I Don’t Want To Grow Up

The Titans played the Redskins and the Titans lost 19-16. The Titans played poorly on offense and they needed a GPS system to find Redskins TE Chris Cooley. I can accept that they lost the game. What I can't accept is the behavior of Titans QB Vince Young.
As I watched the game live from the stadium, I noticed that when the crowd was booing the offense in the 2nd quarter, Vince was going off the field taunting the crowd and basically asking for more boo. I was baffled as to why you would ask for more boos. But the insanity didn't stop there.

Vince was dropping back to throw a pass in the 3rd quarter and he injured his thumb while completing a pass to WR Nate Washington. What happens next is where things get a little crazy. Vince went out with injury and backup QB Rusty Smith went in the game. Young tried to throw the ball on the sideline. He looked good enough to go in to me, but Head Coach Jeff Fisher informed Young that he wasn't satisfied that he could hang on to the ball and return to the game. Vince didn't like this decision, so after the game, he proceeded to throw half of his game uniform into the stands while exiting the field.

Vince also got into a verbal altercation in the locker room after the game. He reportedly was quoted to have told Fisher , "I'm not walking out on the team, I'm walking out on you." Vince then proceeded to leave the locker room. It's being reported that former University of Texas teammate and current Titan teammate S Michael Griffin ran after him to keep him from leaving the locker room. Now this part isn't clear, but Young reportedly pushed Griffin away from him and Griffin still chased after Vince to bring him back to the locker room. Vince left the stadium without speaking to reporters.

After hearing and witnessing all this drama, it's apparent that Vince hasn't ever grown up. His coach said after the game that Vince, injury or not, will not be the starting QB. Now, Vince did tear a tendon that may require season-ending surgery, but even with that, he wouldn't be allowed back to my team after this display.

I was a Vince supporter. I would back him through all the many issues he has had, but this takes the cake. As a grown man and a professional, you cannot act like that. Your maturity has to kick in sometime. I thought he had turned the corner, but apparently, he was just masking the lack of change very well.

Now the decision is up to the owner of the Titans, Bud Adams. Adams now has to make the decision that may alter the franchise. He now has to choose between the QB he fell in love with when he was at the University of Texas, Vince Young, or a head coach that has led his team to success, Jeff Fisher. If I were Adams, I would choose Fisher. However, it will be interesting to see how this drama unfolds as the sand falls through the hourglass and the world turns in the days of our lives.

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  1. Iyisha

    Yeah I’m absolutely DISGUSTED with that guy’s behavior

    • I’m more disappointed than anything. I have been a VY fan the whole time, but I can’t support him after that. That was immature and childish.

  2. James Rutherford

    I agree with you Mike one hundred & ten percent Vince was indeed childish and very unprofessional in his behavior after the game,their is know room for temper tantrums in the NFL.

    • I think VY has a sensitivity issue. He hasn’t really learned how to take care of that. He has a to understand that football is a business and ur only as good as ur next plan.

  3. Kareem Howard

    Jeff Fisher is a man of discipline and will not tolerate any nonsense given from any his players, regardless of their talent and abilities. This is evident when they decided to let go Albert Hanesworth (Who is all but completely useless in the Redskins defense), and Adam “Pacman” Jones (Also useless to the Bengals and Cowboys defense), who’s egos and fat paychecks seemed to be bigger than the entire team. Vince Young is a baby who wants his way all of the time, and Bud Adams involvement doesn’t help the cause either. When you play good, everyone cheers for you, when you play bad, they boo you. It is what it is. I think that BCS championship has gotten to his head. He wouldn’t last a second in New York City whose fan rage is even displayed in the Sports section of the Daily News. Someone needs to slap this fool QUICK!!!!!

    • I don’t think he would make it in NYC either, but I think VY has more rabbit ears than anything at times. I just hope he finds a way to get it together, I don’t think the National Championship went to his head. I think that the early success may have fooled him into believing that he doesn’t have to do anything different than when heas at Texas.

  4. Ryan Jones

    Ehhhh….Vince Young is going NOWHERE……that that to the bank.

    • Do you mean that he’s going nowhere as not leaving the Titans or are you saying his career is going nowhere? Just needing clarification.

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