Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

The Minnesota Vikings were thought to be the team to beat in the NFC by a lot of teams when Brett Farve announced that he was coming back to play again. They had an up-and-coming star receiver in WR Sidney Rice, a great slot receiver/return man in Percy Harvin, a great running back in Adrian Peterson and a physical defense with the likes of Jarrett Allen and the Williams boys. Then, here came the bad luck.

It was announced in the pre-season that Rice would need hip surgery and be out for half of the season. That injury downgraded a talented receiving core and asked people like WR Bernard Berrian to step into positions that they weren't used to. This was very evident the first game when the Saints beat the Vikings and the Vikings looked very plain and not as explosive as they were a year before. Then, the Vikings lost to a scrappy Dolphin team and that's when the panic set in. The Vikings realized that something was missing. The Vikings did win Sunday against Detroit, but the concern was still there: who is going to help us get our passing game on track.

Randy Moss had been going along this year like it was business as usual. It seemed like something was missing. He openly said that he wanted an extension and the Patriots rebuffed his advances. For those who have watched Moss this year, it seems as if he is disinterested or not into it as much as he usually is. His numbers are a pretty pedestrian 9 receptions for 132 yards. He has been so disinterested, that on some plays against the Dolphins, he can be seen giving a half-hearted effort and he had no receptions in the game. The Patriots won, but it seemed like Moss was missing something. Then, all of a sudden, it happened.

On October 6th of 2010, the Vikings put together a trade for Randy Moss. The Vikings are giving the Patriots a 2011 3rd round draft pick for Moss and a 2012 7th round pick. Now why would Minnesota trade for a receiver who has so blatantly said he "play when he wants to play"? The answer is simple.

Minnesota is desperate for a receiver to help spread the field for Brett and put everyone else in their correct spots. Berrian will now slide back to the number 2 receiver and Harvin will now go to his more natural slot position. This move also takes away some defenders in the box so that Adrian Peterson has more running lanes. But, there is also one key factor in this trade: Can Randy Moss turn it back on again?

Randy Moss has long been known as a player who takes plays off and it seems like this year he has taken some parts of games off. Maybe this move will help light the fire again for Randy Moss. Minnesota is taking a chance that he will be the game-breaking, big play machine that he has been in the past instead of the absentee he has been at times on the field. Either way, Minnesota is taking a chance and making a last ditch effort to try and claim what they fill is rightfully there's, a Super Bowl title.

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  1. Kareem Howard

    The question is, will Brett Favre’s ankle hold up for the rest of the season. He’s been bother by that surgically repaired ankle, and that could take away the receiving game altogether. I expect them to win 10 or 11 games this year. Maybe.

  2. Lyorant Turner

    Moss gives Brett a way out. Now blame won’t be on him, but Childress. Plays will be 3 step drop to Moss, shotgun to Moss all Gods people are throwing to Moss. What Adrian Peterson would do for Chargers or Patriots…

    • The blame will be on either Moss or Childress. Moss does take plays off and because the Vikings aren’t giving him the extension he is looking for, he may decide to play when he wants to play. I don’t think he is the answer for the Vikings though. Brett Farve is just making big mistakes this year. He is getting some of the same looks with people stacking the line against Adrian Peterson. He is just making bad decisions. Just like I said before the season, the Vikings aren’t going to the Super Bowl nor are they winning the NFC North.

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