He’s Gone

The Mike Singletary era is over in San Francisco. After yesterday's game, the 49ers decided to part ways with the once-legendary linebacker for the Chicago Bears. As much as I was a Singletary fan, he had started showing that his style and his coaching prowess wasn't what would help this franchise succeed.

The San Francisco 49ers came into this season as the prohibited favorites to win the NFC West. They had a tough defense and an offense with the potential to put up points. Well, as this season has shown, an offense without a quarterback means that your offense won't be that good. All season the 49ers have gotten uneven QB play from Alex Smith, Troy Smith and even David Carr at the end of the Panthers game this year when Alex Smith got hurt. The 49ers actually started getting consistent play from Troy Smith, but he inexplicably got replaced by Alex Smith by Singletary which was a bad move.

As a result of the uneven play by the offense, the defense was on the field way longer than they should have been all season. When the defense had offensive production, they showed they could play with anyone. But just like any defense, if you're on the field for a long time, you will eventually wear down. And that's exactly what happened to them in the 2nd half of games.

Ultimately, Singletary was a fiery guy and a motivational coach that never could get his message all the way through to his players. He will more than likely never be a head coach again in the NFL. He tried his best, but his best wasn't good enough to get this team to where he wanted them to be and to reach the expectations set for this team.

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