The General’s NFL Proclamations- Week 7

The halfway point is almost here in the NFL season. And injuries are rampant. Big players like Ben Roethlisberger are out for an extended amount of time. And while players like Ben and others are out, that leaves teams trying to fill their spots and make it happen still. Some will be able to make the adjustment and still win, while others will be still stuck in neutral trying to pick up the pieces. But hey, that is why they play the game. Without further ado, here are the General's Proclamations for Week 7!


Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers

  1. Aaron Rodgers has been struggling this season, missing open receivers and throwing dangerous throws. Everyone thinks something is wrong with him, but in this game, he silences those doubts for a little bit at least. Look for him to throw for three touchdowns and 225 yards and no interceptions.
  2. There is one dynamic running back to watch in this game and he wears a Bears uniform. Jordan Howard has been solid as a rookie. But in this one, he gets shut down. The Packers are not happy from last week's rush defense performance and don't allow Howard to get over 50 yards rushing.
  3. The Packers defensive backs are beat up coming into this one. And that is a perfect thing for the Bears offense to see. Look for Brian Hoyer to throw for at least two touchdowns. But of course, he will throw one costly interception.


New York Giants at Los Angeles Rams

  1. Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. really got going last game versus the Ravens. And in this game, he has a decided advantage. Look for him to go for over 100 yards again while scoring one time and giving us more of his kicking net love affair.
  2. The Rams have been an interesting offensive team. Well, this week, they get a little Gurley as in Todd Gurley. Look for the second-year running back to go for over 100 yards against the Giants run defense and yes, he will be making reservations for six at least once in this game.
  3. The Giants defensive line has been a disappointment. They have not brought the pressure many thought they would. But in this one, they get it going a little bit. Look for Jason Pierre-Paul and Olivier Vernon to combine for four sacks versus the Rams.


New Orleans Saints at Kansas City Chiefs

  1. Drew Brees had a great game against the Panthers last week (seems every quarterback has a great week against the Panthers these days), but he will not have that great a game in Arrowhead stadium. Look for him to throw two touchdowns, but he will also two interceptions, including one to Chiefs defensive back Marcus Peters.
  2. Kansas City needs their running game to be big for them in this one. And with running back Jamaal Charles back in the fold, I think they get that. Look for him to score his first touchdown of the season and give them that explosive play they need at the position.
  3. The Chiefs and the Saints are both teams that can put up points. But in this one, I think both teams do not get over 27 points. Hopefully there will be some snippets of defense played.


Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans

  1. The Colts snatched defeat from the jaws of victory last Sunday night versus the Houston Texans. And in this one, they will start out trying to make up for it. Look for the Colts to score at least twenty points in the first half of the game.
  2. The Titans are on the second game of their three-game homestand. And the one thing they have done is hit some big plays in the passing game. In this one, they will dial that up yet again. Look for Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota to find either tight end Delanie Walker or wide receiver Kendall Wright on a big play to keep them in the game early on.
  3. Both teams are due offensively for a big game and this may just be it. Look for both teams to score over thirty points as an offensive explosion breaks out.


Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles

  1. The Eagles have lost their last two and Carson Wentz has come back down to earth as a rookie quarterback. Well, this isn't the game that he actually gets back on track. The Vikings defense will force him into a fumble along with picking off a pass from Wentz.
  2. On the other side of the field from the Eagles, Sam Bradford could not be happier. He was traded away from the Eagles and landed with a team that he has helped lead to 5-0. And in this game, he comes out to show the Eagles what they were missing. Look for Bradford to throw three touchdown passes and also have a completion percentage of 70%.
  3. The fans can often have an effect on games. And we all have heard the stories of how Philadelphia fans can be on players and teams. Well, we may get our first taste of the Eagles getting booed. But of course, that will happen after they probably boo Sam Bradford.


Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals

  1. The Bengals are looking to get back on the right track after last week's loss in New England. And the best way to do that is to get their ground game going. They need either Jeremy Hill or Gio Bernard to step up and in this game, Hill will be the guy. Look for him to get at least 90 yards rushing in this one as he pounds the rock. And for good measure, he will get two touchdowns.


  1. The Browns have had their issues offensively this year and not having a consistent quarterback has not helped things. Well, this defense of the Bengals should be fired up heading into this one. So look for the Browns to be held under 300 total yards in this game.


  1. The Bengals have a guy on their defense that garners all kinds of attention for the wrong reasons. His name is Vontaze Burfict. And unfortunately in this game, he is involved in another questionable play. He may or may not be flagged for the play, but we all know that he will be involved in something. Sadly, he just has not learned from the past.



Washington Redskins at Detroit Lions


  1. The Redskins have been hot lately, winning four in a row. And Kirk Cousins has been solid. But in this game, he seems to struggle again. Look for him to get picked off two times in this game. He may throw a touchdown or two, but it will be a struggle for him.


  1. The Lions offense got a boost from wide receiver Golden Tate last weekend. Well, this game is all about Anquan Boldin in the passing game. Look for the savvy vet to ease his way into 100 yards receiving and a touchdown.


  1. Josh Norman will likely be on Marvin Jones in this game. And with that being the case, look for Jones to get four receptions in this one but not really have a huge impact like some may think he can.



Oakland Raiders at Jacksonville Jaguars


  1. The Jaguars were able to win last week, but they have not been as impressive as some thought they would be (well offensively at least). And most of the blame has been pointed at quarterback Blake Bortles. He has not been the sharpest quarterback around this year. But in this game, he gets some time and some opportunity. Look for him to throw for 275 yards and three touchdowns in this game against the Raiders defense.


