The General’s NFL Proclamations-Week 2

The first week of the season was definitely a good one. There were close games galore. And there were some solid performances across the board as well. Some teams that we expected to look good and handle business did so. But there were others that were expected to do well and floundered miserably. The good thing about all the results for those that lost is that they are only 0-1 with a chance to even up their records. But on the opposite side, there are some teams out there that are trying to make it to 2-0 and get an early lead on the competition. Along with teams trying to make it even or stay undefeated, there are some players trying to show that last week was not a fluke. And while there are players trying to have staying power, there are others that are still trying to arrive. Without further ado, Week 2 of the General's Proclamations are here!


New York Jets at Buffalo Bills

1. The Buffalo Bills were anemic last game versus the Baltimore Ravens offensively. And the Jets will not be any easier to face. But Tyrod Taylor will make it happen in this one. He will have 225 yards passing and 60 yards rushing with one touchdown passing and rushing.
2. Darrelle Revis struggled last game against AJ Green and the Bengals. He was flatout embarrassed out there. Well, with this week comes a different story. Look for him to hold it down on the Bills' number one receiver being that it will be an easier task than last week. He will not get an interception, but he will strike fear in Buffalo in the passing game.
3. Both teams will have issues scoring. And in this game, that will continue. The Jets and the Bills will not combine to get over 50 points.
San Francisco 49ers at Carolina Panthers
1.  The Panthers suffered a loss last week in where their run defense was gashed all game long by Denver. Well this week, expect them to come out a little tougher. The 49ers will come close to 100 yards total this week on the ground, but they won't pass it like they did in Week 1.
2. The 49ers defense was lights out against the horizontal offense that Los Angeles put out there on Monday night. But this week, the competition is higher with Cam and the crew from Charlotte. Expect them to not hold the opponent to zero this week. But expect them to at least hold the Panthers to under 20 points.
3. The Panthers and 49ers will be one physical game. And in saying so and seeing the hits that Cam Newton took last week, there may be a quicker whistle on both quarterbacks. With that being said, look for there to be at least four roughing the passer penalties in this one between both teams.
Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins
1. Norman has been talked about a lot this week for not guarding Steelers' wide receiver Antonio Brown on Monday night. But in facing the Cowboys this week, expect him to guard Dez Bryant a lot in this one. And as a result, Dez will end up with only three receptions for 40 yards.
2. The Redskins offensively have some issues running the football. But against the Cowboys, they will form some sort of running game behind the strength of running back Matt Jones. The former Florida running back will get at least 100 yards rushing and a touchdown against Dallas.
3. The Redskins defense did well for a quarter or so until the Steelers got it going. Well, luckily they are facing a rookie quarterback with less weapons than the Steelers. Look for them to hold the Cowboys to under 20 points in this one.
Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers
1. The Bengals got great production out of AJ Green last weekend when he visited Revis Island. Well, this isn't Revis Island this week but the Steelers do play the Bengals tough on both sides of the ball. He will have good numbers but not the star numbers he put up last week. Expect him to have at least five receptions with at least 80 yards receiving and a touchdown.
2. The Steelers and Bengals both had very solid defense during Week 1. But both could not get any pressure on the quarterback. They both combined for one sack during Week 1 and this week may not be any different. Both teams will combine for no more than three sacks.
3. Eli Rodgers came on the scene last weekend when no one expected much from him and did well. This week, expect him to build on his Week 1 performance with 6 receptions for 70 yards and maybe a touchdown.
New Orleans Saints at New York Giants
1. The Saints were horrible defensively last weekend. And this weekend, the Giants have to be licking their chops. Expect Odell Beckham Jr and crew to slice and dice their secondary and put up at least 35 points against the Saints. Dennis Allen, the Saints are looking for answers still as to what makes your defense better than Rob Ryan's.
2. The Giants got to show off their new toys last weekend and one in particular gave the Giants fits. Damon Harrison was huge for the Giants up front. And in this game, he will show up yet again, stuffing the run with his size and quickness. The Saints will not gain over 70 yards rushing in this game.
