The General’s NFL Proclamations-Week 11

(AP Photo/David Richard)

(AP Photo/David Richard)

Week 11 is upon us and there are plenty of teams still trying to figure out who they are. This year has seen the most teams with a losing or even record in 25 years and there is no answer as to why. The only thing that has shown up so far is the uncertainty from week to week of each team. There have only been a few teams show up each week to make it happen, and their names are the Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots. Heading into this week, both the Patriots and the Panthers have pressure mounting on them with the streak they both are on. Can they keep it up is the question for them? But for others, the question they have is can they put together two good games in a row. We shall see if that happens, but the performance of teams all depends on the performances of players and groups of players. Without further ado, here are the General’s Proclamations for Week 11.


Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars

  1. The Jacksonville Jaguars have been waiting on tight end Julius Thomas to break out. Well, this is the game it happens. He will have at least five receptions for at least 80 yards and one touchdown.
  2. The Tennessee Titans struggled offensively in the second half versus the Panthers. In this one, they will not have those kind of issues as they will top 20 points in this game.
  3. Jacksonville and Tennessee will have at least two turnovers. Both teams will make some mistakes and this game will show how far both have to go.

Oakland Raiders at Detroit Lions

  1. The Lions showed some heart last week taking it to Green Bay at Lambeau Field. In this one, they face a Raiders secondary that can be had. And had they will be, as wide receiver Golden Tate will go for 100 yards receiving and a touchdown.
  2. Oakland is smarting from their loss to the Vikings last weekend. So in this one, look for them to try and get that right. And everything right about them involves quarterback Derek Carr. Expect the second-year quarterback to throw for at least 300 yards and two touchdowns.
  3. Detroit does not have a solid run game. And that will be displayed in this game as they fail to total 115 yards rushing as a team.

Indianapolis Colts at Atlanta Falcons

  1. Matt Hasselbeck is the starter at quarterback for the Colts as Luck is out injured. And with him, expect the offense to have a good time versus the Falcons defense. He will throw for 250 yards and two touchdowns.
  2. The Falcons have been inconsistent this year. But in this one, expect them to show and be led by their offense and wide receiver Julio Jones. Expect the outstanding receiver to have at least six receptions for 100+ yards and a touchdown.
  3. The Colts defense has not had many takeaways from their cornerbacks. Expect them to get at least one in this one from Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

St. Louis Rams at Baltimore Ravens

  1. The Rams made the change to Case Keenum at quarterback. And with the Ravens coming to town, they could not have picked a better week to change the starter at that position. Look for the veteran quarterback to get at least 275 yards passing and three touchdowns.
  2. Not to be outdone, Joe Flacco is around in this one. And if he watched any video of the game the Rams had last week versus the Chicago Bears, he will be licking his chops. Expect him to get at least 300 yards and two touchdowns.
  3. Both the Ravens and the Rams are teams that like to bring pressure. The problem is the Rams are more suited to make the pressure happen. But nonetheless, the Ravens and Rams will find a way to get to the quarterback. Expect the Rams to standout though, as they will probably have 5 sacks as a team.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Philadelphia Eagles

  1. Philadelphia will score over 25 points with quarterback Sam Bradford out. Backup Mark Sanchez will be the starter more than likely and his knowledge of the system will help him.
  2. Tampa Bay was not so hot offensively last game. Well, this game they will put the onus on running back Doug Martin. He will have over 100 yards rushing and 1 touchdown in this one.
  3. Both Philly and Tampa Bay will have at least two interceptions thrown. And one of them will go a touchdown in this game also.

Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears

  1. The Broncos will be without quarterback Peyton Manning this Sunday. And as a result of him being out, the Broncos will try to run the football more. Look for the running back crew of the Broncos to rush the ball 40+ times.
  2. The Chicago Bears have not figured out their rushing game. in this game, they still look befuddled as ever as they rotate backs in and out for a total of 100 yards or less.
  3. The Broncos and the Bears will be an exciting game. Despite the star power missing, this one will be worth your time.

