Ease up on Antonio Brown

The relationship between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Antonio Brown went from sweet to sour in what seems like a New York minute. He went from being the star receiver for the Steelers to becoming someone Steelers fans wanted out of town. Well, the Steelers and Brown both got their wish when he was traded to the Oakland Raiders this offseason. Many were wondering how it would go out there for the star receiver and more importantly, how his personality would affect things positively or negatively there for the team. Well, so far we have him getting frostbite from getting cryotherapy and reportedly not wearing the correct shoes and then then came the helmet issue. Brown was not comfortable with the helmet the NFL wanted him to use and he wanted to use his older model helmet.

Brown made it known that he was not comfortable with the new helmet and even spoke of not playing again unless he got his way. Of course, with him losing the recent decision, he will be on the field playing despite the threat of not playing if not getting his way. Throughout this entire thing, plenty of people have been riding hard on Brown. Sure, the frostbite issue was one that made you scratch your head and the jokes were warranted to an extent there, but when you speak about the safety of a player and a helmet, that's when the talk of "Brown's just being a diva" or "Brown's being a distraction" may want to end.

No one knows what all issues Brown has with the new helmets at all. And to be honest, it does not seem many even care. Sadly, does anyone realize his head goes in that helmet? Not your head, but Antonio Brown's head. He has to be comfortable in the helmet, but not only comfortable in the helmet but able to feel safe. A lot of the people who were ragging on him have never played football or never played it at the level that Brown does, so literally there is no claim they can make. Brown is an interesting personality and has had some diva-ish moments for sure, but it seems like people are taking the things he has done over his time in the NFL and discounting his real claim. People can choose to believe it or not, but his concern is real and it is beyond him just being a show and trying to be the center of attention.

In the end, there will always be those who will feel a certain way about Brown and this situation, but what some fail to realize is that going with the status quo just because everyone else does isn't a way to make change. Besides Brown, there are probably others with the same type of concerns out there. Who knows if he gave some of them the confidence to speak on these issues? One thing I can say is that when you start speaking on another person's safety and their feeling of safety, then you truly don't know what is going on with that person unless you actually heard it from their mouth. Majority of people haven't heard anything from him on this issue accept for what media has fed you. And with what has been fed to you, many dip back into his personality instead of taking the situation as an individual happening. Some don't see that as wrong, but let me ask those same people if someone judged a situation or issue off your past and never took an issue you were having seriously how would you feel? Doesn't feel too well when that feeling is in reverse does it?

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