3. The Saints will be trying to keep pace with the Giants this week and all that depends on the arm of Drew Brees. And he will have to put up numbers just to keep his team in the game. Look for him to have at least 300 yards passing and at least two touchdowns through the air as the battles to keep the Saints in this game.
Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots
1. The Dolphins played tough for most of the game against the Seattle Seahawks last weekend and that impressed a lot of people. But this week, they come back to reality as Bill Belichick gets in their heads for 60 minutes. Look for their defense to give up at least 27 points to the Patriots this weekend.
2. The Patriots got the passing game going last weekend. But in this battle, the running game gets it going. Look for LaGarrette Blount to get at least 100 yards rushing and two touchdowns in this game.
3. Ryan Tannehill showed some fire last game but the Dolphins came up short. But like always, when some begin to think he is finally turning the corner, he is about to let you down once again. Look for him to give the Dolphins around a 50% completion rate with a couple interceptions.
Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans
1. The Chiefs were down big and pulled off a comeback last game for the ages. But in this game, they will not do that, as they will start fast and race out to a 14 point lead against the Texans.
2. The Texans got a quiet game out of JJ Watt last week outside of the quarterback hits last week. Well, some more of the old JJ Watt returns this week as he has at least one tackle for loss along with one sack on Alex Smith, which can be hard to make happen.
3. Cornerback Marcus Peters was quiet on the field last weekend as the Chargers stayed away from him. Well, don't expect the Texans to ignore him and with that being said, he will get his first interception of the regular season in this game.
Tennessee Titans at Detroit Lions
1. The Lions almost snatched a loss from the jaws of defeat last weekend against the Colts. But one thing that was impressive was the play of running back Theo Riddick. The receiving running back will be special once again in this one as he gets at least 4 receptions for 55 yards and 8-10 carries for 40-50 yards, which should put him near 100 total yards for the game.
2. The Tennessee Titans were not as good as they thought they should have been for the entire game last week. And one reason was because they forgot about tight end Delanie Walker. Well, since the Colts had a tight end catch a couple touchdowns on the Lions last week, Walker ought to be licking his chops looking at the Lions' defense. Expect him to get at least one touchdown and 60 yards receiving at the least.
3. The Titans defense needs someone to put some pressure on the quarterback. That guy has to be Brian Orapko. The outside linebacker has to play well and in this game, he will be there putting pressure on Matthew Stafford. Expect him to get at least two sacks.
Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns
1. The Browns got bad news with the injury of Robert Griffin III. Well, their backup is guaranteed to chuck the football all over the field. In this game, look for Josh McCown to throw the ball at least 40 times in this game as he tries to reach 300 yards passing.
2. The Ravens were not exactly spectacular offensively last week in their win in terms of points. But the perfect remedy for that is heading to Cleveland. They made the Philadelphia Eagles look great with a rookie quarterback. So in this game, you can only imagine what Joe Flacco and crew can do. Expect them to score at least 31 points.
3. The Ravens recorded two sacks last weekend versus the Buffalo Bills. But against the Browns' offense, look for them to get even more sacks. Baltimore will get a least three sacks in this game because of a bad Cleveland offensive line.
Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams
1. Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson got dinged up last game because his offensive line could not protect him. With an angry Rams team, look for him to bite the dust a few times to the tune of at least four sacks.
2. The Rams offense looked horrible in their opener versus the San Francisco 49ers. They did not score any points. But it is only one game and it will definitely be a new day. Look for the Rams to put up at least 14 points in this game. That may not sounds like much, but it is definitely better than zero points.
3. Todd Gurley was not very effective in the opener and in this game, he may find the sledding hard as well. The Seahawks are not slouches defending the run and in this game they show the Rams that, only giving up 70 yards to Gurley in this one.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Arizona Cardinals
1. Jameis Winston was excellent last week versus the Falcons. But this week, the competition steps up even more. The Cardinals defense will be tough and that will bring Jameis back down to earth a little bit this week. Look for him to have around 250 yards passing with at least two touchdown passes.