New York Jets at Houston Texans

  1. The Jets got outplayed last week versus the Buffalo Bills. Well, don’t expect the same this week as the Jets will come to play. Look for quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to throw for two touchdowns and over 220 yards.
  2. Houston wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins has got it going this season. And in this one, he will face some stiff competition. Look for him to have a tough day of it in this one. He will get a little over 60+ yards receiving while not scoring a touchdown.

Washington Redskins at Carolina Panthers

  1. The Panthers gave up next to nothing in the second half of their game against the Tennessee Titans. Expect more of the same thing this week, as they will keep the Redskins under 15 points.
  2. The Redskins have not had a great season, but it has allowed them to have a good look at Kurt Cousins as their starting quarterback. And as of now, the jury is still out. He has been inconsistent all season and in this one, he will be consistently bad. Count on him to throw two interceptions.
  3. Cam Newton was solid throwing the football last weekend. Expect him to continue to throw well, as he will complete throws at a 65% clip in this one and have at least two touchdown passes.

Dallas Cowboys at Miami Dolphins

  1. Tony Romo will be returning in this one reportedly. So expect the offense to come to life and put up at least 25 points versus the Dolphins.
  2. When the offense comes to life, look for wide receiver Dez Bryant to get it going. Somewhere around 5 receptions for 85 yards and a touchdown would be a solid outing for Dez.
  3. The Miami Dolphins were able to win last week. Going into this one, they will have to play perfect to enhance their chances. Well, they will definitely have some turnovers in this one. Expect two of them and one will happen in Cowboys territory.

Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers

  1. The Chiefs have caught a little fire as of late. Expect them to continue playing well, as Alex Smith will go for 225 yards and one touchdown on the way to playing smart football.
  2. The Chargers have been struggling this season and they will struggle even more without wide receiver Keenan Allen. Look for quarterback Phillip Rivers to have only 200 yards passing and one touchdown pass as San Diego’s offensive issues continue.
  3. Kansas City has one of the best pass rushers in the NFL in Justin Houston. Expect him to get loose on the San Diego offensive line, getting at least three sacks against them.

Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

  1. The Packers have been struggling recently and part of that has been their offense. Look for them to get some sort of rhythm this game, as Aaron Rodgers gets 300 yards and two touchdowns.
  2. But not to be outdone, the Minnesota offense has some things going for them(mainly Adrian Peterson). The difference between Minnesota and Green Bay is how they do it. The Vikings get it done on the ground, but they may find a tough time doing so this week. Look for them to struggle running the football all game.
  3. The Vikings and the Packers will not score over 23 points. Look for a physical football game.

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

  1. The 49ers made a change at quarterback and that, along with other things, helped them win versus Atlanta. Expect a tougher game in this one, as the 49ers will score less than 20 points.
  2. The Seahawks offense has been interesting to say the least. Expect them to go to running back Marshawn Lynch to give them consistency in this one. He will go for at least 100 yards rushing and one touchdown.
  3. Quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Blaine Gabbert will throw at least one interception apiece. And the tough part of this for them: it will be a costly pick that catches up with them.

Cincinnati Bengals at Arizona Cardinals

  1. This is a game that quarterback Carson Palmer is looking forward to. He will be taking on the team that drafted him and the team that he asked to be traded from a while back. I think he comes out fired up and that will carry him throughout. Look for him to have at least 300 yards and one touchdown.
  2. The Cardinals running game has not been bad at all this year. And in this game, expect it to keep on going. Running back Chris Johnson will rush for 100 yards and a touchdown.
  3. The Bengals will not be an afterthought in this one. They will play hard and will be looking for revenge. Look for quarterback Andy Dalton to throw for 250 yards and one touchdown.

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots

  1. The Patriots have been on fire offensively. And there is no need to think they will cool off anytime soon. But with the loss of Edelman broken foot, someone has to step up. Look for wide receiver Brandon LaFell to step in and produce 100 yards receiving and one touchdown.
  2. Buffalo finally got the production out of running back LeSean McCoy that they thought they would get form the beginning. And coming off that successful run versus New York, expect him to build. Look for close to 100 yards and one touchdown.
  3. The Bills and Patriots will not be the blowout it was the first game. Expect the winner to be within 4 points in the fourth quarter.

The proclamations are in for Week 11. Enjoy the games!

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