The General’s NFL Proclamations-Week 6

Week Six is upon us in the NFL. And just like there are some teams that have done better than expected, there are some that have neglected to show up. And up to this point, there are still some teams pretending while there are some that are actually contending. All while this is going on, there are some players that have shocked us with how well they've played and others that have yet to hit the alarm clock. Maybe some of those playing well come back to Earth and maybe those that are asleep awake from their slumber. But one thing is for sure in Week 6: there will be some expected and unexpected performances. Let's dive into the General's Proclamations for Week 6!


Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers

1. The Broncos will have their starting quarterback, Trevor Siemian this week. Look for him to get back in stride like he was before the injury. He will have 250 yards passing and two touchdowns.
2. The Chargers got more than they expected with the debut of defensive lineman Joey Bosa. But now people are wondering what is coming up next. Well in this one, he may not get two sacks, but he will hear his named mentioned with at least one sack in this one.
3. The Chargers have a solid receiving running back in Melvin Gordon. And although he may not run for over 40 yards, look for him to have at least 60 yards receiving and a touchdown.
San Francisco 49ers at Buffalo Bills
1. The question of the week has been how will Colin Kaepernick do as the starter. Well, he is going against a tough defense in the Buffalo Bills. But there is success to have. Look for Kap to have at least 200 yards passing and a touchdown. But he will also have an interception and be sacked at least two times.
2. The Buffalo offense got rid of offensive coordinator Greg Roman and it seems like that has resulted in LeSean McCoy running the football better. In this game, he is facing one of the worst run defenses in the NFL. Look for him to get at least 130 yards rushing and one touchdown in this game.
3. The Buffalo Bill defense versus Carlos Hyde is something that bears watching, especially with the running threat of Colin Kaepernick back there in the backfield. Like his counterpart McCoy, look for Hyde to have a very solid game that means he will get at least 100 yards rushing.
Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins
1. The Eagles are looking to rebound this week versus the Redskins and how Carson Wentz rebounds will be something to watch. Look for him to throw at least two touchdowns while he faces some adversity in this game as well.
2.  Running back Matt Jones has another opportunity to show that he can be the best back on the Redskins team. He did not have the greatest trip to Baltimore last week and coming home won't be the best thing for him either. Look for him to get only 40 yards rushing and no touchdowns as the Eagles defense will come to play.
3. The Eagles defense may come to play, but their defensive backs will get lit up at least one time. And the guy that will do so is DeSean Jackson. Look for Jackson to light up his former team for at least one big gain of over 40 yards and a touchdown.
Cleveland Browns at Tennessee Titans
1. The Titans running game has been the identity of the team so far. And in this game, it will continue to be the foundation of this team. Look for the Titans to rush for at least 200 yards in this game versus the Cleveland Browns.
2. The Browns have one of the top rushers in the NFL right now in Isaiah Crowell. He has been tearing it up running the football, but he will not be tearing it up in this game. Look for him to fall under 80 yards in this game despite getting one touchdown.
3. The Browns and Titans have run-oriented offenses, but there have to be some plays made in the air. And in this game, those theatrics for the Titans will be provided by tight end Delanie Walker. Look for him to get at least 90 yards receiving and two touchdowns.
Baltimore Ravens at New York Giants
1. The Ravens lost last week to the Redskins in what was an ugly offensive game. But with the New York Giants and a change in offensive coordinator comes points. Look for the Ravens to put up at least 25 points in this game under new offensive coordinator Mary Mornhinweg.
2. The Giants have been out of sync offensively the last three games. And some of that blame lays at the feet of Eli Manning. The veteran quarterback has not been himself lately. But in this game, look for him to get headed in the right direction again. Look for Manning to throw for 250 yards and two touchdowns in this game. But of course, he will throw at least one interception.
3. The running game of the Ravens has been pretty solid under the caretaking of Terrance West. And look for it to keep going in this game as the veteran running back runs for 1115 yards and a touchdown.
Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints
1. The Carolina Panthers have been treading water all season long. But in this game, they have the opportunity to bring a little joy to their fans. Cam Newton will more than likely be back and will actually be less active in the running game. Look for him to rush for less than 30 yards and not score any touchdowns rushing either.
2. The Saints have had some offensive moments of explosion and others where they look out of sync. Well, they seem to catch a little fire in this one as the Panthers cannot pressure the quarterback. Drew Brees will throw for 300 yards and three touchdowns, including one to speedster Brandin Cooks.
3. The Panthers have not been as sharp defensively and most of that is because of the defensive line not creating pressure. Well, the Saints offensive line is not great so you can get the picture I am painting. Look for the Panthers to get at least four sacks in this game as they prey on a weak Saints offensive line.
Jacksonville Jaguars at Chicago Bears
1. Jacksonville finally got off the snide last weekend in London as they beat the Indianapolis Colts. And one of the reasons they did so was because of their defensive line creating pressure. Look for that same defensive line to cause a little trouble for the Bears offensive line, as they get at least three sacks in this game.
2. Despite a little trouble from the Jags defensive line, the Bears will still have a good time trying to throw the football and run it too. But in this one, Hoyer will not be as solid as he has been. Look for at least 200 yards and a touchdown but not much more than that.
