The General’s NFL Proclamations- Week 13

Week 13 is finally around and crunch time is here for a lot of teams. Some teams realize the urgency of the situation and will adjust accordingly. And while there will be teams that realize the urgency, there will be others that will flounder in the face of pressure.  So which will be which? Only Week 13 and the people involved know the answers to this one. Well on Thursday night, we will start to get a glimpse of who’s who. Welcome to Week 13’s edition of the General’s Proclamations.


Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings

  1. The Minnesota Vikings are at the edge of disaster. The team that started the season so hot is now struggling to find itself at least defensively. And in this game, Ezekiel Elliot will give them some more heartache. Look for the rookie running back to get at least 120 yards and a touchdown in this game.
  2. The Vikings’ Xavier Rhodes has been solid all season long. And in this one, he will be matched up against Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. And in this heavyweight matchup, it will be both that will make some plays. But there will be one memorable one where Rhodes gets the best of Bryant and steals a touchdown pass from him.
  3. The Cowboys defense has been overlooked a lot this season because of their offense. But in this game, look for them to make some plays. The defense of the Cowboys will have at least four sacks in this game and force at least one turnover.


Kansas City Chiefs at Atlanta Falcons

  1. The Chiefs were able to pull out a win versus Denver on the road last Sunday night. This time the turf is indoors and that will make wide receiver Tyreek Hill even faster. Look for him to have at least two touchdowns in this game, with one coming on the ground and one coming through the air.
  2. The Falcons have their own version of speed in Taylor Gabriel. The speedy wide receiver gave the Cardinals fits last week. But in this game, Gabriel will not be as big of a factor. Look for him to only get roughly 40 yards receiving and not get into the endzone.
  3. The Chiefs defense got a lot tougher with Justin Houston’s return. And with another game comes another opportunity for him to make some things happen. Look for him to get at least two sacks and force a fumble in this game.


Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints

  1. The Lions have been behind in every game this season. And in this one there will be no change in that. The Lions will face a deficit of at least fourteen points in this game.
  2. New Orleans wide receiver Brandin Cooks is not exactly the happiest camper right now. But the best way to take care of that is to get that man the football. And in this game, they will surely get him the ball. Look for Cooks to have six or more receptions for over 100 yards and a touchdown. That noise should pipe down around him after this performance.
  3. The Lions defense have not gotten the type of production that they were hoping for out of defensive end Ziggy Ansah this year. But in this game, he will remind everyone of what he is and what he can be. Ansah will get at least three sacks and multiple pressures in this game.


Los Angeles Rams at New England Patriots

  1. The Jared Goff era picked up a little bit of steam last week. He had three touchdown passes in his second start of his career. In this game, look for him to steady around two touchdown passes and also look for him to throw another interception.
  2. The Patriots offense is the walking wounded at tight end. So with that being said, look for the running backs to pick up the slack. Look for the combination of LaGarrette Blount, James White and crew to combine for at least seven receptions and over 100 yards.
  3. The Rams defense has not been as fantastic as they once were. But in this game, they will take a few things away from the Patriots. Look for them to hold the Pats to 23 points or less.


Denver Broncos at Jacksonville Jaguars

  1. The Broncos got a solid performance from Trevor Siemian last week versus the Chiefs. Well, this week’s game ought to be better for the second-year quarterback. Look for Siemian to have three touchdown passes and throw for over 250 yards.
  2. The Jags have struggled offensively for the entire season. And in this game, you will see that penalties played a hand in how bad they have struggled. Look for the Jags to get 10-12 penalties against them in this game.
  3. The Jags have not only been struggling offensively but defensively as well. But one thing they have not been absolutely horrible at is defending the run. In this one, the Broncos aren’t exactly the strongest team running the football. So with that being said, the Jags will look good defensively, only allowing the Broncos running game to get maybe 100 yards.


