Health will keep Carson Wentz from his own title run

The Philadelphia Eagles are a team everyone has to think about in the NFC, which is a far cry from the days with Chip Kelly and how that debacle ended. With Doug Pederson bringing home a title to the city, the expectations of the team reached even higher levels. And with the signing of Carson Wentz to a four-year contract extension that was worth $128 million and included $66 million guaranteed at signing. The deal also included ways for it to be boosted to as much as $144 million and $107 million guaranteed. It's safe to say the Eagles have locked in a quarterback they believe in and that has shown he can be really good.

While Carson Wentz has been excellent and the team has paid him what the going rate is for quarterbacks and then some, there has to be some discussion as to whether the Eagles will ever win a championship with Wentz under center. The reality over the last few seasons is that Nick Foles was the one leading the runs they had. Wentz was injured in the regular season the year the Eagles won the Super Bowl and Nick Foles led that charge through the playoffs and the end of the regular season. And last season, Wentz injured his back and Foles again stepped in, helping the Eagles make the playoffs and then got them another win when he got them there. All in all, Foles has been money when it has counted while Wentz has been nursing injuries. With Foles out of the picture (signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars this offseason), Wentz has no choice but to be the man. After all, that's what they are paying him for. He has put up good numbers when healthy, but all of that means nothing if he isn't out there when it matters most.

Nick Foles was always present to pick up the slack for Carson Wentz

So with the Eagles putting all their eggs in one basket with Wentz, they are taking a risk. Honestly, it would have been better for the Eagles to provide incentives that were trigged by the health of Wentz. That's neither here nor there at this point, but the onus is on Wentz to find a way to stay healthy. The biggest thing that will affect his health is him not taking unneccessary shots. Part of that equation is his responsibility. Wentz needs to avoid taking as many shots as he can. That includes getting down when he is running in the open field. The other part of him staying healthy lies at the feet of his offensive line. They must protect Wentz at all cost, even meaning taking a holding penalty for Wentz to stay healthy if they need to. Wentz is the key offensively for the Eagles to make a title run this year and there is no margin for error unless folks are comfortable with guys like Nate Sudfield playing if Carson is to go down again.

Management made the decision to put all their eggs in one basket with Wentz and for better or worse, the Eagles' hopes of winning a title fall on him. The question is can he stay healthy or not for a full season? At this point in time, the answer would definitely be no. And for that reason alone, there has to be some pause to the thoughts that Wentz can stay healthy enough to bring another title to Philadelphia.

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