Hold Up The Tickertape Parade For The Eagles

This just in! The Eagles are picking up everybody! The Eagles picked up DE Jason Babin, QB Vince Young, CB Nnamdi Asomugha and DT Cullen Jenkins as well as young and talented corner Dominique Rogers-Cromartie in the Kevin Kolb trade. Philadelphia has now stacked their team in positions of need and they have instantly become the favorites to win the NFC and Super Bowl titles in some people's eyes. So, who takes the blame if this team doesn't meet expectations?

The Eagles are no-doubt an explosive offensive team, but at times they seemed to stall because of their unstable offensive line. All Eagles fans will tell me that the line won't matter. Well, if it didn't matter, why was Vick sacked so much and why did the Eagles running game stall in crunch time? It should be interesting to see if the line gets better this year or if Vick is back there running for his life again.

Another issue with the Eagles are their linebackers. Akeem Jordan, Ernie Sims and crew did not make enough plays this past year. The Eagles drafted Oregon LB Casey Matthews, but other than that, they did not address that position of need. This could come back to haunt them if nothing is done. A suggestion for the Eagles would be for them to go get LB Lofa Tatupu. He just got released from the Seahawks and he would fit perfectly in the middle of their defense.

The offensive line and linebacker corps could be the cause of failure in Philly, but ultimately, it comes down to Andy Reid. No coach has visited more NFC Championships and lost than him. His propensity for late-game mismanagement could be detrimental to this team. For the team's sake, they better hope he overcomes his past blunders.

The 2011 NFL season will be exciting and will give many of us heartbreak and tears of joy. For many Eagles fans, this season is viewed as their year. But before they crown their team champions, all must understand that expectations do not equal championships.

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  1. Lee Love

    Yes sir the eagles seem to have an open check book and I agree with your last statement “expectations do not equal championships” it Vick is not protected all these moves don’t mean much and that line has got to step up.

  2. 7Boss1

    They filled almost every need but unfortunately the ones they didn’t fill are the ones they’re gonna wish they filled. Overall they have a team that’s built to make a SB run I’m looking fwd to seeing how it will play out.

  3. Finally someone mentions Andy Reid’s faults instead of his strengths. Full agreement on Reid’s game management failures. He’s far too obsessed with his “system” that it detracts from the unpredictable nature of the game itself. Reid must change his way of thinking for the Eagles to be successful.

  4. Are the Eagles contenders now? Yes. Can they be champs? Maybe. That all depends on Andy Reid, like you mentioned. Also the Eagles still lack linebackers, which means teams can still run the football against them. Great post.

  5. Should be interesting, Packers and Eagles are on a collison course! as we saw with Heat titles are not won on paper though.

  6. focusDallah

    The Eagles will have problems stopping teams from making vick stepout the pocket and run and the sounds like a injury to the QB n the linebacks try to cover recieverz n top TE in the NfL

  7. scotty rachel

    The eagles have been the 1 team that has spent a lot of money 2 make themselves better this off season.Will all 3 of their CB’s b able 2 co-exist only time will tell.I feel the eagles does have the team 2 compete 4 a division title & mayb a SB title as well.Some would say a super team (but not me).I still dont respect vic 4 his dog fighting past hes the only reason i hope they fail.But with that said like it or not the eagles will b there in the thick of it all when all is said & done.

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