  1. But just like Bortles will be gunning for the Raiders defense, so will Derek Carr be gunning for the Jaguars secondary. But if he throws towards cornerback Jalen Ramsey, then he is going to have some problems. Expect Carr to throw at least one interception and expect Ramsey to be the recipient.


  1. The battle of the running games in this one could turn out to be a meaningless thing to pay attention to. Both teams may be lucky to combine for one touchdown on the ground in this one.



Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins


  1. The Dolphins and Bills game feature two of the hottest running back in the NFL. But of course, there can only be one running back get top billing in this one. And if he is healthy, that guy will be Bills running back LeSean "Shady" McCoy. Look for him to continue his hot streak, gaining over 100 yards yet again and also getting into the endzone.


  1. The Dolphins got a solid game from quarterback Ryan Tannehill last week in the win over the Steelers. But in this one, he will definitely be looking around at all angles because of the pressure that will be coming. Look for Tannehill to go down at least five times in this game.


  1. The Bills have done just about everything defensively except score one. And in this game, this will be what they do. One of those sacks that Tannehill takes will result in a fumble and a touchdown for Buffalo.



Baltimore Ravens at New York Jets


  1. The Jets have made that change at quarterback and Geno Smith is now your starter. The main word to remember about him is inconsistent. Smith will make some great plays and then he will come back and make one that will make you scratch your head. And in this, look for him to throw two touchdowns and one interceptions along with a play that will boggle your mind.


  1. The Ravens have had offensive issues all season long. And in this game, they will continue to have them. Look for them to score twenty points or less in this one as Baltimore continues to try and figure it out.


  1. The Ravens and Jets need their special teams in this one. And as a result, there will be one special teams touchdown scored in this game.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers at San Francisco 49ers


  1. The Colin Kaepernick start did not go exactly as the 49ers thought. But even in that, there was some positives that came out of it. And one of those is they were better offensively in the passing game. Look for them to build on that in this one as Colin throws for two touchdowns.


  1. The Bucs have had struggles to find balance in their offense. And as a result, they are setting up Jameis Winston to throw the football tons of times. If that is to be the case, then Winston will end up getting sacked in this game three times at least. He may throw for 300 yards and a touchdown at least, but he will be running around a little bit while trying to evade the rush.


  1. The 49ers wide receivers showed up last game and in this one, they will have some fun as well. Look for Quinton Patton to score his first touchdown this season and go for 100 yards receiving.



San Diego Chargers at Atlanta Falcons


  1. The Atlanta Falcons showed a lot about themselves last weekend in Seattle. And in the game against the Chargers, they will show even more. Look for Matt Ryan, their offensive leader, to put up at least 300 yards and three touchdowns.


  1. Phillip Rivers was pretty solid last week versus the Broncos in their upset win. But away from the comfy confines of San Diego, a different scene will be set. Look for Rivers to throw an interception or two as the Chargers take on a feisty Falcons defense.


  1. The Falcons only had one sack last game versus the Seahawks last weekend. But going against a Chargers offensive line that can give up some sacks, the Falcons will be ready to bring the noise. Look for the Falcons to get four sacks on the Chargers.



New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers


  1. Ben Roethlisberger is out and Landry Jones is in. Yes, this is not a dream folks. After his performance in this game, many Steelers fans are going to want to wish this was all a dream. Landry will throw three interceptions in this game. He is messing with the Hoodie, Bill Belichick. And we know what the Hoodie likes to do to inexperienced quarterbacks.


  1. Meanwhile, the Patriots have Tom Brady and he has been excellent since his return. Well, the Steelers are having issues rushing the passer and they don't have that great a secondary. That sets up perfectly for Scene Three of The Wrath Of Tom. Look for Brady to have three more touchdown passes at the least. And of course, he will be going over 300 yards passing.


  1. The Patriots have been killing teams just using their tight ends. The first week back for Brady, it was Martellus Bennett torching Cleveland. And last week, it was Rob Gronkowski tearing through Cincinnati. It's Martellus' turn this week. And it will not be pretty. 100 yards receiving and two touchdown passes for Bennett this week.



Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals


  1. Michael Floyd has been in a funk all season long. But one 13 yard touchdown in the second half could get him going. And it will in this one. Look for him to get at least 80 yards receiving and a touchdown in this one.


  1. Richard Sherman will be fired up coming into this game. His claim that the highlights of the game were edited to make him look bad will be something that he will use as ammunition for this week's game. Expect him to get one interception and to be a nuisance to Carson Palmer all night long.


  1. The Cardinals offense begins and ends with running back David Johnson. But in this game, the Seahawks defense will not allow him to get going. Johnson will not have over 100 total yards of offense in this game.



Houston Texans at Denver Broncos


  1. Brock Osweiler returns to where he started for a segment of time last year. And in this game, he will come in wanting to expose the Broncos defensively. But he isn't as good as he thinks he is. Look for him to throw two interceptions and throw for barely over 200 yards. Oh, and he will have a touchdown. Just not as many as he thought he would.


  1. The Broncos have been pretty bad offensively the last couple of games. And the biggest thing that has happened in the running game has gone stale. Look for the Broncos to try and get that going this game and the guy that will help make it happen is rookie running back Devontae Booker. Look for him to get at least 80 yards rushing and a touchdown.


  1. Von Miller wasn't as active as he usually is last week. But this week he surely will be around Osweiler all game. Look for him to have two sacks and give us a great sack dance when he gets there. And NFL, please hang on to the laundry when he does his dance.


Hopefully this weekend will be exciting and give us great games in primetime. Let's get ready for a good Week 7!

Brock Osweiler

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