The General’s NFL Proclamations-Week 11

Destiny is something that can make cowards of people and heroes of others. Heading into Week Eleven, there are some teams that are staring their destinies in their faces. There will be some that look destiny in the face and decide to take control of it. And there will be others that will be some that see destiny and run the other way. What those teams and players may want to understand is destiny is in the very things attached to their arms and on top of their shoulders. Your hands and your brain control a lot of things when it comes to destiny and this week we will see what teams are willing to get their hands dirty and use their will to make a victory happen. Without further ado, here are the General’s Proclamations for Week Eleven.


New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers

  1. The Carolina Panthers flamed out in the second half of their loss to the Chiefs last week. Well, this week that won’t happen to them, as they score at least 13 points in the second half in addition to scoring some points in the first half.
  2. The Saints offense, not to be left out, has been solid as well. And one of their most talented offensive weapons is wide receiver Brandin Cooks. The talented wide receiver has done some good things and in this game, he will do some good things as well. Look for him to get at least 100 yards receiving and a touchdown in this game.
  3. The Saints and Panthers will have trouble stopping each other in this game. But when they do, it will be turnovers that happen and not defensive stops that will be the difference. Look for the Panthers to create at least two turnovers in this game.


Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns

  1. The Steelers almost had a big win over the Cowboys last week, but they faltered in stopping Ezekiel Elliot on a big run to steal the game from them. In this one, they face a running back in Isaiah Crowell that is talented and has done well this season. But in this one, look for him to struggle some. Crowell will not get over 50 yards rushing despite having plenty of attempts.
  2. The Browns have been trying to get it together for what seems like years now. And each year the saying “wait until next year” gets repeated. Well in this game, at least they will have a piece that can help them next season and his name is Corey Coleman. The rookie wide receiver will have a touchdown catch along with 90 yards receiving.
  3. The Steelers have no one that is bringing pressure for them consistently. Well this week, they won’t do that again but they will at least get in the backfield. Look for the Steelers to get at least three sacks as a team in this game.


Baltimore Ravens at Dallas Cowboys

  1. The Ravens have been ugly offensively. And at some point they may break out, but this game isn’t it. Look for the Ravens to only score 14 points at most in this game. And yes Ravens fans, this game could be one to put the blinders on when you all are on offense.
  2. The Cowboys have been running the football at will each and every week. So why should this week be any different? Look for Ezekiel Elliot to come up with another 100 yard game, getting around 130 yards and also scoring a touchdown.
  3. In this game, we have a matchup of two of the best kickers in the NFL, Justin Tucker and Dan Bailey. And in this one, there will be one kicker that makes a great kick happen and his name is Justin Tucker. Look for him to make a kick of over 60 yards in this game.


Jacksonville Jaguars at Detroit Lions

  1. The Jags have been struggling offensively and there seems to be no end in sight for their funk. And the main reason they have been struggling is quarterback Blake Bortles. Expect more of the same from him as he goes out and throws for 200-250 yards along with throwing two interceptions. Maybe one day they will snap out of this fog, but Sunday isn’t that day.
  2. The Lions have been good in the passing game and one player that has been playing well is wide receiver Golden Tate. Look for him to show up once again this week, as he goes for over 100 yards and a touchdown in this game.
  3. Both the Jags and the Lions have issues running the football. And in this one, that will show up yet again. Both teams will not have a rusher get over 70 yards on the ground in this game.


Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts

  1. The Tennessee Titans have been on fire offensively the past few weeks, going over 30 points per game in their last three contests. Well in this one, expect the good times to keep rolling. The Exotic Smashmouth offense will put up over 30 points in this game.
  2. The Colts will be there trying to keep up with the Titans in this one and that favors Andrew Luck and his abilities. Look for him to throw for over 300 yards and two touchdowns as he tries to keep pace with Tennessee.
  3. We know the Titans can run the football and can do so well. But in this one, they will top over 250 yards on the ground, led by running back DeMarco Murray, who will get another 100 yards on the ground.


Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals

  1. The Bengals have had their issues on defense making things happen. And in this one, they have a task in taking on Tyrod Taylor and the Bengals offense. But the biggest task will not be keeping him contained in the passing game but the running game. Look for Taylor to have at least 80 yards rushing and a touchdown in this game.
  2. The Bengals offense needs a big week out of their running game. And one guy they need to step up there is running back Jeremy Hill. Look for the former LSU running back to go for 115 yards and a touchdown in this one.
  3. The Bills can bring pressure and one of the guys they use to make that happen is Jerry Hughes. Look for the talented pass-rusher to make his presence known in this one as he comes out and gets at least two sacks.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Kansas City Chiefs

  1. The Bucs have been quite interesting this year to say the least. But what has been most interesting about their team is the disappearance of their running game. Look for this running game that has disappeared to stay vanished in thin air, as they will not have one rusher get over 40 yards on the ground.
  2. The Chiefs have been interesting offensively this year. Despite Jamaal Charles not being there, they have been finding ways to get things done. And in this one, they will again find a way. Look for Charcandrick West to beat the Bucs up Sunday to the tune of 130 total yards and two touchdowns.
  3. The Chiefs have gotten a good pass rush from Dee Ford. But this week it is believed that Justin Houston will return. And if he returns, expect him to come back with a vengeance. Look for Houston to get two sacks versus the Bucs.


