The Miami Trip Was Not The Reason For The Giants’ Loss

The New York Giants had nothing to play for going into the last game of the season. The Washington Redskins, on the other hand, had a chance to punch their ticket to the playoffs with a win. But in watching the game, you would think the Giants were the team that was playing for their playoff lives. They came out and beat the Washington Redskins, knocking them out of the playoffs. After the game, the talk should have been about the Giants and what they had to do next come Wildcard weekend. But unfortunately, all week the talk leading up to the game was about the Giants wide receivers. After the win against the Redskins, the wide receiver crew of the Giants took a little trip to Miami. They partied and had a good time and even took a picture together on a boat. And that picture seemed to draw the ire of some football fans. The crew was relaxing on their off day in Miami and there were plenty that thought that was the wrong move. And after Sunday night, those people have plenty of ammunition as to why it was a wrong move. The Giants lost to the Packers at home 38-13, ending their season. And during the game, Odell Beckham Jr., who was the ringleader of the trip to Miami, missed some very catchable passes, including one that would have been a touchdown. Beckham was not the only one to drop passes, but he was the more notable one of the Giants wide receiver crew. And all during the game, when any pass was dropped, the Fox Sports crew of Troy Aikman and Joe Buck harped on it and how much they should not have done that at all.

Well, to Troy Aikman, Joe Buck and all those that thought they should not have gone, will you all please calm it all the way down. The trip to Miami was not the reason for them losing the game. In fact, if anyone has been watching the Giants play all season long, their wide receivers have had some drops that have cost them in games all season long. And no amount of staying at home during the off day they were given was going to change that. Besides, they were off work ladies and gentlemen. What they want to do on their off time is totally up to them. And I am sure there are not the only athletes to have a day off from work and take a trip. It honestly is not a big deal at all. Let's compare this to the work day of any everyday person. You all just made some great things happen at work and you have the day off. You have a big week coming next week but you want to make sure and relax a little before that week. Is your job going to get mad at you for heading to a relaxing location with your own money when you are not at work? I don't think so. Odell dropped passes all season long and no one batted an eye about it for the most part. But he drops a few like he normally does in his first playoff game and we are going to talk about a trip to Miami on his off day with his wide receiver crew? For those that think that was the reason they lost, they may want to take a second look at the Green Bay game.

There were a couple things in this game that cost the Giants and no it was not their wide receiver. If anyone noticed, the Packers were getting more and more pressure as the game went on. Eli could not sit back and make passes like he wanted to because he was looking at guys like Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews coming right at him. And because of that, not all the passes he was throwing to Beckham and his other receivers were accurate throws. And to add on top of the pressure that Eli was under, let's check out the running game of the Giants, Oh that's right, it was not really there like it was not the whole season. The real story of the offense of the Giants was that they had problems all season and that was because of their offensive line. The Giants were inconsistent up front all year long and that led to the offensive issues that they had along with the drops they had. Going into the offseason, the Giants have to address the offensive line and what they need to do there to get better. And along with that, they also have to get a healthy Shane Vereen back next year along with making a decision on whether or not to invest more into their running back position. The offensive issues along with Aaron Rodgers carving up the Giants defense as the game went on doomed the Giants as this game went on and there was no amount of receptions that could make up for those deficiencies.

The Giants will go back to the drawing board this offseason as they look to return to the postseason next year. And with that, there will probably be some players leave along with some players be brought in via free agency or the draft. But the fact that some will blame a trip on an off day to Miami as the reason the Giants loss is laughable. And it also tells me that those folks did not really look at the game but were looking for excuses.


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