Its Just A Game

There was a fight in the bathroom. A fight in the stand. And there was also a shooting in the parking lot. All of this surrounded a rivalry preseason football game. No, this wasn't a movie scene. This was the scene surrounding the 49ers/Raiders preseason game this past weekend. This kind of display is what's wrong about fans at times.

Now I'm a fan of sports. I'm passionate. I hate when my team loses. I love it when my team wins. But never in my wildest dreams would I get so caught up as to shoot an opposing fan. To me, this is the most ludicrous thing that I've heard of happening in a while at a football game. The incident was so bad that the 49ers and Raiders brass are going to discontinue the annual preseason game. And in my eyes, they are making the right decision.

What we as fans fail to realize at times is that at the end of the day, its all a game. And at the end of the day, the game isn't life or death. It isn't like we're getting paid for the game is our lifeblood like the players. We still have to go to work the next day. Hopefully this is just an isolated incident and it doesn't spread to other parts of the country, but the actions of a few have given a black eye for fans in the Bay Area. I feel bad for those fans who weren't involved in this fiasco. Because of the ugly incident, now they are getting robbed of one of their favorite rivalries and it's a shame. The fans that are involved in this foolishness should be disallowed from the stadium. Thoughts on this incident sports fans?

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  1. Normally the words “it’s just a game,” set me off because usually I hear them from my husband when I’m pitching a fit in the floor of the living room yelling swear words at the refs. However, in this case you are absolutely correct. This is a perfect example of taking it too far, much like the beating of Brian Stowe at Dodgers Stadium.

  2. 7Boss1

    When u mix alcohol and over passionate fans that’s what u get unfortunately

  3. JW

    These were horrible acts committed by horrible people, and the criminal justice system,should lay some horrible things in their lives, like 30 years the hard way. Either that, or you can start arming the stadium security like riot police like the European soccer leagues.

  4. This blows my mind. The very purpose of the game is to continue this rivalry that makes the game more FUN! then you go a shoot someone? This blows my mind. Dear God.

    Agree with this post immensely. Will tweet from my twitter @cosportszealot.

  5. Crazy, people have way to much anger! Too bad for the casual fan.

  6. scotty rachel

    These fans who fight or god forbid shoot each other at the game r just idiots.I like u love my teams & would never fite or shoot some1 over them.I also feel alcohol plays a part in it & should b baned from the stadiums.& these fans should b baned as well.That way the innocent fans can enjoy a game with the family.& other fans who just wanna experience a FB game.Kids go 2 these & fightin & shooting other fans is not what they should b exposed 2.

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