2. The Cardinals did not look like the Cardinals of last year versus the Patriots last week and still had a chance to win the game. Expect them to have it going a little bit more this weekend as they will test the Bucs secondary a few times and will connect on at least three deep throws of over 40 yards at home.
3. The Cardinals have cornerback issues opposite of Patrick Peterson. And with that being said, expect the Cardinals to put more help over towards the opposite corner and leave Peterson one-on-one versus Mike Evans. And when that happens, expect a good battle that will leave Evans coming up with four receptions for 40 yards, but nothing spectacular.
Jacksonville Jaguars at San Diego Chargers
1. The Chargers are probably still smarting from the loss from last week. And the issues their defense has is in the secondary. Look for the Jaguars to exploit that secondary. With that being said, look for Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles to have fun with the Chargers secondary, especially with tall wide receivers in Allen Hurn and Allen Robinson. 300 yards would not be out of the question for him in this game.
2. The Chargers offense showed some signs last week before their collapse and one guy that stepped up was running back Melvin Gordon. This week, they will need him to show some more signs. Look for Gordon to gain at least 80 yards and score a touchdown on the ground this week.
3. This game could be decided by a defensive play. And what better guy to make one than rookie Jalen Ramsey. He has the confidence and the talent to make things happen. And in this game, he makes a big interception to swing momentum in Jacksonville's way.
Atlanta Falcons at Oakland Raiders
1. The Raiders gave up a lot of passing yards last weekend and that has to scare them this week, especially facing wide receiver Julio Jones. And with that guy on the other side of the ball, the Raiders will give up some numbers to him to the tune of at least 130 yards receiving.
2. The Raiders have their own guy to oppose Jones as a receiver and his name is Amari Cooper. Look for the second-year wide receiver to have a little fun of his own against the Falcons secondary. He will get at least 120 yards receiving and at least one touchdown in this one.
3. This game will come down to who has the football last. Both defenses will be optional in how they play, so it's only right that the offense finishes the game more than either defense does.
Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos
1. The Broncos were physical defensively against the Panthers and this game will be no different. The only big difference between this game and the Panthers game is the Colts offensive line is still bad and that will lead to Andrew Luck being sacked at least four times in this game.
2. The Colts defensive backs were not exactly the greatest last weekend versus the Lions. And in this game, they are facing even more talented wideouts. So, expect their defense to come out and get lit up a little by Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas. Both will get in the endzone and both will have at least 80 yards receiving.
3. Adam Vinatieri is one of the best kickers in the game and he will show so in Denver. Expect him to hit a field goal over 50 yards for Indianapolis this weekend.
Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings
1. The Packers are heading into the grand opening of the Vikings new stadium brimming with offensive confidence.  But we can look for that to quickly fade as the Vikings' defense kicks in. The Packers will still score, but they will be sitting around 20-25 points this week.
2.  The Vikings were not able to get Adrian Peterson going last weekend versus the Titans. But at home, he should be able to get it going. Look for him to rush for 100 yards and also look for him to get at least 20 carries.
3. Both the Vikings and the Packers will bring pressure, but the Vikings will bring more and get home more than Green Bay. With that being said, the Vikings will have at least three sacks in this game of Aaron Rodgers.
Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears
1. The Eagles got a good opening weekend from their rookie quarterback, Carson Wentz, versus the Browns. The Bears defense isn't the Browns, so Wentz will have more resistance this week. And that means that he will throw his first interception versus the Bears defense.
2. The Bears offense needs more out of the running game and they may get it this week. Look for Jeremy Langford to get at least twenty carries and that will equate to 100 yards rushing this week.
3. Both the Bears and Eagles were solid with the football last weekend in terms of turnovers. This week, they both end up having at least two turnovers apiece.
It will be interesting to see how teams respond in Week 2 of the season. Whether they win and want to keep up the momentum or lost the first week and want to get on the right track, you can bet the energy will be high come Sunday.
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