Brady For MVP? It Is Possible

The New England Patriots are always a team that people have to keep an eye on. Each and every season, the Patriots are right there at the end of the season, contending for a title. But this year provided a unique challenge for the Patriots. This season, they were going to start with Tom Brady being suspended. Deflategate had finally ended and Brady was going to serve his four-game suspension. And because of that, many wondered how the Patriots were going to start the year. Well, the Patriots started the season 3-1 and were right on track to be a contender. But it was obvious that they were missing Brady. The offense just did not seem like it was functioning like it could. But once Brady came back, it seemed like the Patriots kicked it into high gear. As it currently stands, the Patriots are at the top of the AFC like they usually are. And as the record indicates, the Patriots are on track to get homefield advantage throughout the playoffs and we all know no one really wants to go there in the playoffs. But other than that, the performance of Brady has been one to watch. He has come out swinging since his suspension and because of that, he has positioned himself well in the MVP race.

Some may gasp at MVP and Brady being mentioned together since he was suspended earlier this year. Well to those that are mad or feel some type of way about that, they need to get over it. Brady has been playing great football since his return and no one is safe under his wrath. The veteran quarterback has thrown 22 touchdowns since his return. And what is amazing about that is he has only thrown two interceptions to go along with those 22 touchdowns. Now let's take a look at one other MVP candidate, Oakland's Derek Carr. The talented young quarterback, who has played in every game this season, has 24 touchdown passes and five interceptions. You would expect Carr to have more interceptions because he has played more games to play this year. But for him to be such a huge MVP candidate, he is only two touchdown passes ahead of Brady with four more games under his belt. Carr deserves all the attention he is getting right now for helping the Raiders be successful. But Brady deserves credit for what all he has done to make that offense better since his insertion game five of this season.

But Derek Carr is not the only quarterback that Brady is competing against in the MVP race. Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons is having an outstanding season. The former Boston College quarterback is on pace for a career year this season. He already has 30 touchdown passes this year, which is two off from his career high. And with only seven interceptions this season, he has helped the Falcons to an 8-5 record. But even with the success he has had individually, those that decide the MVP award winner will more than likely look at the record of the team he plays for. While Ryan will more than likely get some awards this year, his team's record could hurt him in that aspect. As far as Brady, the team is arguably a couple plays away from being undefeated under the leadership of Brady. And if he finishes out the season with just that one loss, the Patriots would have gone 11-1 with him on the field, which is excellence. Now some may not like it that Brady could potentially get considered over Ryan, but there is a reason the award is called the Most Valuable Player. Ryan has helped the Falcons to a good record and a chance to make the playoffs. Brady has helped make it a certainty that his team makes the playoffs and there is the difference.

Brady may have gotten a late start on the MVP race, but he is more than making up for lost time. He is ripping through defenses every single week. And without his best weapon (tight end Rob Gronkowski) and going against one of the toughest defenses in the NFL, Brady went out this past Monday and shredded the Ravens for over 400 yards and three touchdowns. One of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time is playing with a chip on his shoulder. And that bit of fuel added to his fire has him squarely in the MVP conversation with three more games to go.


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