3. Jalen Ramsey has been talked about because of his spat with Steve Smith among other things. But this week, the rookie cornerback gets talked about because of his play. Look for him to hold Bears receiver Alshon Jeffrey to only three receptions for 26 yards total.
Los Angeles Rams at Detroit Lions
1. The Rams have been winning games with little offense and plenty of defense. But in this one, look for their offense to get a little cranked up. The Rams will score over 27 points in this game.
2. Along with scoring a lot of points, one guy that will get untracked this game is running back Todd Gurley III. Look for Gurley III to get 105 yards rushing and two touchdowns versus the Lions defense.
3. The Lions offensively have been nice in the passing game. And in this one, they will take advantage of a banged up Rams secondary. Matthew Stafford will have only 215 yards passing, but he will also have two touchdown passes in this one.
Pittsburgh Steelers at Miami Dolphins
1. The Dolphins have been struggling at home and this Sunday may be more of the same. Look for them to not get more than 17 points against the Steelers defense.
2. One guy that is looking forward to the game on Sunday is Antonio Brown. The talented wide receiver has tore threw opposing defenses all year long. Well in this one, he will get a chance to put up some huge numbers. Brown will go for at least 180 yards receiving and a touchdown. The Dolphins secondary won't know what hit them.
3. The Dolphins running game has not been great. And in this game, expect it to be more of the same. The Dolphins will not rush for more than 115 yards as a team.
Cincinnati Bengals at New England Patriots
1. The Patriots got their leader back last weekend. And Brady was able to torch the Browns secondary. But in this one, New England will allow LaGarrette Blount to give the Bengals nightmares. Look for Blount to get 120 yards rushing in this game.
2. The Bengals were non-existent offensively for much of the game versus the Cowboys. But in this one, they will show up. The Bengals will score at least 20 points in this game as they show up for Brady's regular season home debut.
3. Andy Dalton looked upset on the sidelines last game. He may show up more in this game, but he will still be upset at the end. Look for Dalton to throw one touchdown and at least two interceptions.
Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders
1. The Chiefs have not really got it going consistently on offense. Well, the Raiders coming to town should be the perfect cure. Look for the Chiefs to put up 30 points or more in this game as they get their groove back just a little bit.
2. The Raiders have been on a roll offensively and that can be attributed to wide receiver Michael Crabtree. And in this one, expect him to pick up where he left off. Look for him to get at least two touchdown receptions in this one along with 80 yards receiving.
3. The Chiefs don't really have an explosive offense at all. But one of their explosive players is tight end Travis Kelce. Look for the athletic tight end to lead the Chiefs in receiving and get into the endzone one time as well.
Atlanta Falcons at Seattle Seahawks
1. The Falcons were able to tear into the Broncos seemingly impenetrable defense. And this week they face the aggressive defense of the Seattle Seahawks. Look for them to come out and attack them as well, but there will be different results. The Falcons will score only 20 points in this one.
2. Seattle comes back from the bye week a little healthier than before. And because of that, the running game will be ready to make it happen. Christine Michael will be the ringleader of the running game, getting 75 yards and a touchdown.
3. Atlanta's Vic Beasley had four sacks last weekend versus the Denver Broncos. Well in this one, he will come back down to Earth a little because of the elusiveness of Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson. Look for Beasley to get only one sack in this one if he is lucky.
Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers
1. The Dallas Cowboys have been enjoying success with quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliot. But in this one, the Cowboys can count out the production of Elliot. Don't expect him to ge over 50 yards rushing in this game, as the Packers defense is extremely stingy against the run.
2. The Packers need to commit to the run game more. And either Eddie Lacy or James Starks will get it started. Whoever starts at running back will gain over 100 yards and score a touchdown.
3. The Cowboys secondary has been better than we thought it could be. But in this one, they will not be able to hold up. Look for the Green Bay Packers to get matchups that expose the Dallas secondary.
Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans
1. The results of Houston's Brock Osweiler signing have been inconclusive. But in this game, he finally gets it going a little bit. Expect him to have three touchdown passes and zero interceptions in this game.
2. The Colts have been interesting this season on both sides of the ball and defensively have gotten no pressure. Look for that trend to keep up as they record only one sack in this game.
3. Speaking of defense, the Texans need more from Jadeveon Clowney. And in this game against this offensive line, he should be able to bring what the Texans need. Clowney comes through for the Texans with two sacks in this game.
New York Jets at Arizona Cardinals
1. The Jets have sputtered offensively and that has been linked directly to quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Well, he steps up and does not throw an interception in this game, as he also throws two touchdowns.
2. The Cardinals have been still trying to figure it out in the passing game. Between missed throws and dropped passes, Arizona is just not getting what they need there. So why not trust the running game? Look for the Cardinals to feed running back David Johnson and that will lead to him getting over 100 yards rushing in this one.
3. The Cardinals and the Jets have struggled finding any groove. One thing that hinders teams finding a rhythm is penalties. Look for both the Cardinals and the Jets to combine for at least fifteen penalties in this game.
(photo courtesy of William Hauser/USA TODAY Sports )

(photo courtesy of William Hauser/USA TODAY Sports )

Week Six is here! Enjoy the excitement of the NFL.
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