Is He The Answer?

Randy Moss is the newest member of the Tennessee Titans. The Titans claimed him off the waiver wire today. They were the only team to claim him. Titans going to the Super Bowl now? Maybe or maybe not.

Moss is a tremendous deep threat and he can change the way defenses play the Titans. With Moss here, there is no way opposing defenses can put 8 people in the box. If that's the case, then RB Chris Johnson will have easier time achieving the big runs that he had last year.

Another factor that helps the Titans and Moss is that the Titans are primarily a play-action team. Chris Johnson is one of the most dangerous backs in the league, so teams will have to respect him. This now plays to the strengths of QB Vince Young and Moss. Young's biggest strength is his accuracy on the deep ball and Moss has long been feared as the best deep threat in football.

But with every good thing, there are some bad issues as well. The Titans are primarily a run-heavy team. And as a lot of people know, Moss is a player that needs appreciation and needs the ball. If he doesn't get his attempts, does he cry and complain?

Another issue is his demeanor. Moss has been known to shoot off at the mouth and say some pretty crazy things as well as do some crazy things. The latest example is what happened in Minnesota with the catering issue. Moss reportedly berated the caterers and talked down to them about their service. If the Titans get the Moss that was with the Patriots, then his demeanor will not be an issue.

Ultimately, this waiver claim is a chance the Titans should have took. The Titans now appear to be a team serious about winning this year. After all, if he doesn't work out, the Titans aren't committed to him past this year. Also, the Titans only have to pay a percentage of his contract for this year. The Patriots and Vikings are paying half of his contract and the Titans are paying the other half of it. Randy Moss seems to be happy to be coming here. We shall see. The proof will be in the putting when Randy shows up for work.

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