The General’s NFL Proclamations- Week 3

Week 2 was a week that showed us that some teams were not ready for primetime. One of those teams, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, were great in Week One versus the Atlanta Falcons. But in Week Two, they were handled rather easily by an angry Arizona Cardinals team. And Jameis Winston looked rather pedestrian against the Cardinals defense. But just like some teams looked good in the first week, there were others that looked quite bad in Week One. The teams that laid the biggest egg in Week One is the Los Angeles Rams. While you can get beat on any given Sunday, the Rams looked like they just did not want to be there. And for their performance on the first Monday night football game, they should hand their checks back to the owners. But in Week Two, the Rams returned home and looked like the tough, physical team that many expected to see. And although the offense left much still to be desired, the defense came to play. And they limited the Seahawks to only three points as they won their first game in the new Los Angeles Rams era. With Week Three about to get started, more and more teams will show who they really are. And for some teams, hopefully they will return back to the team they were in Week One. And for some players, they will hope to find their consistency on the field while hopefully helping their team win some games. Welcome to Week Three of the General's proclamations.


Houston Texans at New England Patriots

1.  Quarterback Brock Osweiler has had one good game and one bad game as the starting quarterback of the Houston Texans. Well, in this one, expect a bad game to come his way to the tune of 225 yards passing with one touchdown and three interceptions.

