One Mother’s Misguided Attack On Cam Newton

 (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

The Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton came to Nashville Sunday to take on the Tennessee Titans. And as one of the best teams in football, they handled their business and won the game 27-10. Cam Newton was solid but not spectacular in the win, throwing for 217 yards and a touchdown and running for another. But his solid performance was seemingly outweighed by the celebration after the final touchdown of the game. Up 20-10 with 2:42 left in the game, Newton scored on a two yard run and proceeded to do a dance in the endzone. The dance apparently perturbed a couple Titans players who approached Newton while he was doing his dance. Newton proceeded to keep doing his dance while the opponents were still barking at him and approaching him. Judging from the reaction, there was many Titans fans that did not like it and apparently there was one that felt compelled enough to write about it. A woman, whose name I will not mention, wrote a letter towards Cam Newton calling him arrogant, speaking on his role as a role model and how that came across, and also speaking on how he was taunting the Titans players with his dance and actions. The speech she had spoke of her daughter’s first game experience and she essentially blamed Newton for destroying that for her child. But my question for her is where was she looking the rest of the game?

It seems like the entire view of this woman was aimed towards Newton. But what I may want to ask about her is did she see some of the things the Titans did during the game. For example, one play when the Titans were on offense and the play was over, Titans offensive tackle Taylor Lewan got in the face of a Panthers defensive lineman. And not only did he get in the face of the offensive lineman, but he was helmet-to-helmet with him and appeared to almost headbutt him. In that instance, it seemed like he was talking trash with the opponent. I wonder what thoughts were going through the mind of the woman in question and her daughter at this time? But of course, we have no idea what she is thinking on this one at all because her focus apparently was on watching Cam Newton the entire game and what potential missteps he may have taken on the field.

But that was not the only instance that she could have questioned along with Cam Newton. The Titans defense was playing hard all game long. They got after Cam and brought him down a few times for sacks. But there was one specific time in the game where the Titans were beginning to build some momentum in the second half. The Titans sacked Cam Newton and then the defender who made the play began to think he was in a video himself. Many know of the rapper Drake and his video “Hot Line Bling”. Well, there have been some NFL players that have taken a dance he does in the video for this song and made it their thing to do when they make a play. The defensive player from the Titans broke out that popular dance during the game and showed off a little during it. Notice that there was nothing said of what could have been perceived as showboating there by the woman in question. In fact, the silence is deafening on anything the Titans may have done that could have been perceived as wrong or not what a role model does by this woman’s standards.

The long and short of it is this woman did not like what Cam did because it was not her team. And she may have taken what her daughter said and put that in a story for Cam, but there were plenty other players that some considered role models that were on that field last I saw on Sunday. But instead of looking at all the actions and writing about all of them, she chose to point out Cam Newton. Sure, the dance may have been a little excessive, but where has this woman been over the last few years? There has been plenty dancing and things on the football field. The funny thing is she took one action and tried to destroy all the good things that Cam has done. Maybe she may want to take a look at the whole picture instead of cropping out a part of it. Can anyone get in touch with her and ask her what she thinks about some of the things the Titans did on the field and if they were role-model worthy by her standards? Better yet, can anyone get in touch with her and ask her if she watches the NFL on a regular basis and what she thinks of Aaron Rodgers pelvic thrust during his celebrations? That’s what I thought. Deafening silence when it comes to anything else her and her child may have watched Sunday afternoon or at any other NFL game. This was an attack on Cam camouflaged by a mother using her child. Don’t let her fool you folks.

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6 Responses

  1. Agreed– people are quick to overlook this sort of thing when it’s THEIR guy. The Gronk spike would make me sick if I watched him do it for a different team. Misguided criticism of Newton, and as you pointed out with the Rodgers example, an obvious double-standard.

  2. I find it odd that her letter was published.

    I agree with everything the General wrote.


  3. Lee Love

    That women was out of line and obviously those that published her remarks had no other news to report on.

  4. G Rogers

    I agree with the mother. Cam Newton should be ashamed of himself. He is very arrogant, childish and needs to grow up.

    • So what do you have to say about the other things that happened or are you silent there?

  5. Phillip

    Cam’s a big kid out there having fun. These negative remarks are sour grapes.
    Three things that promote excessive TD celebrations are dirty hits by the defense, trash talking by the defense and letters like this mother’s from opposing fans.

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