The General’s NFL Proclamations- Week 8

The harsh reality has hit many teams in the face at this point. They realize that those high hopes they had to start the year were nothing but hopes and dreams. But on the flipside, some teams started out with little to no expectations at all. And despite what many thought of them, they have risen in the football ranks each and every week and showed those that doubt them that they were for real. Just like teams have risen and fell, there have been players that have had excellent seasons so far while others have fallen off. But the good thing for those teams that have lost some hope is that there is another week to line up and make some plays. Without further ado, here are the General's Proclamations for Week 8 in the NFL!


Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans

  1. The Titans run the football very well. And this game should not be any exception. So in this one, expect the Titans to run for almost 200 yards in this one as a team, with DeMarco Murray getting at least two touchdowns.
  2. The Jaguars have been ugly offensively all season long. And the main person that has been spearheading this awful offense is quarterback Blake Bortles. He has been bad this season and there is nothing much more you can say…except that he is going to show the world how bad he has been when he throws two interceptions in this game and throws for less than 200 yards.
  3. The defensive back play will be something to watch in this game. And one guy that can make plays that Jacksonville has is cornerback Jalen Ramsey. In a homecoming for him, the rookie will make an interception off Marcus Mariota in this one.


Washington Redskins at Cincinnati Bengals

  1. The Redskins were not able to hold off the Lions last week, as Matt Stafford was able to lead Detroit down the field for the game-winning score. And in this one, the Redskins have to face one of the best receivers in the game maybe without Josh Norman, who is going through concussion protocol. That’s a bad recipe for the Redskins. Look for AJ Green to have 100 yards receiving and a touchdown.
  2. The Bengals defense has been a little up and down this season with their performance and many cannot figure out why. But one guy that has to play well for Cincy is Carlos Dunlap. Look for the big defensive end to have a couple sacks in this game.
  3. The Redskins and Bengals have run the ball well some games and have been missing in action in others. Look for both teams to give it a shot up front, but the Bengals will be the team that has more rushing yards at the end of the game.


Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts

  1. Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce must be licking his chops before this game. The athletic tight end will be perusing the Colts secondary as he coasts to the endzone not once but twice. And for good measure, let’s throw 80 yards receiving on top of that.
  2. The Colts don’t have the best offensive line. But Andrew Luck has been making up for it with his arm and his legs. Look for Luck to throw at least two touchdown passes. But also look for him to run for at least three first downs as his protection breaks down a few times.
  3. The defenses in this game have a task at hand to stop the opposing offenses. But of course, there has to be one defense that makes a play. And that play will be made by safety Eric Berry as he makes a big interception.


Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers

  1. The Cardinals ended the game in a disappointing tie last week at home against Seattle. So in this one, don’t expect them to score as low as six points. The Cardinals are going up against one of the worst defensive secondaries in the NFL this season. And in this one, the Panthers secondary will show up like they have for the entire 2016 season. Carson Palmer will throw for 300 yards and three touchdowns in this one.
  2. The Panthers have one of the best weapons in football in Cam Newton. And in this one, he has to be the best weapon out there because of what other issues they have had. So expect him to be the Superman himself as he throws for two touchdowns and runs for another.
  3. The defense is starting to show up for the Cardinals. And one guy that has been active and alert all season for Arizona is Markus Golden. Look for him to track down Newton at least two times in this game as he continues his breakout season.


Oakland Raiders at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  1. The Raiders have been playing well in the 1 pm est time slot this season and the Bucs don’t give them any trepidation. Look for the Raiders to total 400 yards of offense against the Bucs.
  2. Everyone keeps wondering what is up with Khalid Mack. The young defender has been noticeably absent in the sack department. But this game he finally breaks out. Look for Mack to return to form and get two sacks in this one. Cue the Mark Morrison.
  3. The Bucs have not had a consistent running game all season long. But in this one, they build upon what they did last week. Look for the Bucs to actually get a rushing touchdown along with a maybe one guy that steps up and gets 100 yards.


Seattle Seahawks at New Orleans Saints

  1. The Seahawks are probably still mad after the ending of their game against the Cardinals. And in this one, their defense takes out the frustration. Look for the Seahawks to get at least two turnovers and hold the Saints offense to lower than 16 points.
  2. Russell Wilson has been hampered with multiple injuries to his legs. But in this one, he gets a little bit more healthy thanks to the Saints defense. Look for Russell to run for at least three first downs and give the Seahawks 40 rushing yards, which is encouraging for them.
  3. The Saints are at the wrong place at the wrong time. But again, they will at least make it a game for a little while at home. Look for the Seahawks to only lead by maybe three or six points heading to halftime.


