The General’s NFL Proclamations-Week 10

Week 10 upon us and the season is closing in on the home stretch. The cream is rising to the top and the not so pleasant part of the concoction is resting at the bottom. But like everything in a mixed drink, you don’t know what all will add to the flavor and what will take away. The drink that is the NFL is upon us again and the things that go into it that make it, the players, are setting up to make us a sweet-tasting drink or a horrible concoction yet again. But which one will each game give us? Only time will tell, but it is Week 10 in the NFL and that means the General’s Proclamations are back yet again. Let’s dive in!


Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens

  1. The Browns don’t have many weapons offensively, but one of those weapons is wide receiver Corey Coleman. And in this one, he introduces himself to the Ravens’ defense. Look for Coleman to get a least one touchdown and 70 yards receiving as he acclimates himself to life in the NFL.
  2. The Ravens offense still did not look great last week versus the Steelers. But hopefully this week brings something better for them. The Browns can give up some big plays in the passing game and that will be good for Joe Flacco, who will put up 300 yards passing against the Browns’ secondary. And for good measure, add in a couple touchdown passes.
  3. The Browns and Ravens game is not that appealing to the eye for anyone. But this one will actually end up being closer than many may expect. Look for the Browns to lose, but they will not lose by more than ten points.


Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars

  1. The Texans offense has been good when Lamar Miller has run the football well. And in this one, look for him to run all over the Jaguars to the tune of 120 yards and one touchdown.
  2. The Jags have been struggling mightily offensively and you wonder if they will ever break out of their funk. Well, this isn’t the game for them to break out of it. Look for them to score under 17 points in this one.
  3. Blake Bortles has obviously regressed this season as quarterback of the Jags. Well, we may get to see him hit rock bottom in this one, as he throws two interceptions and gets booed at his home stadium. Now if there is only enough Jaguars fans there to boo him….


Denver Broncos at New Orleans Saints

  1. The Broncos have been struggling offensively recently. Well, this week the Broncos have the perfect cure for their offensive struggles: the Saints defense. Look for Denver quarterback Trevor Siemian to get healthy with two touchdown passes and no interceptions.
  2. The Saints, unlike the Broncos, got it going offensively last game against the 49ers. But in this one, the opponent is definitely tougher. With the competition going up a level from San Francisco, look for the Saints to have a couple turnovers offensively, including a fumble.
  3. The Broncos defense can still be tough on people even without cornerback Aqib Talib. But in this one, they get a little stingier than they have been in the passing few weeks. The Saints will be held to under 20 points in this game.


Los Angeles Rams at New York Jets

  1. The Rams have not been so good over the last few weeks. So in an effort to get back in the winning column, Los Angeles will unleash Todd Gurley III. He has yet to really have a big game and this may be it. Look for him to have at least 120 yard s rushing and two touchdowns.
  2. The Jets will more than likely have quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick there this week behind center. And with him back, let the giveaways continue. In my Oprah voice: “You get a pick. And you get a pick.” You see where I’m going here folks. Fitz will have at least two interceptions in this game.
  3. The Rams and Jets will have one ugly football game. Both teams are not the greatest teams as currently constructed and that usually does make people turn the channel. But not in this situation, as people will enjoy watching bad football.


Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles

  1. The Falcons have been explosive offensively and it all has not been Julio Jones. For the Eagles, they will get introduced to wide receiver Doug Gabriel and his breakneck speed. Look for the speedy wide receiver to score a touchdown on a deep pass and get over 100 yards receiving.
  2. The Eagles have been floundering as of late and a bunch of heat has been directed towards the wide receivers there. Well, in this one, they will resemble Stone Hands in Necessary Roughness. Look for the Eagles wide receivers to drop at least five passes and madden their fans potentially to the point of booing.
  3. The Falcons have some explosion defensively as well and that comes from pass rusher Vic Beasley Jr. In this one, look for this second-year player out of Clemson to get loose versus the Falcons. Two sacks for him on Sunday.


Kansas City Chiefs at Carolina Panthers

  1. The Chiefs have been a little hit and miss offensively this season. But in this one with their starting quarterback on the field again, they will be on in this one. Look for them to score at least 30 points in this game.
  2. The Panthers offense was set up well last time out by their defense and even got a touchdown scored by their defensive unit. But in this one, things go back to the way they’ve been all season and that isn’t a good thing. Look for the Panthers running game to stall and the passing game to make sporadic plays. And that will lead to Cam Newton shouldering the load, accounting for 60 yards rushing and 220 yards passing with two total touchdowns.
  3. The Chiefs have a ballhawk in Marcus Peters. The talented corner has natural ball skills and instincts. And in this one, his instincts will pay off. Look for Peters to catch Cam Newton slipping once and collect an interception.


Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  1. The Bears actually looked solid offensively last week versus the Vikings on Monday Night Football. And in this one, Jay Cutler and the crew get to see the Bucs. With that in mind, look for Cutler to get at least 260 yards receiving and two touchdowns.
  2. The Bucs have been on and off all season long. And a lot of what they do depends on their offense, led by former number one overall pick Jameis Winston. In this one, they will be passing the football a bunch and that will lead to more sacks of Winston. The Bears will get to Winston three times in this one.
  3. The Bears and Bucs are both can have some issues with turnovers. And in this one, they will definitely both have issues. Look for both teams to combine for five turnovers.


