The four most disappointing NFL teams this season

When the season began, there were plenty of teams that had high expectations. And just like things happen every season, there were some that reached those expectations and others that flat-out disappointed their fanbase. Here are a few candidates for most disappointing team in the NFL.


Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars visited the AFC Championship game last season and the expectation was they would contend again in the AFC. Well, things started out well for them, as they got out to a 3-1 start for the year. From there, the bottom fell out as the as they finished 2-10 and looked to have lost their edge. No one expected that bad a performance from them this season and after seeing some of the breakdowns between players on the sidelines and in the locker room, it's going to be an interesting offseason in Duval.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers started out the season well, peaking at 6-2 this season. From there, the Panthers plummeted downward. Cam was noticeably hurt and the team just could not find ways to win games as they lost seven straight before finally winning again in their season finale against a resting New Orleans Saints team. The Panthers have some things to work out this offseason with their team, but the main concern is trying to get Cam Newton healthy going into next season. That shoulder just was not right.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers were constantly talked about in regards to their drama when it came to Le'Veon Bell. Outside of that, it just seemed like the Steelers were consistently inconsistent. James Conner played well in replacing Bell, but the defense didn't do what they usually do consistently and the offense had it's moments that damaged the team too. Plenty want to blame them missing the playoffs on head coach Mike Tomlin, but the players have to take some ownership in this too. It will be interesting to hear and see what is done to get the Steelers back in the playoffs next season, especially after the blowup that happened involving Antonio Brown in Week 17.

Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings were one game away from playing the Super Bowl in their own stadium last season. Unfortunately, they ran into the Philadelphia Eagles on their way to the Super Bowl. In the offseason, the Vikings thought replacing Case Keenum with former Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins was a good idea and they gave the veteran quarterback a three-year, $84 million fully-guaranteed contract. Well, Cousins had a good season, but it was not enough as the Vikings went from knocking on the doorstep to not even invited to the party. From Super Bowl contenders to looking on from the outside is not what the Vikings and their fans expected and it will be intriguing to see what pieces they add. One place they definitely need to add a piece or two is that offensive line.

Which one was the more disappointing team out of these four or do you have another one?

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  1. I agree. These 4 teams did not leave up to the expectations. Regarding the Vikings, I would say that the narrative of being “one QB away from the SB” always sounded very flawed and dangerous to me. On paper, it sounds good. Just replace Case Keenum with someone who has better stats and you will make it further. In reality, though, you have to take into considerations the fact that the rest of the team is not going to be exactly the same due to trades, free agency, injuries and individual performances never guaranteed to be the same throughout a season, let alone, from one season to the other. Also, the competition. The other teams, within the division and around the league will make improvements as well. As we saw this year, they added Cousins who had better stats than Keenum but who hasn’t been able to win the big games. He also doesn’t seem to have the same chemistry with his receivers that Keenum had, but that can come with time. They added him but the offensive line did not perform as well as last year (Sparano’s death had a huge impact on people on a personal level but he was also a good coach and it was tough to replace him) , the defense did not perform as well as last year, they went away from Rudolph in the passing game, they had trouble incorporating the run game consistently and just like every other team, they dealt with injuries, not to mention that they missed Griffen for a few weeks while he took care of his mental health. So, yes, the fact that they did not make the playoffs is disappointing but it is too easy to put it all on Cousins, even though he is the guy with the big contract, the way the media does. It really sounds like the Vikings bought into that narrative, plugged Cousins in and thought everything else would take care of itself. That’s not how any of this works. They learned that lesson the hard way.

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