Get Your Hands Out Their Pockets

The NFL season is just about to kick off again. Teams are heading to training camp and trying to get themselves ready for what plans to be a long season. There are some players that are looking at this season as a make-or-break year while others are looking just to hang in there and maybe get that Super Bowl crown that has been avoiding them. While those may be the goals for some, there are others that are not trying to wait to get their big payday and they want it addressed as soon as possible. Those specific players are wanting their money and are doing what they have to do to get it, which means they are holding out. Oakland's Donald Penn and Pittsburgh's Le'Veon Bell are just two players that are holding out and hoping to get new contracts. Bell and Penn are vets that are holding out to get their new contracts, but there are also rookies that hold out on their first contract. Whenever this happens, there is that section of NFL fans that seemingly understand the mission at hand from these players. But more often than not, there are fans that just don't get it and as a result of not getting it, those players are drug over the coals by fans of the team. For those that are dragging the players over the coals, get your hands out of those players' pockets.

Plenty love to talk about players making boatloads of money. They talk about the salaries and things like that all the time. But when they are not getting fair value or compensation for their services, should they just accept it? There may be some people that would accept that at their normal everyday jobs, but you then have to realize that the jobs of NFL players are not normal. Controlled aggression with reckless abandon is a very good way to describe what the NFL is and because of that, players are not around very long. The average career of an NFL player is not even over five years long. So with that short window, why not go for as much money as you can? After all, you could be one hit away from your career being over. But instead of fans realizing that, they often want to say that players are being selfish and not caring about the team. While I get that sentiment, the one thing that fans forget is that this is a job for those players. In the end, they have to take care of themselves and their families the best way they know possible. The first thing that they need to be faithful to is their families and not the teams.

The anger towards players in contract matters is funny to watch, but what is unexplainable is the fact that many fans gives passes to owners quicker than they do players. My how some forget the webs that some owners weave. Notice that there are a bunch of owners that create a façade. For example, just think on teams like the Los Angeles Rams. For years, they sold everyone that they were getting better and that Jeff Fisher could be the coach to take them there. Time and time again, fans of the team that was once in St. Louis continued to believe the crap that was fed to them. Well, they never really recruited anyone at all or spent much money or won any games. The Rams trying to keep hope alive in St. Louis led to money in the owner's pockets and eventually led them to turn their back on their faithful fans in order to move to Los Angeles for more money to take from fans and taxpayers.  The actions of the Rams organization may be the extreme things ownership can do, but owners have been getting over on fans for years and yet fans seem to get more offended by players trying to get theirs from owners who are getting over on both of you?

Owners are in business to make money but so are the players. The only difference is the players are trying to get rich while the owners are generally wealthy already and the players have to lay their bodies on the line to get their riches. With that being said, I have no issue with them getting their money and if they have to hold out for it, then so be it. Owners have been raising prices for years and no one complained much at all about that. In fact, more of you all continued to feed their pockets with their rising prices while they fed you an underdeveloped product. With limited time, I expect players to continue to hold out or play hardball in negotiations. After all, their time is limited. Fans, find a new hobby and get your hands out their pockets. Last I checked, only one person knows a player's situation and that is the player. Get your money players.

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