The General’s NFL Proclamations-Week 4

The NFL season is just about to the quarter mark. So far, we have seen some teams be worse than we thought they were. And others have been better than expected. Somewhere in the middle of that, there is some teams that have been hot and cold during the first three games of the year. And along with the hot and cold teams, there have been some hot and cold players out there. Some stat lines that are being put out there have people doubletaking and others wondering what is wrong with that particular player. But in one week, all the things that people can think about a team or player can change. The ups can become downs and the sad can become glad. Let's get into Week Four's General proclamations.

Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals

1.  The Cincinnati Bengals need to get going in the passing game. The Dolphins showed they are vulnerable there, so don't be surprised if wide receiver AJ Green has a very good game. Look for him to have six or seven receptions for 130 or so yards and a touchdown.

2. The Dolphins have not played well as a team since they stood toe to toe with the Seahawks in Seattle. Well, they may not get it all figured out in this game, but they will get the football to Kenny Stills. Look for the talented receiver out of Oklahoma to reel in one big catch of over 40 yards and for him to have a total of 80+ yards receiving.

3. The Dolphins are not known for their return game. But the Bengals have a returnman that can take it to the house whenever he touches the ball. And in this game, he will do so. Look for Adam "Pacman" Jones to visit the endzone in this one via a punt return.

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars

1. The Indianapolis Colts have to be better. And by better, I mean defensively. Good thing for them is the Colts face the Jaguars. Look for the Colts to keep the Jaguars below 17 points.

2. The Jaguars may not score over 17 points offensively, but wide receiver Allen Robinson will show up. With the Colts having defensive secondary issues, look for Robinson to get on track and that means over 100 yards receiving and a touchdown.

3. Everybody is worried about Andrew Luck. Well after this one, they may not be worried much anymore. Look for him to get at least three-hundred yards passing and two touchdowns.

Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans

1 The Titans have not got what they wanted from quarterback Marcus Mariota so far this year. But in this one, maybe he gets back on track a little bit. Look for him to have at least 200 yards passing and one touchdown while not having an interception in this game.

2. The big task for Houston is how do they replace JJ Watt, who is out with injury. They may be still figuring that out in this game, but linebacker Whitney Mercilus will step into his shoes production-wise in this one. Look for him to have at least two sacks while trying to provide the energy for the Texans defense along with other players.

3. The Texans and Titans will not score more than 20 points apiece. Both team have been interesting offensively to say the least. And the vision of them both struggling when inside the opponent's 20 yard lines has been dancing around in my head.

Cleveland Browns at Washington Redskins

1. The Cleveland Browns almost won last week despite being down their first two quarterbacks. Well, part of the reason they were so competitive in that game was Terrelle Pryor. The talented quarterback/wide receiver made play after play to keep Cleveland in the game. And in this game, he will make a difference as well. He will score a touchdown receiving and will also make some unconventional play that a receiver is not supposed to make.

2. The Washington Redskins were sloppy last weekend versus the New York Giants. Well, expect this week for them to tighten it up out there on the field. The Giants will have five or less times that they get in trouble on the field.

3. Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins has been ordinary on the field this season. The Redskins need him to be extraordinary to win this game. Cousins will responds to his bad play by putting up 30 or more points on the Browns at Monday night.