Chicago Bears at New York Giants

  1. The Giants are starting to hit their stride just a little bit. But any Giants fan that knows their team understand that they can slip at any time. And this is the game where they have some slippage. Look for the Giants to struggle to score as they put up 20 points or less.
  2. The Bears have Jay Cutler at the helm. Bears fans were so high on him after having a first good week back versus the Packers. But since that week, there has not been much hope his performances will get better. Look for him to throw three interceptions in this game.
  3. The Giants have had issues running the football all year long. But last week Rashad Jennings showed up and played well. Expect in this one to be a reality check. The Giants will go back to not running the football very well at all, only totally barely over 100 rushing yards as a team.


Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings

  1. The Cardinals have struggled all season long offensively and there really is no explanation for it. But one player that has not struggled this season for them is running back David Johnson. And in this game, he will be on full display. Look for the talented running back to have at least 150 total yards in this one and two touchdowns.
  2. The Vikings have struggled as well offensively, but they also have one guy that has played pretty well through the struggles and his name is Stefon Diggs. In this game, look for Diggs to be in effect once again as he gets close to 100 yards receiving and one touchdown.
  3. Both the Vikings and the Cardinals will play hard and play to win. But the one thing that can tilt something one way or the other is turnovers. And in this one, the Vikings will create a turnover that they will take back for a score.


Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Rams

  1. The Dolphins are heavily dependent on running back Jay Ajayi. The young running back has been very strong over the last few weeks, but last week he was not as productive, falling below 100 yards. In this game, he gets back on track and gets over 100 yards and gets in the endzone one time.
  2. The Rams are finally starting the number one overall pick Jared Goff. And the rookie quarterback is facing a defense that has some guys that can get after the quarterback. In this one, he will show us all how not ready he is, as he throws two interceptions and gets sacked at least three times.
  3. One guy that can be dangerous is receiver Tavon Austin. He can run the ball as well as catch it for this offense. But this week, he makes a play on special teams in the return game. Look for Austin to take a punt back for a touchdown in this one.


New England Patriots at San Francisco 49ers

  1. The Patriots came up short last week versus the Seahawks and now get to face a team that offenses seem to get healthy against. So with that being said, look for Tom Brady to have at least four touchdown passes in this game.
  2. The 49ers have looked better offensively the last couple of weeks and some of that credit goes to Colin Kaepernick. But some one guy that has played well in the last two week is wide receiver Quinton Patton. Look for him to play well once again as he goes for close to 100 yards in this one.
  3. The Pats have been working in Rob Minkovich back into the defense from his suspension and in this game, he finally starts to show up a little more. Look for the veteran pass-rusher to get at least two sacks in this game.


Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks

  1. The Seattle Seahawks are starting to catch a little rhythm and that goies directly with the production of quarterback Russell Wilson. The Seahawks fearless offensive leader was running around a little bit more last week than he usually has all year. And in this one, look for him to move around a little bit more as he gets at least two touchdown passes and 250 yards passing as well.
  2. The Eagles’ young quarterback, Carson Wentz, has played well this season. But against this defense on the road, he definitely is going to have his issues to work through. Look for Wentz to throw at least two interceptions as the Seattle defense, led by the Legion of Boom, causes him all kinds of problems.
  3. The special teams of the Seahawks usually kicks in at some point during the season. And with young, talented wide receiver Tyler Lockett returning kicks and punts, things will get interesting. Look for Lockett to return a kick back for a touchdown in this game.


Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins

  1. The Redskins’ offense can be good at times and quiet at others. Well in this game, look for them to have their eyes as big as kids on Christmas morning because they are going up against the Packers defense. Look for the Redskins to put up at least 30 points in this game.
  2. The Packers will try to keep pace in this one, but one thing that will hurt them is their offensive line. In this game, they will give up at least three sacks and will have plenty of problems trying to protect Aaron Rodgers.
  3. The Redskins’ Josh Norman has had a battle going on with the referees for most of the season. And in this one, he will get a few penalties that will frustrate him yet again. The saga between Josh and the refs will continue.


Houston Texans at Oakland Raiders

  1. The Texans have been an interesting offensive team. Last week, they did not have that great a day in the passing game but still made it happen and won. But in this one, they will need Brock Osweiler to play better. Look for the Texans signal-caller to have two touchdown passes. But unfortunately for him, he will have at least one interception.
  2. The Raiders have an MVP candidate in quarterback David Carr. But what is a MVP without his offensive line? Look for the Raiders offensive line to protect Carr to the tune of not giving up any sacks in this game.
  3. The Raiders defense has been much maligned this season. And one guy that many expected more out of is Khalil Mack. Well, the young pass-rusher has started to show up and now he is ready to show out in this one. Look for him to have at least two sacks in this game and cause serious issues for the Texans offensive line.


This week ought to be a good one in the NFL. There will be some teams that step up and there will be some that mail it in. The destiny they have is in their hands. And it is up to them to control it.

Khalil Mack

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