I Demand A Recount!

Coach Bill Bellichick just was named the 2010 AP Coach of the Year. He coached his team well. He took a defense that was very young and inexperience and made them pretty good. But really, with Tom Brady, should you really win coach of the year?

Tampa Bay Bucs Coach Raheem Morris came into this season with a team full of inexperience and low expectations. Well, someone forgot to tell the Bucs and Coach Morris that they weren't supposed to be as good as they were this year. The Bucs finished 10-6 this year and were on the cusp of making the playoffs this year. Morris has now made the Bucs relevant again as they were the biggest surprise of the NFC.

Kansas City Coach Todd Haley entered the season with expectations that next year would be the year for them to compete. He had a young defense and his team was largely unproven as well. He took this team of talented youth and went out and won the AFC West with a 10-6 record before succumbing to the Ravens at home in the playoffs. He far and away exceeded the expectations of a lot of the Chiefs fans and fans across the nation as the surprise team in the AFC.

I'm not trying to discredit what Bellichick did with a young squad, but its always to be expected that the Patriots are going to be good as long as Bellichick and QB Tom Brady are together. What wasn't expected was the rise of the young Chiefs and Bucs. These coaches placed their personalities on their teams and willed them to their records. I demand a recount of the votes for coach of the year because one of these coaches should have won the award, not Bellichick. Anyone agree with me that Bellichick shouldn't have won this award?

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  1. Speaking of reputation…

  2. Ken

    Yea I dont get this at all, but whatever, can’t change it now

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