The General’s NFL Proclamations- Week 6

Eli Manning is leading his Giants potentially to the NFC East crown. But the next step is to take on the Eagles on Monday night. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Eli Manning is leading his Giants potentially to the NFC East crown. But the next step is to take on the Eagles on Monday night. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Week Six has the race for the playoffs shaping up a little bit more. Many teams have had their moment to show they are for real. And others are just waiting to see if they even have that moment or know they time has passed. With that being said, there are many players that are looking for that moment to shine still while others have officially arrived. In Week Six, there will definitely be some performances that come out of nowhere while others disappear in the big moment. With that being said, here are the General’s Proclamations for Week Six in the NFL.

Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints

  1. Wide receiver Julio Jones will not top 100 yards receiving in this game. The dynamic wide receiver has been dominating the NFL this year. But with the lingering hamstring issues that he has and the short week of rest before this game, it would not be surprising if he did not have a huge impact on this game. Despite his numbers and the Saints defense not being that strong, Julio’s hamstring will keep him from exploiting them.
  2. Mark Ingram will have under 40 yards rushing. The Saints re-signed Ingram to be their starting running back, but he has had some issues getting going. With the frenetic Falcons defense after him in Week Six, Ingram will not get it going in this one. He may score one touchdown, but he will not be dynamite in the running game.
  3. Falcons’ running back Devonta Freeman will rush for at least 130 yards and will have a rushing and receiving touchdown. The second-year running back from Florida State has been on fire the last few weeks as the Falcons starting running back. And with the weakness of the Saints defense getting exposed every week, Freeman will keep on churning out the yardage.

Washington Redskins at New York Jets

  1. Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins will not have over 200 yards passing. The Jets defense is tough on quarterbacks and with Revis Island there, look for the passing game to take away the best weapons the Redskins have at wide receiver. That will leave Cousins forcing passes into tight windows and using his tight ends. That will eventually lead to not only under 200 yards passing, but an interception or two.
  2. New York Jets running back Chris Ivory will have 100 yards rushing and a touchdown. The hard-nosed veteran running back has been making a living of hitting the hole full speed with aggression. The Redskins gave up yardage to Devonta Freeman last week and this week’s running back adversary is big, strong and definitely more physical than Freeman could ever want to be. That spells trouble for the Redskins front seven and safeties in the run game.
  3. The Washington Redskins and the New York Jets will combine for at least five sacks. Both defenses will have chances to make some things happen with their pass rush. And both will definitely have a few meetings at the quarterback in what should be a physical game.

Arizona Cardinals at Pittsburgh Steelers

  1. The Arizona Cardinals will not score over 20 points. The Cardinals have gotten better offensively and they torched the Lions last week. Well, this week’s opponent brings more thump than they did. And because of that, the Cardinals will not score over 20. The Steelers pressure defense will take a little of that air out of their offensive sails.
  2. Pittsburgh quarterback Michael Vick has been erratic as a passer. Quite frankly, he has missed quite a few open receivers. In this game, he will continue to do so. Look for him to connect on only 50% of his passes in this game.
  3. Pittsburgh wide receiver Antonio Brown has reportedly been frustrated with his production due to the change at quarterback (Michael Vick stepped in for an injured Ben Roethlisberger). In this game, he will definitely get his chances. Look for him to get 100 yards receiving and a touchdown in this one.

Kansas City Chiefs at Minnesota Vikings

  1. Minnesota wide receiver Mike Wallace will go for 100 yards receiving and a touchdown. The Chiefs secondary has not exactly been great. Combine that with a burner at wide receiver in Wallace and that is a scary combination. One that will definitely allow Wallace to excite the Vikings crowd on Sunday.
  2. Kansas City quarterback Alex Smith will throw for zero touchdowns. The veteran quarterback has had his struggles this season at the helm of the Chiefs. In this game, he will continue to have those same struggles. When you only have one wide receiver that teams have to gameplan for, it makes things hard on your quarterback.
  3. Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson will not rush for 100 yards in this one. Peterson has had his moments this season so far. But the Chiefs front seven is very capable of getting the job done and they will surely be focused on making other members of the Vikings’ team beat them not named Adrian Peterson.

Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills

  1. The quarterback position is uneasy in Buffalo. It is being reported that Tyrod Taylor may not play due to a sprained MCL in his knee. If he is able to go, then he will account for one touchdown rushing and one thru the air. If he does not play, then his backup EJ Manuel comes in to man the team. If he has to run the team, look for the backup quarterback to throw at least two interceptions.
  2. Cincinnati has not got it going in the running game yet with running back Jeremy Hill. He was dynamic last season. But this season, he has struggled to gain traction. This game will be the same story as last game. He will have under 50 yards receiving and no touchdowns.
  3. The Bills will rush for 200 yards as a team in this game. This may seem crazy to some, but the Bills can run the ball at you over and over again. And I would imagine they would do that this game considering they are on schedule with their running game.

Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions

  1. Quarterback Jay Cutler has been pretty solid the last two weeks for the Bears, leading them to back-to-back wins.  Some are expecting him to fall back and stumble, but this isn’t the week that happens. Expect him to throw for at least 300 yards and two touchdown passes against a Lions defense that has not been getting it done.
  2. The Lions will score under 20 points. The offense of the Detroit is talented, but they just cannot get on track for some reason. This game would seem to be one that they could, but it just will not happen. For some reason or another, the struggles will continue for them in this one.
  3. There will be no interceptions in this game. I know many are probably not believing what they just read. But these defenses have not been great all year and they will probably force some turnovers this year, but just not interceptions in this one.