Minnesota Vikings at Washington Redskins

  1. The Vikings have gone cold fast. It seems like the offensive firepower isn’t there. And this game will help illustrate that. The Vikings will score under 17 points against the Redskins.
  2. The Redskins have had some success in their running game this season with Matt Jones. But in this game, he will struggle to get going. Jones will not have over 60 yards rushing in this game.
  3. Some eyes will be on Redskins cornerback Josh Norman in this one and how he handles the officiating. Well, he will be himself out there and that will essentially draw him some flags on the field. Look for him to get at least three penalties related to holding or pass interference.


Green Bay Packers at Tennessee Titans

  1. The Tennessee Titans return home after a disappointing loss to the Chargers out west. And one thing that was not like them was the running game. It was not relevant in San Diego. And unfortunately for them in this game, it may not be relevant either. Look for DeMarco Murray, should he play, to get less than 70 yards rushing and maybe one touchdown.
  2. The Packers have been struggling running the football all season. So when you cannot run the football well, you dish it short to your receivers. Expect Aaron Rodgers to have an average yards per completion around 4-6 yards in this one.
  3. There will be passes slung around all game long in this one. And with that being said, there will be a mistake made by someone out there. And that someone is Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota. Look for a late game interception to come from the second-year quarterback in this one.


Miami Dolphins at San Diego Chargers 

  1. The Dolphins have had huge success running the football with Jay Ajayi in the last few weeks. But some of that success gets brought down a notch in this one, as Ajayi rushes for less than 100 yards in this game.
  2. The Chargers are working in Hunter Henry as their tight end of the future. But while working him in, there is still a great tight end there in Antonio Gates. Expect him to make his presence known in this one, as he gets five receptions for at least 60 yards and a touchdown.
  3. Neither defense has been known for stopping opponents. But in this one, they both show up…at least for a little bit. Both Miami and San Diego will hold the opponent to under 20 points until the fourth quarter.


San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals

  1. The 49ers have given up 100 yards rushing to seven straight running backs. The Cardinals have a very good running back in David Johnson. Match those two together and we could have a great game for Johnson against the 49ers, gaining over 150 yards on the ground and at least one touchdown.
  2. The 49ers got some explosion in their offense last weekend versus the Saints. And in this one, expect some more explosion and this time from wide receiver Torrey Smith. Look for Colin Kaepernick to hit him with one big pass of over forty yards.
  3. The Cardinals defensively will be missing Tyrann Mathieu in this game. So with that being said, the Cardinals have to replace his production. And that will be left up to cornerback Patrick Peterson. Look for him to have at least one interception. And even though he may take a chance and get burnt once, he will have one heck of an impact on this game.


Dallas Cowboys at Pittsburgh Steelers

  1. The Cowboys have had a great season so far and that has been due to the rookie combination of Dak Prescott at quarterback and Ezekiel Elliott at running back. And in this one, the Steelers will get to see how good one of them is. Look for Elliott to get at least 120 yards rushing and two touchdowns as he gets to the second level of the defense with ease.
  2. The Steelers looked a little off offensively last weekend versus the Ravens. But this week, I expect them to show up better than they did before. Look for the Steelers to score at least 27 points in this game. And in doing so, they will put some game pressure on the Cowboys and Prescott.
  3. Antonio Brown has not been as effective as he usually has been. But with that being said, watch him do his thing this week. Look for Brown to get over 100 yards rushing and a touchdown in this one.


Seattle Seahawks at New England Patriots

  1. The Seahawks are still winning, but there are some holes in that offensive line that are showing up more and more each week. And the Patriots are the wrong team to have holes against. Look for the Seahawks offensive line to give up at least four sacks in this game.
  2. A lot has been made of the return of Tom Brady for the Patriots and rightfully so. He has played very well. But the guy that has been playing very well is running back LaGarrette Blount. And now every will get to see how solid he is. Look for him to get over 100 yards rushing and two touchdowns in this game.
  3. The Patriots running game may get it going a little, but the passing game may have some issues in this one. Brady will make some plays, but he will not go over 300 yards passing like he has been since his return for the most part. Look for him to get around 220 yards passing and a touchdown or two.


Cincinnati Bengals at New York Giants

  1. The Giants have Odell Beckham Jr. and the Bengals have AJ Green. Who will have more yards in this one? Well, looking at the matchups, I suspect Beckham Jr. has more yards in this one than Green. And again, we will see a touchdown dance we probably will not understand.
  2. The Bengals defensively have had some issues at times. But one thing that they have to surely do is put pressure on Eli Manning. One guy that can help do that is Carlos Dunlap. The talented pass rusher has to show up and make some things happen in this one. Look for him to get two sacks in this one.
  3. The Giants have not had a great running game all season long. And that absence of a running game has harmed them in games this season. Well, expect running back Paul Perkins to get an opportunity to make some plays in this game. And if he is given the opportunity, look for him to get at least 100 total yards of offense and a touchdown.

That’s all for Week 10. Enjoy the games!


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