Seattle Seahawks at New York Jets

1. Seeing that Seattle has to cross the country literally to play Sunday, maybe it will take them some time to wake up. With that being said, look for the Seahawks to get off to a slow start.
2. The Jets had a rough one last Sunday, especially quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. But the good thing is there is always next week. Look for Fitzpatrick to put that game last week in his rearview mirror as he throws for two touchdown passes against the Legion of Boom.
3. Seattle safety Earl Thomas has been rather quiet this season. And in this game, he will get seen for all the wrong reasons. Look for him to miss a few tackles that he should make and be victimized at least once on the field in the passing game.
Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots
1. The Patriots may have the top rusher in the NFL right now, but this week that changes. Look for the Bills to play defense like they did last week versus Arizona and shut down LaGarrette Blount and the Patriots running game, limiting Blount to 50 yards rushing.
2. Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor did not have the best day throwing the football last week. But this week, look for him to make a little bit more noise. Taylor will account for two touchdowns, one passing and one throwing.
3. With the Patriots quarterback play interesting to say the least until Brady comes back, you never know what the Patriots will do or put behind center. Look for the Patriots to do something that appears crazy to fans of the game and it more than likely will involve Julian Edelman.
Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons
1. The Falcons lead the division at this early point of the season. But of course, when they play the Panthers, it is always a battle. Look for the Panthers to go right at the Falcons defense and expect the Falcons defense to give up at least 30 points in this one.
2. The Falcons only got one reception for 16 yards on Monday night out of Julio Jones. A repeat performance of that would surely get them beat. So in this game, expect Julio to be more involved, getting at least 7 receptions for 90 yards and a touchdown.
3. The Atlanta defense has not been very impactful when it comes to rushing the quarterback. Well, in this game, the one guy that will get to the quarterback will be veteran pass rusher Dwight Freeney. Look for him to at least get one sack in this game.
Oakland Raiders at Baltimore Ravens
1. The Raiders were able to pull out the win last weekend versus the Tennessee Titans despite playing not up to par. In this game, they will play hard but the Ravens defense will be a tougher puzzle to figure out. Look for Oakland not to crack 20 points versus that Baltimore defense.
2.The Ravens are still sputtering offensively despite their 3-0 record. But in this one, expect their offense to come to life some. Look for quarterback Joe Flacco to have at least two touchdowns and no interceptions while flirting with 300 yards passing.
3. The Ravens and Raiders will want to force turnovers in this game. But the question is which team will actually be able to do so. The way it looks with both of these defenses, the Raiders may have the upper hand. They do have better players in the secondary. But the more solid unit is the Ravens. Look for the Ravens to force two turnovers in this game.
Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears
1. The Chicago Bears will be playing again without their starter, Jay Cutler. And in this game, it will definitely show. Look for the Bears to not score more than 16 points in this game as they struggle in front of their home crowd.
2. The Lions offensively got a great game out of wide receiver Marvin Jones last weekend. But they always say the fall is painful. And with Jones, it may be a little more painful to watch him play this week.
3. The Lions and the Bears will both not run the football well. Both teams are trying to still figure it out there and both are dealing with injuries at the running back position. Look for both teams to not have one running back get over 50 yards rushing.
Denver Broncos at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1. The Broncos defense has been airtight most of the season. And this game will be no different. Denver will only allow Tampa Bay 16 points or less in this game.
2. Tampa Bay's defense has not been exactly great. This weekend they give up a lot on the ground to the Denver Broncos. Starting running back CJ Anderson will run for at least 100 yards and a touchdown in this one.
3. Both quarterbacks are in their second year with their organizations. Trevor Sieman and Jameis Winston are both guys that are still learning in the NFL. And in this one, both will throw at least one interception. The learning goes on with both of them.
Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals
1. The Rams went to Tampa and one last weekend. And this weekend, expect for them to take their running game on the road with them.. Running back Todd Gurley will score a touchdown and also rush for 100 yards against the Cardinals defense.
2. The Cardinals were lackluster last weekend in Buffalo. So after that performance, I am sure that Bruce Arians lit into his team. Look for them to be tighter offensive in this game and by that I mean they could put up at least 25 points in this game.
3. Both the Rams and Cardinals need to step up rushing the passer in this one. And in this game, I believe both teams step up and get a least two sacks apiece.
New Orleans Saints at San Diego Chargers
1. The Saints have not been the greatest defensively this season. And in this game, the Chargers will have a little fun offensively. Look for San Diego to score at least 30 points in this one.
2. Drew Brees is returning to the place that drafted him. And in doing so, he will definitely try to put on a show. Look for him to throw for 300 yards and two touchdowns as he shows the Chargers what they missed out on.
3. Both defenses will not do much in this game. But neither will both running games. Don't expect any rusher in this game to run for over 100 yards.
Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers
1. The Cowboys have been getting very solid quarterback play from Dak Prescott all season long in relief of Tony Romo. In this one, they will get solid play from Prescott, but they will not get a touchdown pass out of him in this one.
2. Running back CJ Hyde has had a rough go of it since the first game of the season. But in this one, expect him to get back on track. Hyde will rush for at least 100 yards and a touchdown in this game.
3. The question most have had this week has been when we will see Colin Kaepernick line up at quarterback this season for the 49ers. After this game, those calls for him will be louder because Gabbert will complete less than 55% of his passes and throw at least one interception in this one.
Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers
1. The Chiefs have been up and down this season so far. In this one, they will be facing a defense that has some injuries and was gashed last week versus the Eagles. Look for the Chiefs to score some points this week as they top 25 points against what used to be a feared Steelers defense.
2. The Steelers offense was unrecognizable last weekend in Philadelphia. But returning home will restore a few things along with the return of Le'Veon Bell. The return of the talented running back will allow the Steelers offense to open up more and as a result, Bell will have 100 total yards of offense and a touchdown in his return.
3. The Steelers defensively have not gotten after the quarterback like they used to. And this one will be no different. Expect them to get no more than one sack in this game.
New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings
1. The Vikings offense has not been the prettiest site. But quarterback Sam Bradford has been the one keeping it all together for them. Look for him to struggle in this game a little though. The pass rush of the Giants will cause him some issues. Look for him to be sacked at least three times in this game.
2. Along with Bradford being sacked three times in this game, look for him to throw at least two interceptions in this one. The Giants defense has not been horrible. There is room for improvement there though.
3. The Vikings defense will come out and play as well as they have all season long. Look for them to give Eli Manning nightmares as he throws a pick or two himself.
Week Four is upon us! The teams will be ready to roll at this crucial juncture of the season. Some contenders will make themselves known and some pretenders will as well. Let the games begin!
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