Denver Broncos at Cleveland Browns

  1. Peyton Manning has not been dominant like he usually is at quarterback this season. But in this game, he wakes up and has a very good game. Expect him to throw for 300 yards and three touchdowns for the Denver Broncos.
  2. Running back Isaiah Crowell has been solid for the Cleveland Browns. And in this one, I expect him to have an impact yet again. Look for him to have 110 total yards in this one along with one touchdown.
  3. The Denver defense has been carrying the Broncos this season and this game will not be any different. Look for the Broncos to have at least five sacks as a team in this one. And one of those sacks will end up being a strip sack for a touchdown for the Broncos.

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars

  1. Jacksonville quarterback Blake Bortles has been solid this season. And in this game, he will be solid and then some. He will account for over 300 yards passing and two touchdowns, with one going to wide receiver Allen Robinson.
  2. Houston wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins has been excellent this season. He has been torching defensive backs this season and he will continue to do so in this game. Expect at least 150 yards receiving from him and a touchdown.
  3. Both teams will be over 25 points at the end of this game. Both offenses have had their moments, good and bad. But they both will do enough to make this affair at least appear interesting down the stretch.

Miami Dolphins at Tennessee Titans

  1. Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota will rush for a touchdown, throw two touchdowns and throw for 225 yards. The former University of Oregon quarterback is facing a defense that plays uninspired a lot. And despite the coaching change, the uninspiring play defensively will continue.
  2. Dolphins’ wide receiver Jarvis Landry has been the only offensive player playing with energy this season. And in this game, that will be on display again. Expect him to have 100 yards receiving and at least one touchdown.
  3. Tennessee Titans outside linebacker Brian Orapko will have his first multi-sack game in this one. He has not had the affect he was thought to have so far and it is time for him to break out. And this game is the perfect one for him to break out.

Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks

  1. Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch will be back this weekend and fortunately he will be at home. The veteran running back will rush for 100 yards on his return and will score at least one touchdown. Rain down the Skittles Seattle fans, Beast Mode is rumbling to an endzone near you.
  2. Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has been special this season. Look for him to continue to shine as the quarterback of the Panthers as he runs for one touchdown and throws for two more.
  3. The Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks will combine for only three sacks. Both quarterbacks are mobile and can make defenders miss. But both defenses will get to the opposing team’s quarterback at least once.

San Diego Chargers at Green Bay Packers

  1. The San Diego Chargers got a jolt offensively from the return of tight end Antonio Gates. Unfortunately in this one, he will be watching the tight end on the other side starring in this one. Richard Rodgers of the Packers will have at least one touchdown catch and will have 70 yards receiving.
  2. Phillip Rivers is firmly entrenched as the starting quarterback of the San Diego Chargers. He has had some good moments and some bad moments this season. Well, this game will show a little of the bad Rivers. He will throw at least two interceptions in this game against the Packers defense.
  3. Linebacker Clay Matthews has been excellent this season so far. And the Chargers are about to see how excellent he is. He will show up and get at least two sacks along with seven tackles. And with this one, it will help booster his claim for defensive MVP this season.

Baltimore Ravens at San Francisco 49ers

  1. The 49ers have been struggling in the passing game most of the season, but they looked better this past Sunday night in the loss to the Giants. And given the state of the Ravens defense, I think this week will help them take another step in growing together. Colin Kaepernick will have another two touchdown passes and will not throw an interception this week either.
  2. The Ravens offense has Steve Smith back. And even though he is not exactly the perfect picture of health, he can still cause some issues. This week he will definitely cause some problems for the 49ers defense as he gets at least five catches and scores at least one touchdowns.
  3. In this game, expect Carlos Hyde to rush for at least 100 yards in this game. The Ravens aren’t exactly the best tackling team out there and that will play right into the physical nature of Hyde, especially if he gets to the second level of the defense.

New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts

  1. Tom Brady has been thinking on Deflategate for a while now. And now he gets to face the team that began the rumblings of it. Brady will no doubt be focused and that will lead to him going for 300 yards receiving along with four touchdown passes. The Colts better get ready
  2. Andrew Luck is expected to return at quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. He and wide receiver TY Hilton have been a very solid pairing. But in this game, they will go silent against the Patriots. And once again, Hilton will not break his slump against a team that apparently has his number. Expect Luck to have 300 yards passing but to have two interceptions or more and Hilton will not get over 70 yards receiving nor will he get a touchdown.
  3. The Patriots will be out for blood in this game and with that being said, they will put up 40 points on the road against Indy. Forget all the Deflategate talk, the Patriots are just a better team and they will flex their muscles on the Colts.

New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

  1. Eli Manning has been getting it done the last few games to help the Giants right the ship. And in this game, the Giants have a big opportunity to take over the East for right now. With all that is at stake, expect Eli to have at least three touchdown passes and one interception. And yes, he will throw for over 330 yards against the Eagles secondary.
  2. Philly got the running game going last week against the New Orleans Saints. Some think that could be the springboard for more to come. But unfortunately, that was a mirage. DeMarco Murray will not get over 30 yards rushing in this game. And just like that, he will go back to struggling.
  3. The Eagles will have at least two explosive plays for touchdowns. Last week they put it in the air and had a few big momentum-capturing plays. Expect this week that they score at least two touchdowns from over 40 yards out.

Week Six is upon us and they proclamations have been made. Some may come true and some may not, but it sure will be fun seeing what happens.

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