on the field, Tony Romo has a weapon that he can depend on each and every week. And not only has he been dependable for Romo, but he has been a guy that the Cowboys can depend on giving consistent effort each and every play. Many times Dez can be seen blocking and doing extra things to make sure and help his team. And not once did you see him really complain about the style of play. The Cowboys depended on the run more than they have in Dez’s entire career there, yet he was the model citizen and made plays when called upon. Losing that type of talent on your team could have catastrophic consequences for the Cowboys. And even though the franchise tag is still out there for Dez, it seems that he would not be the happiest camper in the world if he signed that as opposed to a new deal from Dallas. The Cowboys seem to be hesitant to give him a deal, partly because they fear for him and his potential to have mental lapses off the field (which are totally overblown by the way). But if the Cowboys want to continue to play about paying Dez his money, they may want to think about how the team would look offensively without him.

The Cowboys have a powerful offensive line. They literally pushed around teams with their young, athletic front line all the time. The argument can be made that the Cowboys running game will keep going on without the talents of DeMarco Murray running behind them. There seems to be the feeling that among the running backs that Dallas has, namely Joseph Randle and Darren McFadden, one of them will step forward and provide what Murray did for them. But when you take a look at the wide receivers of Dallas, there is not a ton there after Bryant. Terrence Williams played well last season off of Dez Bryant and so did Cole Beasley. But combined, those two barely got over 1,000 yards and neither came close to Dez’s 16 touchdowns on their own. But let’s be honest about both of them. They would not have even had the production they had without the presence of Bryant out there. His presence on the field allows them to get favorable matchups to even produce for this offense. If he is not on the field in their first game, the passing game will be atrocious for the Cowboys. And as for quarterback Tony Romo, he will not have his best weapon, even though his security blanket is Jason Witten. Bryant not being there would not only make the offense suffer but it would also make Romo feel more pressure to make plays. And we all know what happens when Tony Romo tries to force things on the field. Taking a look at the offense as a whole, the Cowboys would not be as dynamic and teams would crowd the line of scrimmage with no fear of any wide receiver the Cowboys have. And that kind of pressure would lead to the Cowboys offense not being as efficient as they were last season and would ultimately lead to them suffering on the field. In the bigger picture of things, the NFC East would change dramatically with the Cowboys not having one of their best weapons out there. The Eagles and Giants would have a better chance to make it happen in the division without Bryant and so would the Redskins. As it stands right now, the Cowboys are the best team right now in the division. But without Dez, they take a huge hit.

The Cowboys took a giant step forward last season, but without Dez Bryant, they would be taking a huge step back. For Dallas to make it happen, they must lock up one of the most dynamic receivers in today’s NFL. If Dallas messes this up, then of course this could have big consequences. Dallas seems to have been paying folks over all these years, but now they are hesitating with their best player. Newflash Dallas: get it done and get it done now. The growth of your franchise depends on it.

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  1. The possible holdout of Bryant could alter the high expectations I have for this team going into 2015.

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