The General’s NFL Proclamations- Week 7

Week 7 has come and we are almost to the halfway point of the season. Some pretenders have shown themselves while others are still putting up a facade. And going into this week, there are some players that have shown to be better than they were thought to be. Unfortunately, there are some that have not lived up to the hype up to this point. Add it all together and we have one interesting season unfolding right before our very eyes. But there is more that is left for this season. More excitement, big plays and big blunders are left for us to observe as fans of the game. And week 7 starts it all in motion once again. With that being said, let’s get started with the General’s Proclamations.

Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers

  1. Seattle and San Francisco both have offensive lines that have been susceptible to sacks. In this game, expect that to come to fruition as both teams will combine for at least six sacks. We will definitely get to see which quarterback can play Whodini best.
  2. Seattle tight end Jimmy Graham had a good game last week versus the Panthers. But in this game, expect him to go missing in action. He will have only three receptions and will not have over 50 yards receiving.
  3. San Francisco running back Carlos Hyde and Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch will both have 50 yards or less rushing. This is not indicative of the players they are but of the lines that they run behind. Both will have one run that will look like it will go a long way, but something will happen to negate that run.

Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars

  1. Blake Bortles had some issues last weekend at quarterback for the Jaguars. And this week, those issues will continue. The young quarterback will throw at least one touchdown, but he will throw at least two interceptions and one of those will be him channeling his inner Matt Schaub while throwing an interception for a touchdown.
  2. The Buffalo Bills may be without Tyrod Taylor again at quarterback. And if that is the case, expect them to lean on running back LeSean McCoy. The veteran running back out of the University of Pittsburgh is getting healthier by the week and this time out he will get his first 100 yard game of the season while scoring a touchdown.
  3. The Bills will keep the Jaguars under 300 yards of offense this week. The Bills are still smarting from the loss to the Bengals and the Jaguars will bear the brunt of that frustration.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Redskins

  1. The Bucs have not been great defensively this season. Well, Kurt Cousins is about to come to their rescue. The Redskins quarterback will throw at least two interceptions this game as he is again underwhelming as the starting quarterback in Washington.
  2. Tampa Bay quarterback Jameis Winston has had an up and down rookie year. Well, this one will be an example of that rollercoaster. He will have at least one touchdown pass and will throw one interception that will have you scratching your head. And to top all that off, he will get a rushing touchdown.
  3. The Washington Redskins and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will both score defensively in this game. I don’t know if that is a product of good defense or a product of inconsistent and inept offense at times. We shall indeed see.

Atlanta Falcons at Tennessee Titans

  1. The Atlanta Falcons are still smarting from last week and their loss to the Saints. Well, this week they get healthy versus the Titans. Look for the Titans to allow 30 points or more to the Falcons this weekend. And with that being said, the boobirds will be out again at Nissan Stadium.
  2. Tennessee quarterback Marcus Mariota showed everyone how tough he was last week, playing through a knee injury. This week he will again tough it out and throw for at least two touchdowns (one to wide receiver Kendall Wright and one to tight end Delanie Walker).
  3. Atlanta running back Devonta Freeman has been dynamic this season. And he will continue to do so against the Titans. He will rush for 100 yards and he will also have one touchdown running the ball. But don’t forget, he can catch the ball out of the backfield. Expect him to get at least four catches for 50 yards there.

New Orleans Saints at Indianapolis Colts

  1.  Drew Brees has been hot and cold for the Saints this season. And in this game, expect him to run cold. The veteran quarterback will have two interceptions and one touchdown as he tries to maneuver through the Colts secondary.
  2. Andrew Luck has been inconsistent as well as the quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts. In this game though, he will be have the mojo going. Look for him to throw for three touchdowns and no interceptions against a Saints defense that can be taken advantage of.
  3. The Saints will miss at least two extra points in this game. The change of extra points has made it more difficult on kickers and it will show even more in this game.

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions

  1. Teddy Bridgewater has been interesting as the quarterback of the Vikings this season. He has yet to really have a breakout game this year. Well, unfortunately for the Lions, this is the game he has a big one. Look for Bridgewater to have three touchdown passes and no interceptions while leading the Vikings offense.
  2. The Vikings offense has been sparked by rookie wide receiver Stefon Diggs. And in this game, he will continue to be that spark. Look for him to have 100 yards receiving and one touchdown catch.
  3. Detroit wide receiver Calvin Johnson and quarterback Matthew Stafford have not really gone off as the dynamic duo and done damage together. In this game, they go off just a little bit. Expect them to connect on two touchdown passes and both will be over 20 yards.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs

  1. Pittsburgh running back Le’Veon Bell will not rush for over 100 yards. The young running back out of Michigan State will have some effect on the game, but the Chiefs will be tough on him in the running game.
  2. Alex Smith and the Chiefs have not been that great offensively this season and this game will not help that at all. The veteran quarterback has been a checkdown machine and will continue to be so in this game. He will have at least 20 completions, but those completions will not be over 200 yards.
  3. The Chiefs secondary has been bad all season long. And with Michael Vick not being out there, that means Landry Jones could be at quarterback for the Steelers. If that is the case, look for him to torch the Chiefs secondary and get at least three touchdown passes.

