The General’s NFL Proclamations- Week 12

Week 12 is here and all the games start this week on Thanksgiving. And while some fans are thankful for their families and the gift of life, there are some teams in the NFL thankful for another chance to play the game they love. There were some disappointing loses from some teams that no one expected. And of course, there were some wins that fans honestly did not expect. Coming into this week, there are teams that really need a win and there are others that can only hope to show up better than they did last weekend. It should be interesting if some teams decide to show up that were asleep at the wheel last weekend. Without further ado, here are the General's Proclamations for Week 12.


Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions

  1. The Vikings got some help scoring with their defense and their special teams. Well, this week, that is where most of their scoring will come from. Look for the only touchdown the Vikings score in this game to come from special teams or defense.
  2. The Lions have been behind in every game they have played in and yet they are in contention for the division and the playoffs. In this one, look for their leader, quarterback Matt Stafford, to lead them back from another deficit as he throws three touchdown passes in this game and no interceptions.
  3. The Vikings Sam Bradford has not exactly been protected very well this year. And in this one, he will not be protected very well either. Look for the Lions to get at least three sacks in this game.


Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys

  1. The Redskins have a good collection of wide receivers and tight ends and the Cowboys are injured in their secondary. That combination leads to Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins throwing for 250 yards and two touchdowns while completing a long bomb or two on the Dallas secondary.
  2. The Cowboys have been powered by their offensive line, running game and the exquisite play of quarterback Dak Prescott. The Redskins will come out and try to stuff the run, making Prescott have to throw to beat them. And in this one, he will continue to be smooth as silk. Look for him to match Kirk Cousins and throw for 250 yards and two touchdowns.
  3. The biggest thing in this game will be turnovers. And like in game’s past, the Redskins will force a key turnover in this game.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Indianapolis Colts

  1. The Pittsburgh pass rush has not really been that great this season. But the saving grace for them in this one is the Colts’ offensive line has not been great at protecting the quarterback. With that being said, look for Pittsburgh to get at least three sacks in this game and generate some pressure as well.
  2. With Andrew Luck out due to the effects of a concussion, the reins have been turned over to backup quarterback Scott Tolzien. And in this one, we will see why he is a backup. While he will make some throws, there will be some throws that make you shake your head, as he throws two interceptions to the Steelers in this one.
  3. A key matchup in this one is Antonio Brown vs Vontae Davis. This matchup of veteran players will be interesting to see. But in this one, Brown will get the better of Davis as he goes for 110 yards and a touchdown on seven receptions.


Tennessee Titans at Chicago Bears

  1. The Tennessee Titans did not run the ball like they usually do last weekend versus the Colts. But against the Bears, it will be business as usual. Look for DeMarco Murray to get over 100 yards and two touchdowns as the Titans get back in stride in this one.
  2. The Bears will be without quarterback Jay Cutler and former USC quarterback Matt Barkley will likely start the game. And like his predecessor, Barkley will turn over the football. Look for Barkley to have at least two interceptions in this game.
  3. The special teams could be interesting, especially if the wind is swirling around in the Windy City. You can guarantee that there will be an extra point missed in this one and a shanked punt too.


Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills

  1. The Jags have been hard to watch this year and this game will be no different. Look for them to get right near seventeen points in this game and be as exciting offensively as watching paint dry.
  2. The Bills signed back Percy Harvin last week and he really did not make much of an impact at all. Well, expect him to make something happen in this one, whether it be a gadget play or a fly pattern. Harvin will have at least one play of over thirty yards.
  3. The Jags defense has been getting hit up all season long. And in this game, they get hit up some more. Look for the Bills to light them up like a Christmas tree to the tune of thirty points or more.


Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens

  1. The Cincinnati Bengals have not been their usual selves this year. And offensively, they will be without star wide receiver AJ Green and running back Gio Bernard. So expect some others to try and step up. Look for wide receiver Tyler Boyd to be the first to step up. And he will end up scoring a touchdown and getting over 100 yards receiving.
  2. The Bengals defense has been interesting this year to say the least. But in this game, they will be going against what some consider an inept offense. Look for the Bengals to keep the Ravens under seventeen points in this game.
  3. The Bengals and the Ravens both have offenses that are in a little bit of a funk. So in these type of games, expect a turnover to swing the balance of the game. This game will end in a field goal attempt for one team winning them the game.


Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons

  1. The Falcons are explosive offensively in the passing game. The Cardinals will be missing the Honey Badger in their secondary. That combination means the Falcons will be hitting the Cardinals up religiously in the vertical passing game. Look for Matt Ryan to throw for over 300 yards and two touchdowns against the Cardinals in this one.
  2. The Cardinals have been inconsistent offensively this season compared to last. But one player that has been consistent for their offense is running back David Johnson. Look for him to have at least 150 total yards offensively in this gamer.
  3. Defensively, both teams will struggle in the first half. Look for both to be at, near or over 20 points at halftime of this one in Atlanta.


New York Giants at Cleveland Browns

  1. The Giants are facing a team that has had issues protecting the quarterback. And with that being said, look for the Browns to give up four sacks or more to the Giants, who have had trouble getting sacks in their own right.
  2. The Browns will start Josh McCown this week versus the Giants. That means two things will be guaranteed. One is that McCown will throw an interception. The other is that McCown will be injured yet again. After all, that is the Cleveland quarterback way this season.
  3. Odell Beckham Jr. and his fellow New York wide receivers should be licking their chops this week with who they are facing. And with that being said, Sterling Shepard should have a big ballgame. Look for him to score once and have 100 yards receiving.


