The General’s NFL Proclamations-Week 1

The preseason is finally over. No more vanilla defenses and offenses holding things back for the regular season. The next game we see will be a real one that will count. And now we will get the real look at what teams are and what they could be. Just like the unpredictable nature of what could happen in these games, there will be some performances that will blow your mind and others that will leave you confused. And those performances could come from a familiar face or from someone no one expected. The game we all love is back and Week 1 is finally here. And with it comes the proclamations for Week 1 in the NFL!


Carolina Panthers at Denver Broncos

1. Trevor Siemian will be making his start as a NFL quarterback. And many wonder how he will do against that stingy Carolina Panthers defense. Well, he will have at least one touchdown pass, but he will have at least two interceptions.
2. Cam Newton was the league MVP last season as he dominated the NFL with his running and throwing. This year, many expect some of the same from him. But they will not get that type of performance from him in this game. Cam will be sacked at least four times in this game and he will also throw an interception. Look for him to throw for less than 250 yards and have one touchdown to go along with that interception. And he will not have a running touchdown in this game either.
3. The Panthers and Broncos both have very good defenses. And with that being said, they both should control this game. Look for these defenses to combine for at least seven sacks and both teams will hold each offense to under 20 points in this game.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons
1. People have been wondering who will be putting pressure on the Tampa Bay offense in Atlanta. Well, that answer is no one at this point in time. The Atlanta Falcons will continue without a pass rush in this game, as they will get only one sack.
2. Jameis Winston had his good and bad moments last season as a rookie quarterback in the NFL. And this year, people are expecting some growth out of him. And in this game, there will definitely be some very solid play out of him. Winston will throw for 300 yards and two touchdowns as the Bucs light up the Falcons secondary.
3. Many wonder how Matt Ryan will come out this season. He was a little inconsistent last season and that is something you don't expect from a guy that is your franchise quarterback. Well, some of that inconsistency will be here in this one. He will throw for two touchdowns, but he will also throw a big interception late in this one that will be inexplicable.
Minnesota Vikings at Tennessee Titans
1. The Minnesota Vikings lost Teddy Bridgewater for the season and traded for Sam Bradford from the Eagles. And although the Vikings have not named whether Bradford or Shaun Hill will start for the Vikings, it more than likely will not matter. Look for the Vikings to try to run the football 35-40 times if not more, as they try to assert their will on the Titans defense. And with that, Peterson should get at least 100 yards and a touchdown.
2.  The Tennessee Titans, on the other hand, will be trying to establish their running game as well. Look for them to give the ball to running back DeMarco Murray early and often. And with that happening, look for him to go over 100 yards and score at least two touchdowns in this game.
3. This game between two physical teams could come down to which team can make a big play. And if that is the case, then the Vikings have the best big-play guy in this game in Stefon Diggs. Look for him to take the top off the Titans defense with one big play that flips the field position and ultimately helps the Vikings loosen up the Titans defense.
Cleveland Browns at Philadelphia Eagles
1. Carson Wentz will be making his first start of his career. Many wonder what the rookie quarterback will do in this one against the hapless Browns. Well, look for him to run for one score and throw for one as he gets acclimated to playing quarterback in the NFL.
2. Robert Griffin III is back in the starting lineup but with a different team in Cleveland. But unfortunately for him, he will be running for his life like he was in Washington. That offensive line cannot protect him and that will surely be shown in this game, as he is sacked five times in this game.
3. The Browns will have a little trouble scoring in this one. Look for them to score under 14 points in this game. The offensive line will not give any time for RGIII to even look down field.
Cincinnati Bengals at New York Jets
1. Plenty have optimism with the Jets since they signed back Ryan Fitzpatrick. But the veteran quarterback will not pay back that optimism in this game. Look for him to throw at least two interceptions while frustrating the fans of the Jets.
2. The Bengals need a second receiver to step up. Tight end Tyler Eifert will be out this game, wide receiver Marvin Jones left in free agency and free agent Brandon LaFell has hand issues. With that being said, look for rookie wide receiver Tyler Boyd to make some plays in this one. Expect him to have at least 75 yards receiving along with one touchdown.