Detroit Lions at Houston Texans

  1. The Lions have been feeling themselves this past couple of weeks and that has everything to do with quarterback Matt Stafford. Look for him to continue that solid play as he throws for 250 yards and two touchdowns in this one.
  2. The Texans have been hearing questions about quarterback Brock Osweiler all week long. Well after this one, expect those questions to cease at least a little. Osweiler will have three touchdown passes and will finally find DeAndre Hopkins in the passing game.
  3. The running game of the Texans has not been bad this year. And if Lamar Miller plays in this one, it will be solid once again. Look for Miller (if he plays) to have 100 total yards and a touchdown.


New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills

  1. The Patriots and Bills got into a little fracas before their last game. And I’m sure tempers will be running high. But for those expecting the WWE before the game, there will be no fight before the battle happens on the field.
  2. As far as the play on the field, remember Tom Brady was not there last time the Bills played the Patriots. And of course, we know Brady is dialed in. That could spell trouble for the Bills as Brady will mess around and get 300 yards passing and another three touchdowns. And just like that, Brady’s name will begin to be mentioned in the MVP talk.
  3. The defensive player in this game everyone is talking about is a veteran that not many expected much out of. Linebacker Lorenzo Alexander has been in the NFL a long time. But this season he is having a career year. And in this game, he will collect one more sack to continue to pad his stats.


New York Jets at Cleveland Browns

  1. The Jets went back to Ryan Fitzpatrick after Geno Smith was injured in his first start this year. And after the game, he had some things to say about him not having his starting spot anymore. Well, he will realize again why he was pulled from his starting spot this week, as he throws three interceptions against the Browns.
  2. The Browns have been going through quarterbacks all season long. And in this one, we just might see two. Heck, we may see a quarterback that no one is even thinking about like we did last week when we saw Kevin Hogan take reps in the game.
  3. The Jets defense has had issues in pass coverage. And in this game, you would think they have a cakewalk with the Browns quarterback situation. But think again folks. Look for the Jets secondary to make a couple Browns wide receivers look great.


San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos

  1. The Chargers were able to make it happen last week, coming back on the road for a big win versus the Atlanta Falcons. And in this one, they may not be so fortunate. Look for the Broncos to jump out early on San Diego to the tune of 14 opening quarter points and twenty points by the half.
  2. The Broncos have an injury to running back CJ Anderson to deal with. But never fear, they have a rookie to throw in there to replace him. Look for running back Devontae Booker. Look for Booker, if he gets more carries, to get 100 yards rushing and a touchdown.
  3. The Chargers will make a stand in this one. They are simply too talented a team to not. And they will do so on the arm of Phillip Rivers. Look for the veteran quarterback to throw for 300 yards and two touchdowns.


Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons

  1. The Packers were able to get it done going almost exclusively with the passing game. And in this game, expect Nile Davis to take a little bit of the pressure off the passing game. He isn’t going to have huge star numbers (maybe 10-15 carries and 70-80 yards), but he will be a guy that can throw the Falcons off with his running style.
  2. Matt Ryan and the Falcons were not their best all game long last week. But in this game, maybe he finds his mojo a little bit more. Expect him to throw for at least two touchdowns and amazingly, he will not throw an interception.
  3. The Falcons pass defense can be solid, but they can also be penalized. Expect the refs to have a lot of laundry on the field, as they get called for more than four penalties.


Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

  1. The Eagles have hit a few speed bumps when it comes to rookie quarterback Carson Wentz. And expect more speed bumps to be hit as Wentz throws at least one interception in this game.
  2. The Cowboys have been very fortunate to have two rookies in Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot perform the way they have. And in this one, they will come out and do what they have been doing all season long. Look for Dak to throw for over 200 yards and get at least one touchdown and Elliot will have 120 yards rushing and two touchdowns.
  3. The Eagles and Cowboys will have a physical game where special teams could make a difference. And for one of the teams in this game, special teams will score a touchdown to help them win the game.


Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears

  1. Jay Cutler returns to the starting lineup after an injury to Brian Hoyer. And with that, expect some erratic quarterback play from the veteran. Cutler will throw at least one touchdown, but he will be responsible for two turnovers in this one. One will be a fumble and the other will be an interception.
  2. Sam Bradford had a rough go of it last weekend versus the Eagles. But this week, he gets a helping hand with the running game. Look for Jerrick McKinnon and Matt Asiata to combine for over 100 yards rushing and a touchdown.
  3. Cordarelle Patterson has gotten more and more involved in the offense each week. And in this game, that trend continues. Look for him to get at least six touches on offense and expect a big play out of one of those touches. And in the return game, he will return one kickoff into Bears territory.


Week 8 of the General’s Proclamations is in the books. Enjoy the games!


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