Los Angeles Rams vs New Orleans Saints

  1. The Saints are trying to get back on track this week, but it will be tough against the Rams. Look for New Orleans to struggle through another one, as they will not score over twenty points again this week.
  2. The Rams struggled offensively last weekend versus the Dolphins. Well, this week will be some of the same as they adjust to allowing rookie Jared Goff to take over the reins. Expect another rough one for him, as he will only complete 50% of his passes while only throwing for 150 yards. But the good thing for him is that he will at least throw his first touchdown pass.
  3. The Rams and Saints both are struggling running the football. And this game will not be any different as they both will not have a 100 yard rusher. The struggles of Todd Gurley continue.


San Francisco 49ers at Miami Dolphins

  1. The 49ers were in the game until the fourth quarter against the Patriots, but then they were blown away. So in this one, they will stay in the game until the very end. And have a chance to win it too.
  2. Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill was quiet all game versus the Rams until the end of the game, when he led the Dolphins to the winning score. You would think that clutch play down the stretch would give him confidence going forward. Well, it will but it will not help him in this one, as he throws a couple interceptions and leaves Dolphins fans befuddled.
  3. Colin Kaepernick has gotten a little better with each outing as the 49ers starting quarterback. In this one, he takes yet another step to make things happen. And he will leave this game with two touchdown passes and no interceptions while throwing for over 240 yards.


San Diego Chargers at Houston Texans

  1. The Chargers are one of those teams that can play well one minute and look lost the next. In this one, they actually show up to play and give Houston all they want. And in doing so, the Chargers will score at least 26 points.
  2. The Texans have been having issues getting the football to DeAndre Hopkins. But in this one, they make even more of an effort to get him the football. And Hopkins will repay them, getting over 100 yards receiving and a touchdown.
  3. The Texans have been getting some aggressive play out of former number one overall pick Jadeveon Clowney. And in this one, that aggressive play will turn into production on the field. Look for Clowney to get two sacks in this game.


Seattle Seahawks at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  1. The Seattle Seahawks will be without their top defensive lineman (Michael Bennett), their starting safety (Earl Thomas) and one of their most versatile defensive backs (DeShawn Shead) this Sunday versus the Tampa Bay Bucs. And with those loses, expect the Bucs to attack the line of scrimmage when they are on offense. Look for the Bucs to get at least 90 yards out of Doug Martin in this game.
  2. Mike Evans versus Richard Sherman could be a premiere matchup for teams. Both are big guys at their position and both can impose their will. I expect this to be a back and forth battle with Evans ending up with six receptions for at least 80 yards and a touchdown.
  3. Russell Wilson is looking a little healthier the past few weeks. And that is dangerous for teams that face them. Look for him to scramble around and find guys like Jimmy Graham all day on the Tampa defense on his way to 300 yards passing and at least three touchdown passes.


New England Patriots at New York Jets

  1. The Jets have had instability at the quarterback position all season long. And that will be on display in this game as Ryan Fitzpatrick throws three interceptions in this game. The Jets have to hope to draft a quarterback in this upcoming draft.
  2. The Patriots have not had such quarterback issues, as they have had Tom Brady for what seems like forever. And in this game, he will find where Darrelle Revis is and attack him. Look for a player like Julian Edelman to have a very solid game, as he will probably be followed by Revis in this one. Edelman will score one touchdown and also have 100 yards receiving.
  3. The Jets also have a tough task stopping the Patriots running game. LaGarrette Blount has been no slouch running the football. But in this game, look for Blount to be slowed down some, only getting 40 yards rushing and no touchdowns.


Carolina Panthers at Oakland Raiders

  1. The Panthers have been playing better over the last month and their defense deserves some credit for that. One thing that will be huge for them in this game is their pass rush. If they are able to rush the passer, then they will make some things happen. Their best pass rusher is Kony Ealy. And in this one, the young defensive end will have at least two sacks and plenty of pressure on Derek Carr.
  2. The running backs of the Raiders were great in the passing game Monday night versus the Houston Texans. And the Raiders better be thankful they were because the receivers were dropping passes left and right. Well in this one, look for the receiving group to step up and play better, accounting for at least 20 completions for Carr and two touchdowns.
  3. The Panthers offensive line has been shaky all season long. This game will probably be another game where they are a little shaky, but they will not be as bad as previous games. Cam Newton will only get sacked twice in this game.


Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos

  1. The Chiefs were not at their best offensively against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last weekend. Look for them to step up and play better in this one, as Alex Smith throws for 225 and two touchdowns while playing more efficiently.
  2. The Broncos running game has disappeared for the most part this year. But in this game, expect it to potentially resurface. The Broncos will have 150 yards total come from their running game versus the Chiefs.
  3. The Chiefs reportedly will have Justin Houston back to rush the passer. And he will be a welcomed addition as he will have two sacks against the Denver offensive line.


Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles

  1. The Eagles have not exactly been setting the world on fire offensively. Part of the reason that is because of the drops by their wide receivers. Well in this one, there will be some drops happen. The Philadelphia receivers will end up with at least six drops in this game.
  2. The Packers have not been protecting Aaron Rodgers very well this year. And in this game, that will happen yet again. Look for the Packers to give up at least four sacks in this game to the Eagles.
  3. Both the Packers and Eagles come into this game struggling. And the difference in this one could be the running game. With that being said, expect the Eagles to have more rushing yards than the Packers despite the injuries Philadelphia has in their backfield.


Week 12 is upon us! Let’s see who is thankful for the opportunity and who will be dropping the ball on this chance.


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