3. The Bengals defense has been good over the last few years. And in this game, they not only will have two interceptions off Ryan Fitzpatrick, but they will sack him at least three times. And two of those sacks will come from defensive end Carlos Dunlap, who is shooting to break the NFL sack record this season.
Oakland Raiders at New Orleans Saints
1. Much has been made of the Oakland Raiders this offseason. There is a ton of hope in them and what many believe they can do. Well, in this game, look for them to light the Saints up through the air. Derek Carr will have at least three touchdown passes and at least 300 yards as he lights up the Saints secondary.
2. The Saints will also try to establish a few things to start the year as well. Drew Brees will certainly test that Raiders secondary, especially since Charles Woodson is no longer back there. Expect him to find some success as he will throw at least two touchdowns in this game.
3. Both the Raiders and Saints will need some defensive plays to be made to win this one. And for the Raiders, they have one of the best in the NFL in Khalil Mack. Look for him to have at least two sacks in this game as he chases around Brees all game long.
San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs
1. The Chiefs will come out with some fire as they open their season at home. But even with all that, they will be missing the running game in this one. Look for the absence of Jamaal Charles to loom large as the Chiefs running backs will not get over 100 yards combined.
2. As far as the Chargers running game, they need Melvin Gordon to step up. And in this game, he will do so. Look for him to get at least 100 yards rushing and a touchdown as he tries to atone for his dismal rookie season.
3. The Chiefs may be missing Charles and the running game, but look for Alex Smith to make up for some of that difference as he will run for at least 40 yards in this one (not including sack yardage of course).
Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens
1. The Bills will once again try to circle the wagons and make the playoffs for the first time in a long time. And quarterback Tyrod Taylor will definitely do his best to get them off to a good start. Look for him to run for one touchdown and throw for at least one long touchdown as he has an efficient day playing quarterback for the Buffalo Bills.
2. Joe Flacco is coming back from an ACL tear last season and we should expect some rust to follow. Look for Flacco to throw at least two interceptions in this one as he adjusts back to the speed of the NFL after a layoff.
3. The Bills defense will be missing some pieces and many don't think they will do that well. But they still have some players over there and one of them they need to step up is Jerry Hughes. The Bills will need some pressure from him in this game. Look for him to get at least one sack and get some pressure on Flacco in this game.
Chicago Bears at Houston Texans
1. The Bears are wondering what they will get out of wide receiver Kevin White. He missed all of his rookie season while recovering from an injury. Well, if this game is any indication, the Bears should be excited. White will have at least five receptions for at least 70 yards and will have one touchdown. Not bad for his first NFL game.
2. The Texans will be breaking out a new running back and quarterback in Lamar Miller and Brock Osweiler. And against this defense, this will be the perfect time for them to make their appearance. Look for Osweiler to throw for 250 yards and two touchdowns and Miller will run for at least 80 yards while having one of those receiving touchdowns that Osweiler will throw.
3. JJ Watt has been injured throughout the whole preseason. And there is some wondering what he will be in his first game back this year. Well, the Bears will wish he was still out as he creates pressure all game and collects one sack and a tackle for loss in this one.
Green Bay Packers at Jacksonville Jaguars
1. The Packers have a lot of high hopes this year for Eddie Lacy. And this year, he will be ready to live up to those hopes. Look for him to get off to a good start by running or over 100 yards and a touchdown in this game.
2. Lacy may get going, but don't think the Jaguars are going to sit by and not score some points of their own. Their young offense has been talked about all offseason and they will show what they are made of in this one. Look for them to be led by their offensive leader, quarterback Blake Bortles. He will throw for at least 300 yards and two touchdowns.
3. The Jacksonville defense has been bad over the last few seasons. Many expect them to be better, but it will not happen as soon as many think it will. Look for them to give up the 100 yards rushing as well as a couple touchdown passes to Aaron Rodgers. They will get better, but this will be a process.
Miami Dolphins at Seattle Seahawks
1. The Seattle Seahawks have always been known as a team founded on their running game. Well, that changes this season even more and the focal point is going to be quarterback Russell Wilson. Look for him to throw for at least three touchdowns in this one and come close if not pass 300 yards passing.