2. Jacoby Brissett is making his first start in the NFL. Many are wondering how he will do. Well, look for him to be patient while racking up a little over 200 yards. And while he does that, he will also not throw an interceptions while throwing for at least one touchdown pass.
3. The Texans like to get after the quarterback. And while JJ Watt is their main piece there defensively, he will not have a sack in this game at all.
Arizona Cardinals at Buffalo Bills
1. The Cardinals got back on track last week beating down the Bucs at home. But Bruce Arians is still not happy. He wants more out of his offense. And this week, he gets another solid performance. Look for the Cardinals to put up 30+ points against the Buffalo Bills.
2. The Bills got on track offensively last game but they still lost. In the era of Anthony Lynn as offensive coordinator, look for them to get the ground game going. And that means that Buffalo will be depending on Shady McCoy to get going. Look for him to get over 100 yards rushing and a touchdown in this one.
3. The Bills and Cardinals will probably put some points on the board. But there will be some defense that is played. And the pressure from Arizona will be brought by Arizona pass rusher Chandler Jones. Look for him to get two sacks in this game.
Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans
1. The Oakland Raiders have had their issues in their defensive secondary to start the season. And in this game, those issues will continue. Look for Titans tight end Delanie Walker to score at least two touchdowns while going over the 100 yard mark.
2. The Titans defense has not been horrible, but they cannot rush the passer consistently. Well, in this one their pass rush will be extremely quiet. Look for them to get only one sack in this game.
3. The battle between Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota will be a good one to watch. But unfortunately, one has to lose. And in this game, Mariota will not help himself, as he will have a crucial mistake that will cost the Titans some points.
Washington Redskins at New York Giants
1. The Redskins have stumbled out of the blocks at 0-2 this year. And the biggest thing has been the running game not showing up. Well, look for one of their young running backs to step up in this one. Matt Jones will get at or over 100 yards rushing in this game and will score a touchdown.
2. The Giants played well defensively last game against the Saints. But the Redskins have their boogeyman in DeSean Jackson. And if he plays Sunday, look for him to have another one of those games that haunts the Giants once again. Look for him to have at least one touchdown along with a couple long receptions.
3. The big matchup is Josh Norman versus Odell Beckham Jr. And it has been said that Norman will be following Beckham Jr all over the field except for the slot. But these two aren't the matchup to watch. Breshaud Breeland versus Victor Cruz will be a battle. And in this one, look for Cruz to get Breeland not once but twice for huge chunk gains on his way to 100 yards receiving.
Cleveland Browns at Miami Dolphins
1. The Dolphins showed up one week and disappeared the next. In this game, expect the defense to show up more than they did against the Patriots in the first half last week. And in doing so, they will have at least two sacks against the Browns.
2. The Cleveland Browns will be starting a rookie quarterback in Cody Kessler this week. And with that being said, look for some bumps in the road in this one. Expect Kessler to throw at least two interceptions along with the two sacks that he will take.
3. The Dolphins offense was non-existent for the most part last weekend. Well, they get the Browns this week and they get them at home. Look for them to at least top 25 points in this contest.
Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars
1. The Jaguars have started out slow this year yet again, sitting right now with an 0-2 mark. Last week, the offense was not there. The previous week they had defensive breakdowns cost them. This week, their secondary at least steps up and gets at least one interceptions off Joe Flacco.
2. The Ravens may have won two games, but they have not been the most aesthetically pleasing games to watch. Look for the Ravens to score more field goals this game than actual touchdowns as they continue to play their effective style.
3. TJ Yeldon has been a guy that some thought could be the star running back there in Jacksonville. But recently, he has not been very effective. In this one, he finally gets going Look for him to at least get 90 yards rushing and at least one touchdown.
Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers
1. The Packers have not been as good offensively as they thought they were going to be. And many are looking around for answers. Well, one answer is getting back to the running game and that would mean more Eddie Lacy. Look for him to get at least 100 yards rushing in this game.
2. The Lions have been good and bad just like their quarterback Matthew Stafford. But in this one, the loveable Lions will revert to their past. Look for at least two turnovers from Matthew Stafford and at least one fumble from a running back.
3. The Packers defense will definitely cause some turnovers in this one. And with one of those turnovers, they will score a touchdown. That touchdown will also be from at least 50 yards out.
Denver Broncos at Cincinnati Bengals
1. The Cincinnati Bengals were pretty sloppy offensively last weekend. And in facing the Broncos, they will face yet another stingy defense. With that being said, look for them to not get over 20 points in this game.
2. The Broncos seem to be trying to work things out with quarterback Trevor Siemian on offense. And with that being said, this week they should lean on the running game. Look for running back CJ Anderson to get some tough yards against the Bengals as he finishes with 70+ yards and a touchdown.
3. The Bengals and Broncos game will come down to the kicking game, with one teams lining up to kick the game-winning field goal in the last minutes.
Minnesota Vikings at Carolina Panthers
1. The Minnesota Viking have been physical defensively and played good enough to make Carolina panic offense. However, in this game, the defense they have will be taken advantage on by Cam Newon and crew. Look for him to have 250 yards passing and two tochdowns.
2. The Vikings are down a weapon in their starting lineup with Adrian Peterson out. Look for them to get creative to get the running game going and that means Cordarrelle Patterson could get involved. Look for him to get at around 5-7 touches in this game.
3. The Vikings and Panthers are both considered run-first offenses. Well, in this one, look for them to get more into the passing game. And that means both teams will have at least thirty pass attempts.
Los Angeles Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1. The Rams finally came out and played well on the defensive side of the ball last week versus Seattle. Look for them to continue that versus the Bucs. And they will not give up more than 17 points versus the Bucs and Jameis Winston.
2. The Bucs had a rough go of it last week with the Cardinals. And this week, they will be without Doug Martin as he nurses a hamstring issue. That means Jameis will be putting the ball in the air a lot. Look for him to throw the football at least 40 times in this game.
3. The Rams offensively were not very impressive at all last week despite the win. But look for them this week to get Tavon Austin involved a little bit more. Expect him to get at least 15-20 touches in this game. And when that happens, he could make some plays and that will turn into at least one touchdown for him.
San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks
1. Quarterback Russell Wilson was sacked and pressured all game long versus the Rams last week. And because of their weakness up front and Wilson's ankle injury he is playing through, he will be on the run a little bit this week as well. But of course, he cannot run like he used to. Look for Wilson to be sacked at least two or three times in this game.
2. The 49ers have gotten over 20 points in both games this season after a season where they struggled to score. Well, against Seattle, look for them to get at or below 20 points. The 49ers are better offensively. But the Seattle defense is solid.
3. The 49ers and Seahawks both have solid kickers. And with that being said, look for both kickers to have at least two made field goals in this game.
New York Jets at Kansas City Chiefs
1. The Chiefs have been slow out of the blocks twice this season, resulting in one win and one loss. But in this one, expect them to get out to a good start and that means they will score at least 14 points in the first half.
2. The Jets have been better offensively this year and that is definitely because of their passing game. But look for Matt Forte again to get involved in the running game and sneakily get over 100 yards rushing again.
3. Marcus Peters got back in stride last week, recording two interceptions of Brock Osweiler of the Houston Texans. And in this game, look for him to again make a play in the passing game. Peters will pick off yet another pass and this time, it will go back for a touchdown.
San Diego Chargers at Indianapolis Colts
1. Andrew Luck is already sporting a sore shoulder and it is only game number three. With that being said, he will probably be a little more sore after this game. He will be sacked at least three times in this game, thanks to an offensive line that the general manager has neglected every year.
2. The Chargers offensively got it going last week versus the Jaguars. And this week, expect them to keep it going. Look for the Chargers to score at least 28 points in this game.
3. The Colts pass rush has to make itself known. And this week, it will do so. Expect them to get at least two sacks this week against the Chargers offensive line.
Pittsburgh Steelers at Philadelphia Eagles
1. Quarterback Carson Wentz has been solid through the first two games. Bu in this one, he goes up against a Steelers defense that can be scary at times. And in this one, expect them to force him into his first interception of his career.
2. The Steelers have the ultimate weapon in wide receiver Antonio Brown. Look for him to have some fun in this game, totally up 140 yards receiving and a touchdown. Hey Antonio, please no Twerking this time lol.
3. The NFL's leading rusher is present in the game. His name is DeAngelo Williams and he plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers. But in this game, unfortunately he does not reach that 100 yard mark this time. He will only get around 70 yards in this game but he will score a touchdown.
Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys
1. Dak Prescott has been solid for the Cowboys at quarterback. And in this game, he will have another solid outing. Look for him to have at least 250 yards passing and two touchdowns.
2. The Bears offensively have been interesting with Jay Cutler at quarterback. Well, he is out for this game and Brian Hoyer is in. Look for Hoyer to have some good plays and that will lead to him having two touchdown passes. But unfortunately, the bad Hoyer will show up somewhere down the line and that will lead to him giving the Cowboys at least one interception that will be gift-wrapped for them.
3. The Bears and Cowboys both will want to emphasize the running game a little more. But unfortunately for the Bears, their running game will not get going like they want it to. Look for the Bears to not get over 100 yards rushing in this game.
Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints
1. Expect defense to be optional in this game. Both teams have had some moments defensively good and bad. And with the weapons on both sides, look for both teams to get at least 28 points.
2. Brandon Cooks has had a good start to his season and he is facing a Falcons defense that is having some secondary issues. That is a recipe for danger in this one. Look for him to get at least 140 yards receiving and at least one touchdown.
3. The Falcons also have a receiver that can strike fear in the opponent in Julio Jones. And in this one, he will make a big play to threaten the depleted Saints secondary. Look for him to get over 100 yards receiving and a touchdown.
The games this week should be good and should be fun to watch. Expect some of the unexpected to happen yet again. Any given Sunday, anything can happen.
(photo couretsy the Boston Globe)

(photo couretsy the Boston Globe)

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