I Can’t Go For That

Hall and Oates were one of the groups that many loved in the 1980's. Their music, which they created themselves along with a few in-house collaborators as they got to the 80's, is music that people still listen to today. Their music still creates some of the same feelings for some today as it did back then. One of those songs they came up with during their run of success was "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)". The very popular song, which came out in 1981, was one of their biggest hits of their careers. It spoke of someone that felt a lot for someone but was not willing to go to lengths past their level of comfort. Well, the level of comfort will be highly discussed as the NFL Draft approaches certainly. The issue this year seems to be around former Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson. The talented quarterback has made great things happen while being a Tiger and many have him highly-rated going into this year's NFL Draft. But while he is rated high and has had success over his career, there are many that don't expect him to be the first quarterback taken. And that is something I just cannot go for.

Looking at current mock NFL Drafts, Watson is not the first quarterback off the board. Instead of him, the so-called experts have two other guys in mind. One guy they have ahead of him is North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky. The talented junior had a great albeit short run at North Carolina as their starting quarterback. And to his credit, he does have a good arm and has some accuracy. But a couple things have to scare some teams. One thing is the is the offense that he comes from. Notice the quick-pace, run-and-shoot style offense he ran in college. That offense is not really run in the NFL. And for those that think that is not an issue, just look at Jared Goff. He was the quarterback everyone wanted coming into the draft last season out of California. Many looked over the offense he played in because of the skills that many thought he possessed. But eventually, it all came back to the skills that he did not learn in college, which included not being able to take a snap under center. Another issue is his experience in college as a starter. Trubisky has only really started but one season in college. He put up great numbers (thirty touchdowns and only six interceptions), but is that really a body of work that you want to trust a top pick with? Watson has started a couple seasons and had some seasoning under his belt. And sure enough he threw four more interceptions this season than last season, but his completion percentages were still around the same and he threw for six more touchdowns. So accuracy isn't an issue.

Another quarterback that many have pitted against Watson and some have going higher than him is Notre Dame's DeShone Kizer. The talented statuesque quarterback has been starting for the Fighting Irish for the last two seasons. Although he did not have the level of success that Watson had, plenty see him as a star at the next level at quarterback and there are some that have him going ahead of Watson as well. But with how much he did in college, there have to be some that actually notice what he did not do. Despite having the measurable that many NFL scouts like out of their quarterbacks, he was little less accurate in his second season as a starter at Notre Dame. Along with him getting less accurate over his time there, he also ran an offense, like Trubisky, that was not conducive to the pro level. Like Trubisky, he would not be as ready to start the season as a rookie in the NFL. Kizer and Watson both have more starting experience as a quarterback than Trubisky does entering the NFL. But the difference here is that Kizer has not played in a pro style offense and secondly, Kizer really has not experienced winning as a starter in college. That may not seem like much to those that are looking at drafting a quarterback, but the NFL level is a hard place for a quarterback to start winning and learning how to win. Watson has won and made winning plays since he has been the starter at Clemson.

Clemson was a very talented squad and Watson was the engine behind the success they had. But despite all of that, there are still some that doubt his skills and want to continue to champion Kizer and Trubisky as the better quarterbacks. Some may want to believe what some experts are saying, but you will not catch me following behind the rest that think both are better than Watson. Just like Watson, Hall and Oates were doubted early in their career. They were around almost ten years before they actually broke out and became the artists they became in the 80's. I cannot and will not believe that Watson is below Kizer and Trubisky. And if you do, you definitely have to be Out Of Touch.

Hall and Oates

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