2. The Dolphins are starting the Adam Gase era in a hostile environment in Seattle. And with that, Gase will be tested as a head coach. Look for him to make at least two coaching mistakes when it comes to time management and also usage of his challenges in this one. And that comes with learning the ropes as a head coach.
3. The Seattle defense will be just like they have been in the past in this one: disruptive. And with that being
said, look for the Dolphins to not score more than 13 points in this game. This one could get ugly.
New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys
1. The Giants may have talent in their passing game, but their running game will be lacking once again. Look for them to not even total over 110 yards rushing against Dallas in this game. And that will definitely put pressure on Eli and the gang in the passing attack.
2. The Cowboys will be trotting out there a rookie quarterback in Dak Prescott. He had great success in the preseason and many have high hopes for him. But in this one, he will be proven to be a rookie that is learning the NFL ropes. Dak will have some success, but he will have some troubles as well. Look for him to throw at least two interceptions in this game.
3. The Cowboys and the Giants will both have a ton of penalties in this game. Of course other games will, but this one especially will have a quite a few penalties, especially from offensive linemen holding in this game.
Detroit Lions at Indianapolis Colts
1. Not much is expected from the Detroit Lions this year and the players on that team know that. But don't expect them to just not show up. Going up against a beat up Colts secondary, look for quarterback Matthew Stafford to throw for close to 300 yards and two touchdowns.
2. The Colts are looking to rebound from last season and hopefully protect Andrew Luck more than they did last season. Their offensive line was just that bad and they invested a first round pick in it to get it better. Unfortunately, they still will spring some leaks this year, as the Lions will exploit. Look for Luck to get sacked at least four times in this game.
3. The Lions and Colts will both score over 24 points in this game. Both defenses aren't exactly stellar and can give up some points. And in this one, that will be on full display.
New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals
1. Chandler Jones was traded from New England to Arizona this offseason. So with that being said, you know he will be chomping at the bit to get at his former team. Look for him to get at least three sacks while showing the Patriots what they will be missing.
2. Carson Palmer had a rough preseason and some are worried about how he looked. Well, some of those worries will be founded as he throws two interceptions in this game. The Patriots will definitely bring the heat and the mind games to Palmer and the Cardinals offense.
3. Some ask how the Patriots will replace Jones. Well, look for Barkevious Mingo to pick up the slack. The former Cleveland Brown will have at least one sack along with tons of pressures on Palmer during the game.
Pittsburgh Steelers at Washington Redskins
1. The Steelers offense has been talked about by many this offseason as to what they can bring. Well, look for them to get started early and often as they roll up 400 yards of offense and score at least 28 points.
2. Much has been said about Josh Norman will or won't do this season. Well, Norman will get his first shot at showing that he is more than just a benefactor of the Panthers defense versus Antonio Brown and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Expect him to give up some plays versus Brown, but he will hold his own and only allow Brown five receptions for around 60 yards.
3. The Steelers and Redskins will both have questions in their running games in this one. Well, after this one, one team will get an answer to their problems there and it will not be a good thing. The Redskins will not rush for over 110 yards in this game and they will struggle to get it going there.
Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers
1. The Los Angeles Rams have one of the more dynamic backs in the NFL in Todd Gurley. And many are expecting him to have a great season this year. He might have a great season but it will not start so well for him against the 49ers. Gurley will not get over 100 yards in this game as the Niners defense will be stout up front.
2. The 49ers passing attack has been talked about in regards to the wide receiver group. And although no one is talking about them in a glowing light, there will be one guy step up and have a good game in this one. Quinton Patton will have at least five receptions and a touchdown catch as he gets it going for the 49ers receiving corps under Chip Kelly.
3. The Rams will be starting Case Keenum at quarterback and he will get his chance to take hold of the starting position. Unfortunately, he will not have a good showing. Look for him to throw an interception in this one as the Rams offense will have a little bit of a time finding itself early on. He will make some plays, but he will also make some bad plays as well.
Antonio Brown
It is finally time! The NFL is back! Enjoy the games!
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