Houston Texans at Green Bay Packers

  1. The Pack came out strong offensively this past week. And in this game, expect them to come out throwing the football yet again. And if they come out throwing the ball as much as last week, then there will be issues. Look for Jadeveon Clowney to get at least two sacks in this game.
  2. The Houston Texans have been fielding questions about the performance of quarterback Brock Osweiler for a few weeks now. And there is no doubt that Osweiler and head coach Bill O’Brien have been talking about the struggles and watching extra film. In this one, it will be a little better for Brock, with him tossing two touchdowns and no interceptions.
  3. Lamar Miller has been solid for the Texans this year. And if that kind of play continues for Houston, then look for him to get off this game as well. He will have 120+ yards and two touchdowns.


Philadelphia Eagles at Cincinnati Bengals

  1. The Eagles struggled in the second half Monday night versus the Green Bay Packers. Defensively they could not get it done and offensively they were stagnant. Well, look for the stagnation to continue in this game as the Eagles score under 17 points.
  2. The Bengals offensive line had some issues trying to block last week. Well, this week they will be better. Look for them to only give up one sack in this game.
  3. The Bengals and Eagles both have had moments of cornerback play that would make you scratch your head. Well, both secondary units will have at least one memorable moment when trying to make a play in this game.


Miami Dolphins at Baltimore Ravens

  1. The Miami Dolphins have been hot offensively this season. And while some folks attribute the offensive outbursts to the running game, the passing game has not been totally absent. And in this game, Ryan Tannehill will have at least two big plays he will hit downfield.
  2. The Ravens have been ugly offensively all year long. And in this game, they will continue that ugly offense they just cannot get right. Look for them to be under 300 yards of total offense at the end of this game.
  3. The Ravens have had their moments offensively, but defensively is another story. Look for the defense of the Ravens to keep the Dolphins under 20 points this week.


San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears

  1. The 49ers look better offensively against the Dolphins. And this week, they take on the Bears defense. Look for Colin Kaepernick to throw for 260 yards and two touchdowns along with running for at least 70 yards.
  2. The Bears were almost there to upset the Titans last week, only to fall short right near the endzone. Well, look for Matt Barkley to pick up where he left off last week and get at least 250 yards passing against the woeful 49ers’ secondary long with two touchdown passes.
  3. Each team cannot physically stop the other, so expect both of these teams to do well offensively and throw up at least 30 points in this game.


Buffalo Bills at Oakland Raiders

  1. The Buffalo Bills have been getting good play from running back LeSean McCoy. And in this game, the Oakland Raiders will get to see how good he is playing up close and in person. Look for Shady to get at least 100 yards rushing and one touchdown in this game.
  2. The Oakland Raiders are due to see an explosion offensively from wide receiver Amari Cooper. And in this game, we shall see it come to light. Look for Cooper to get 125 yards passing and two touchdowns.
  3. Lorenzo Alexander has been playing very well for the Buffalo Bills this season. Although most may not recognize him if he is not out on the football field, Alexander makes his name pretty well known on the football field. Look for him to make another statement in this game, coming up with two sacks and multiple quarterback pressures.


New York Giants at Pittsburgh Steelers

  1. The Giants have been explosive in the passing game and the Steelers are missing one of their pass rushing weapons. That is a perfect combination for the Steeler to get shredded defensively. Look for them to give up at least three touchdowns through the air.
  2. Not to be outdone, the Steelers also have their weapons. And when they strike, they usually tend to streak hard. Look for the Steelers to score at least 30 points in this game.
  3. The rushing attack for the Giants has been inactive for all season. Look for them to continue that trend in this game by not totaling over 100 yards running the football.


Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals

  1. The Redskins were hurt in the running and passing game last game versus the Cowboys. Well in this game, the Cardinals must use running back David Johnson in both the running and passing game to hurt Washington. And he shall do just that, totaling over 150 yards of offense and at least one touchdown.
  2. The Cardinals defense has not been the same all season long at taking on the passing game. And in this one, look for the Redskins to take advantage of it. Look for wide receiver Pierre Garcon to have at least 80 yards receiving and a touchdown.
  3. The Redskins have made a mark defensively with their front four making plays. Look for them to continue that trend with the Redskins collecting at least three sacks in this game.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at San Diego Chargers

  1. Last week the Bucs were on fire defensively versus the Seattle Seahawks, holding them to a field goal offensively. Well, this week brings a different challenge and with the travel that accompanies it, I believe we will not see the same Tampa defense. Look for them to give up at least 20 points in this game.
  2. The Tampa offense was all about Mike Evans early and often last week and this week will be no different. Look for the talented wide receiver to have at least 100 yards receiving and a touchdown in this game.
  3. The Chargers defensively have to make some things happen and keep Jameis Winston on his toes. And in doing so, expect them to bring some heat, especially with the injuries that Tampa Bay is dealing with up front in their line. Look for the Chargers to get at least three sacks as a group against Tampa.


Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks

  1. The Panthers are struggling to protect the passer and Seattle is the wrong team to have those issues with. Look for the Seahawks to come after Cam Newton early and often as they notch at least five sacks against this battered offensive line.
  2. The Seahawks can bring pressure on the quarterback, but so can the Panthers if they want to. And going against a Seattle offensive line that has had issues is the perfect remedy for the Panthers this week after facing that Raiders offensive line. Look for the Panthers to at least get to Russell Wilson twice. The only thing that will limit it to only two sacks is that Russell will avoid a couple of the sacks with his feet or throwing the football away.
  3. The Seahawks used to be known for running the football, but that has gone away this year with the retirement of Marshawn Lynch and the inconsistency of their offensive line and running backs. Look for the Seahawks to continue to struggle in this area as they only rush for 90 yards or less from that position in this game.


Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets

  1. The Colts running game has not really been there all season long. And this game will not be any different. The lack of a running game will be shown in this one as the Colts do not rush for over 100 yards in this one.
  2. The Jets, meanwhile, have had bad play at quarterback all season long. But in this one, the Jets will get the benefit of having Ryan Fitzpatrick sit in the pocket with less pressure on him. As a result of that, look for the veteran quarterback to throw at least three touchdown passes in this game. But of course, there will be one interception at least. Jets fans better hope he does not get caught up in that trend again in this game.
  3. Darrelle Revis has turned Revis Island into a resort destination for all this year. And TY Hilton and crew will be making their vacation plans there for Monday night. Look for Luck to gain throw at Revis and for whoever Revis takes to make him look bad at least twice. My how the mighty have fallen.


Week 13 is upon us and there will be some good performances and some that make you cover your eyes. Enjoy the games!


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  1. Here are my 3 keys to victory for the Carolina Panthers at the Seahawks on Sunday Night Football. Hear my 1-on-1 conversation with defensive tackle Tony McDaniel .
    1. O-Line Reload: The hottest topic around Seattle has been the play of the offensive line. Center Justin Britt is expected to return after missing last week’s game and Bradley Sowell appears to have replaced Gary Gilliam as the starting right tackle. The offensive line has to play more physical to get a win on Sunday.
    2. Olsen Revisited: Over the past few seasons maybe no offensive player has caused more problems for the Seahawks than tight end Greg Olsen. In two games against the Hawks last season Olsen had 13 catches for 208 yards and 2 touchdowns. Limiting Greg Olsen will be a big key on Sunday.
    3. An “Overdue” Welcome Back: In the season’s first half it was the offense that was hamstrung by injuries.. but now it’s the defense that has been struggling. Free safety earl Thomas, cornerback Deshawn Shead, linebacker Mike Morgan, and Pro Bowl defensive lineman Michael Bennett are all expected to return to action this weekend. They will look to make life hard for Panther’s quarterback Cam Newton on Sunday Night.

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