The General’s NFL Proclamations-Week 14

Week 14 and the time has run out on a lot of teams. There are some that feel they still have a chance, but they are living in dreamland. Meanwhile, there are others that need a win this week to keep them on Cloud Nine. Some will get that elusive win they need while others will fall flat and start their tumble. Such is the action that happens late in the season where late pushes and flounders happen. Welcome to the General’s Proclamations for Week 14!


Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs

  1. The Raiders passing game has been scary with Derek Carr at the helm. But there is a guy in the Chiefs’ secondary that is equally scary and his name is Eric Berry. Look for the veteran safety to get Carr at least once in this game via an interception. And he just might run it back for a touchdown.
  2. The Raiders defense has been fueled by Khalil Mack. And in this game, he will once again make some things happen. Look for him to have at least one sack in this game versus the Chiefs.
  3. The Raiders have been putting up numbers this year offensively. Well in this game, look for them to fall back a little bit. The Raiders will not score over 23 points in this game.


Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills

  1. The Bills are very good at running the football. And in this game, expect them to run the football very well. Look for Shady McCoy to have over 100 yards rushing and one touchdown versus the Steelers.
  2. The Steelers got a glimpse of what they expected last week from tight end Ladarius Green. And in this game, they will get a little bit more of what they expected. Look for Green to have over 80 yards receiving and another touchdown.
  3. The Bills can bring pressure from all angles. And one of those guys that can bring pressure is Jerry Hughes. Look for the energetic pass rusher to get to Big Ben not one but two times.


Denver Broncos at Tennessee Titans

  1. The Denver Broncos are coming off a good defensive game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. But in this one, the Titans will show up more than the Jags did against the Broncos. Look for Denver to give up at least 25 points in this game.
  2. The Titans defensive backs have a tough task this week in taking on Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas. Look for this dynamic duo to have some fun, as they both get near or over 100 yards receiving.
  3. The Broncos defensive backs will have a tough task in stopping tight end Delanie Walker. Look for the veteran tight end to get at least six receptions with 90 yards receiving at least and one touchdown.


Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles

  1. The Redskins did not play as well while in the desert last weekend. But in this one, they get to see the Eagles secondary and that should light up Kirk Cousins’ eyes. Look for Cousins to have at least 275 yards passing and three touchdowns.
  2. The Eagles offense have been a little bit of a rut since their bye week. Well looking at this game, the rut may continue as the offense will not get over 300 yards of total yardage in this game.
  3. The Redskins have a hothead on their team and his name is Josh Norman. Look for him to get at least one holding or pass interference penalty in this game.


Arizona Cardinals at Miami Dolphins

  1. The Dolphins got embarrassed last weekend and they should feel bad for the egg they laid. This week they get some redemption against the Cardinals. Look for the Dolphins to score at least 27 points this week.
  2. The Cardinals have not got what they expected out of Carson Palmer this year. And in this game, expect more of the same from him. Look for Palmer to throw two interceptions in this game.
  3. David Johnson will be at it again this week versus Miami. Look for him to get 170 total yards in this game and a touchdown.


Minnesota Vikings at Jacksonville Jaguars

  1. The Vikings have been struggling to say the least. But in this one, they will get going in the passing game. Look for wide receiver Stefon Diggs to get 100 or more yards receiving and a touchdown.
  2. The Jags have not been as good offensively as many thought they would. Well, this game is not the game they break out. Look for their leader, quarterback Blake Bortles, to help make this offense look bad once again. Bortles will throw three interceptions in this game.
  3. The Minnesota offense will get three interceptions from Bortles and one of those will go back for a touchdown. Yes, things will continue to get ugly for the Jags.


Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts

  1. The Texans said they were close to making some things happen last week. Well, the Colts defense is just the defense the Texans needed to see. Look for the Texans to go for over 300 total yards in this game.
  2. The Colts have had protection issues this season when it comes to protecting Andrew Luck. And in this game, expect those issues to come up again. Look for the Colts to give up at least three sacks in this game.
  3. The Texans need a big game from running back Lamar Miller. Expect him to come in and give Houston at least 100 yards rushing and a touchdown in this game.


San Diego Chargers at Carolina Panthers

  1. The Panthers looked lackluster in their game against the Seahawks last week offensively. With a return home, look for them to get back on track at least a little bit. And by getting on track that means the Panthers will have a running game this week. Look for Jonathan Stewart to go for over 100 yards rushing and a touchdown in this game.
  2. The Chargers have been Jekyll and Hyde this year. So expect a little more of the same in this game. Look for the Chargers offense to go missing in action in this one, especially since Luke Kuechly is more than likely going to be back on the field.
  3. Speaking of Kuechly and the Panthers defense, they were disappointing last week versus Seattle. But back at home, the Panthers will play better and that means forcing turnovers. Look for them to force the Chargers into at least two turnovers in this one.


Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns

  1. The Bengals played well offensively last week and that was due to Andy Dalton stepping up and playing well. And against the Browns, expect Dalton to have that type of game again. Look for Dalton to top 300 yards and have two touchdown passes in this one.
  2. RGIII has been out injured for a while now with his shoulder injury. Well, this game is the game where he might be back. If he is back, look for the rust to show. Expect RGIII to have at least one interception and to also have around 200 yards passing and one touchdown through the air.
  3. The Bengals defense has not really been what it was in the past. One reason has been Carlos Dunlap. After boasting that he was going for the sack record before the season, he has not exactly been as effective as he envisioned himself to be. But for this game, look for him to come out and have a game, complete with two sacks.


Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions

  1. The Lions have been making it happen all year long. The Bears have not. So naturally, this game is a trap game for the Lions. Expect the Lions to come out and fall behind early in this game.
  2. Jordan Howard has been a find for the Bears this year. And in this game, he will show what has made him so special in their eyes. Expect Howard to have 115 total yards in this game and a touchdown as this talented rookie continues to shine.
  3. Matthew Stafford is quietly getting talked about as an MVP candidate. And with what he has done this year, why shouldn’t he? And in this game, he will show what he is made of. He will throw an early interception in this one, but he will recover and throw at least two touchdown passes and for over 250 yards in this one.


New York Jets at San Francisco 49ers

  1. The Jets were bad last week against the Colts. And offensively, they went to Bryce Petty in the game and will be going with him going forward. Look for the young quarterback to have some issues against the 49ers defense. Petty will throw at least two interceptions in this game.
  2. The 49ers passing game was non-existent in last week’s game. Well in this one, expect them to show up against a hapless Jets pass defense. Look for Colin Kaepernick to have at least 200 yards passing with at least two touchdown passes.
  3. Darrelle Revis has not had the best season this year. And in this game, it might not get any better. Look for the veteran cornerback to get toasted not once but twice in this game. Maybe that move to safety is coming quicker than Revis expected.


New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  1. The Bucs are getting it going at the right time. And one reason they are getting it going is the pairing of wide receiver Mike Evans and quarterback Jameis Winston. Look for these two to connect for at least two touchdowns in this one.
  2. The Saints had some issues last week and we’re not just talking about the play on the field. Brandin Cooks is not happy and everyone knows it. But maybe this week helps him get a smile on his face. Cooks will get at least one touchdown catch while having around 80 yards receiving in this one.
  3. The Bucs defensively have been growing and learning each other all season long. And one guy that has grown this season is Noah Spence. The rookie pass rusher from Eastern Kentucky can be dynamic and will be in this one. Look for him to have a couple sacks against the Saints offensive line this week.


Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams

  1. The Rams are full in on Jared Goff being their quarterback now. And with that being said, there will be some growing pains in the process. And in this game, those growing pains will show up. Look for Goff to throw two interceptions while still trying to understand the professional game.
  2. The Falcons have a battle on their hands within the division. And they have to show up this game and make some things happen. Look for their leader, Matt Ryan, to come out and make some things happen in this one. Ryan will have at least two touchdown passes along with at least 300 yards passing in this game.
  3. The Rams have not only had some issues offensively but defensively as well. Look for the Rams defense to not get to the quarterback in this game at all. And with Matt Ryan, that is trouble.


Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers

  1. The Seahawks defense dominated the Panthers defensively, give or take a few plays. But in that domination, the Seahawks lost their star safety, Earl Thomas, for the season due to injury. Look for his replacement, Steven Terrell, to be tested in this game. And watch him also make a play, fooling Aaron Rodgers to come up with an interception.
  2. The Packers have gotten back on track the last two weeks with wins. But this week, the competition steps up another level or two. And with that, the Packers offensive line faces one of its toughest battles. Look for Green Bay’s offensive line to give up at least three sacks in this game to Michael Bennett and crew.
  3. The Seahawks offense has gotten better as Russell Wilson has gotten healthier. And even without a consistent running game they have been looking good. But in this one, look for Thomas Rawls to have a solid game. The second-year back will have at least 90 yards rushing to relieve some of the pressure that falls on Wilson to make plays.


Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants

  1. The Cowboys had a tough one last week versus the Vikings, but they were able to pull it out. One thing that Minnesota did was get pressure with four men rushing the passer. Well, with Jason Pierre-Paul out, that may not be able to happen. So look for Olivier Vernon to try and pick up the slack. Expect Vernon to have at least two sacks in this game.
  2. The Giants offense was not exactly what it could have been last week and one guy that was not happy was wide receiver Victor Cruz. The talented receiver was not even a factor in the game. Well, expect that to change this week as he gets at least five targets and makes at least three receptions for around 40 yards in this one. Sorry, no touchdown dance in this one for him.
  3. The Giants have no running game and have had issues there all season long. Look for them to continue to try and make it happen in this game with no results. Look for the Giants to not accumulate 100 yards rushing in this one.


Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots

  1. The Ravens got some things going offensively against the Dolphins. But this week is a total different story. Look for the Ravens to not score over twenty points in this game.
  2. The Patriots have one of the best quarterbacks of all-time in Tom Brady. So without tight end Rob Gronkowski for the season, expect him to make some adjustments. Look for Brady to hit Edelman and tight end Martellus Bennett with plenty of passes and for both to combine for over ten receptions and two touchdowns.
  3. The Patriots have not had a consistent pass rusher this season. But in this game, Rob Ninkovich will show up and play well. Look for the veteran to have two sacks in this game.


Week 14 is upon us. Good luck to all teams and hopefully we see some good football all the way around.


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