Moving Forward Without Carson Wentz

The Eagles versus the Rams was a game that everyone was waiting on this past Sunday. The Eagles were 10-2 heading into this one and the Rams were leading the NFC West and shocking everyone with their play this season. Wentz and Goff were both making plays, the defenses were making some things happen and there was even some good special teams play. In the end, the Rams were not able to do enough to win the games as the Eagles pulled out the 43-35 win in Los Angeles. The win takes the Eagles to 11-2 and helps them clinch thee NFC East, but that win was one that could be bitter sweet. In the third quarter, Wentz was seen leaving the field after he scored a touchdown diving into the endzone. Initial reports are saying that he reportedly tore his ACL in his left knee. With all the hope that Philly had in winning the Super Bowl this season tied into the success that Wentz and the Eagles were having, this is definitely a huge blow. Wentz was the straw that stirred the drink and now that responsibility lies in the hands of backup quarterback Nick Foles. So with this injury, how does the Eagles offense keep it going?

Well, one thing that Carson did that was helpful to them was his mobility. When the pocket broke down, the Eagles were able to rely on Wentz to extend plays or run with the football. This season, the results were very good, as he would make defenses pay for overrunning and overpursuing plays. Foles obviously is not a mobile quarterback, so one adjustment the Eagles will have to make is the way they attack in the passing game. With left tackle Jason Peters gone, the protection has not been the same, but the mobility of Wentz covered that up. With him gone, look for more of the quick passing game with Foles. Look for even more of the West Coast offense to be prevalent with Foles in there. The good thing is he is used to being in the West Coast offense. The bad thing is that he can have great accuracy one moment and get happy feet the next. The key is him getting rid of the football and not seeing the pressure. They say pressure busts pipes well, it surely gets the pipes rattled for Foles in the pocket.

Along with adjusting the passing game, the Eagles will also need to shift a little of the focus of their offense. The combo of LaGarrette Blount and Jay Ajayi had 22 total rushes. With Wentz down, these two become even more key because of what they have the ability to do. These two combined will probably need to have 30 or more rush attempts a game. If the Eagles are getting positive running plays out of these two, then it makes things a lot easier for Foles. The Eagles then will be able to use the play-action passing game a little bit easier. Getting deep passes to guys like Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith could be deadly to a defense and if that part of the offense is cooking, then it opens everything else up. Foles will be leaning on the running game as the starting quarterback and hopefully for him, they get it going and keep it going to aid him.

The Eagles Super Bowl hopes undoubtedly took a tremendous hit if Wentz is out for the rest of the season. Not only was he having an MVP-type season, but he was leading the Eagles to what many Philly fans thought could have been a Super Bowl season. Instead, the hope of a Super Bowl appearance now lies in the leadership of Nick Foles at quarterback. For the sake of Eagles fans, they better hope he gets help from his supporting cast as they go forward. If that doesn't happen, then they better hope he captures the spirit of Frank Reich vs the Houston Oilers back in the 1002 AFC Wild Card game.

( Photo courtesy Mark J. Terrill/AP)

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