Cleveland Browns at St. Louis Rams

  1. The Rams have been tough this season versus the run. Look for them to continue to do so as they keep the Browns to under 100 yards rushing.
  2. Running back Todd Gurley has been special as the Rams feature back. Look for him to continue to be special as he rushes for over 100 yards and gets at least two touchdowns.
  3. The Browns will be in comeback mode again this game and that means that quarterback Josh McCown will be racking up the yardage again in this game. Look for him to rack up at least 300 yards rushing as he tries to pull the team back in the game.

Houston Texans at Miami Dolphins

  1. The Miami Dolphins were fantastic last weekend defensively against the Tennessee Titans. Look for them to continue that momentum as they hold the Texans to under 16 points this game.
  2. Houston Texans running back Arian Foster has not been the guy the Texans are used to this season. Well, in this game his struggles will continue. He will score a touchdown, but he will not reach the century mark on the ground again this week.
  3. The Miami running game got going last weekend, but expect the passing game to get some things going as week. Wide receiver Jarvis Landry will have at least 100 yards receiving and at least one touchdown as the Dolphins raid the Texans through the air.

New York Jets at New England Patriots

  1. The Patriots have been on fire offensively this season. Well, this game they meet the team that cools them down. The Jets will hold the Pats to under 20 points.
  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick has been more than adequate as the starting quarterback for the New York Jets. In this game, he will continue to be solid as he throws at least two touchdown passes and stays away from the interceptions.
  3. While the Jets defense comes to play, so will cornerback Derrelle Revis as well. He will intercept Tom Brady once in this game.

Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers

  1. Raiders’ wide receiver Amari Cooper has been good at some moments and invisible at others. In this game, he will definitely come out and show the skills that made him one of the top receivers in the 2015 NFL Draft. Look for him to get at least 100 yards receiving and 1 touchdown.
  2. San Diego Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers threw for over 500 yards and still lost the game. Well, he will not throw for 500 yards in this one, but he will get at least 300 yards passing and three touchdowns.
  3. There will be no running backs that score rushing touchdowns in this game. Look for the running backs to score more through the air than on the ground in this one.

Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants

  1. The Giants were flat offensively last weekend and no one bore the brunt of that more than quarterback Eli Manning. Expect him to come back this week and make up for that game versus the Eagles with 300 yards passing and three touchdown passes. And as for those touchdown passes, one will be to special wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.
  2. The Dallas Cowboys will be starting Matt Cassel at quarterback this weekend. And with that, the veteran will show the world that he is not the answer either when it comes to holding it down for Tony Romo. He will throw at least one interception that will make you scratch your head and he will also have one fumble that will help the Giants.
  3. The Giants will hold the Cowboys to 13 points or less in this game. The Cowboys are a shell of themselves offensively without some of their key ingredients. And with a backup quarterback in there, Dallas will not be very good offensively again.

Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers

  1. The Eagles played sloppy but got the win on Monday night versus the Giants. But this week the mistakes will catch up to them. Look for the Eagles to have at least three turnovers as they get off to another slow start.
  2. Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton has been solid all season long. Look for him to have a little fun with the Eagles’ secondary in this one. Cam will throw for two touchdowns and run for one as the Panthers get it rolling offensively.
  3. DeMarco Murray has started to run the football better for the Eagles the last two weeks. Well, all that stops when he sees the Carolina Panthers. Look for him to be held to under 40 yards rushing as the Panthers play physical up front with the Eagles.

Baltimore Ravens at Arizona Cardinals

  1. The Cardinals have sputtered some offensively as of late. Look for the Ravens to be the medicine their offense needs. They will score at least 30 points in this one and get back on track.
  2. Joe Flacco has made some head-scratching plays this season as the quarterback of the Ravens. And in this game, he will be running for his life as he faces a pass rush that will be after him all game. Because of that pressure, look for the veteran quarterback to throw at least three interceptions in this game.
  3. The Cardinals have not had much excitement in their return game this season. Well, in this game they will score on special teams and from at least 70 yards away.

Week 7 is upon us and the games are here. It should be interesting to see how all the games come out and who comes up big for their teams.

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