Last night, the Cowboys got destroyed by the Packers. The Packers were doing anything and everything they wanted to do. For a team that was supposed to be a Super Bowl contender, this wasn't the way it was supposed to be.

Coming into the season, Dallas was the pick of everyone to make it to the Super Bowl. They had the core of a great defense returning, they had one of the top offenses in the league and they had a pretty solid coach, or so they thought. Fast forward to the reality that is the Dallas Cowboys now. The Cowboys are a team with a lot of problems and no time to fix them.

The Cowboys' defense hasn't played up to par this year. There are a few reasons that come to mind that are behind this. Defensive lineman Jay Ratliff isn't playing up to the Pro Bowl level he played last year. Teams are running on Dallas when they want to. Another reason for the defensive struggles is in the secondary. Who would have thought that the release of safety Ken Hamlin would affect the Cowboys so much? The Cowboys thought that by moving cornerback Allan Ball to safety, they could release Hamlin and be a better defense. Well, as shown last night and throughout the season, Ball isn't the answer. Ball seems to be lost at safety and the Cowboys are now paying for that move. Maybe if they wouldn't have released Hamlin, they could have put Ball in for cornerback Mike Jenkins. Jenkins went from being the best corner for Dallas to being the worst player on the field.

On offense, the Cowboys are a team that hasn't had an identity all year. With what the Cowboys have on offense, they should be able to run the football on anyone, yet they struggle to run the ball. Another issue is they can't seem to get an idea as to who they want to use on offense at the running back position. The ideal situation for them should be to start Felix Jones and let Marion Barber close the game, but they are so far out of games at the end that this plan was never even considered. The other thing that the Dallas offense doesn't have is accountability. When your star tight end, Jason Witten, misses a key block on a 3rd and 1 play and no one says anything to him, that shows you that there is no one that feels like they have to do what they are supposed to do.

The Dallas Cowboys have problems on offense and defense, but the biggest problem is the head coach. Wade Phillips should not be the coach right now in Dallas. He should not have even been allowed to comeback this year. The play of the Cowboys shows that this team has tuned Phillips and his coaching staff out because of their lackluster efforts and their lack of attention to detail. Phillips is just a case of a coordinator impersonating a head coach.

So, in the end, all Dallas represented was hype instead of reality. In reality, the Cowboys are an undisciplined team that shows up on Sundays and continues to sleepwalk through their game.

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  1. Ryan Jones

    Jerry Jones really shouldn’t be the GM in Dallas….but hey, what can you do? He owns the team. Another joke in the league this year, though, is the OC in Washington is the HC’s son. Kyle Shanahan, in no way, has shown me that he is a capable offensive coordinator. I think his lame playbook is to blame, not Donovan McNabb. What success did he have in Houston, that warranted his hiring in DC? None. His recklessness and fruity mind games cost us the game in Detroit.

    • Just like Mike Ditka said on NFL Countdown, if McNabb hasn’t gotten it by now and he hasn’t gotten the grasp of everything by now, its the coaches’ fault for not getting him coached up. They had all the off-season. I agree. Shanahan’s son isn’t qualified to be the offensive coordinator. He may have been the “offensive coordinator” in Houston, but the real offensive coordinator was Head Coach Gary Kubiak. Kyle Shanahan just had that title and position because Kubiak and Mike Shanahan are friends.
      Now, in regards to the Cowboys, Wade Phillips should be arrested for impersonating a coach and Jerry Jones should be arrested for bad plastic surgery and impersonating a GM. He needs to let go and hire a GM and just be the president and sign the checks.

  2. Ryan Jones

    ….i just heard on ESPN radio that Wade has been fired, and Garrett is the new HC.

  3. Ryan Jones

    But I dont see it anywhere online.

    • Let me check around and see. I haven’t seen it anywhere either.

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