Anybody Can Be Expendable

Just recently, All-Pro offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie was released from the Minnesota Vikings. McKinnie was a big man who was considered a fixture on the team. But he wasn't released due to his contract. Coach Leslie Frazier wouldn't say it, but some players said it for him. McKinnie was released because he didn't take his job seriously.

McKinnie did not think enough of his job to stay in shape. From the reports I've heard, he showed up considerably out of shape and heavier than he has been. His loss is a huge blow for the Vikings because he was set to be the protector of Donovan McNabb's blind side. Recently signed Charlie Johnson is expected to take his spot. And to this I say: McKinnie did this to himself.

Like any person knows, a job is not guaranteed from day to day. So, you work and try to do the best you can to be the best you are at what you do. When you become lackadaisical, that's when problems and issues can arise. And that's when people get too comfortable and think they can do anything and be just fine.

I hope plenty of people were watching what happened to McKinnie. That goes to show you that in life you must stay humble and hungry. If you get full, that's when you tend to become lazy and comfortable. And that's when it could all come to an end.

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  1. Rick

    Once again I tip my cap to u. Another stellar blog

  2. Lee Love

    These young guys have to learn (sometimes the hard way) there’s always somebody else…expendable is an excellent term used in this blog “We’re All Expendable” in Sports and In Life.

  3. Just like the lock crap, that was in NFL and still going on in NBA, these players think there bigger than the game and the team. These owners have a job, DO YOU WANT IT? YES OR NO? you dont have to play in the NFL, you dont have to play on Vikings! Mckinnie we will be ok, trust me! great post!!!
    long live the FANS!!! LOL

  4. 7Boss1

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Its disappointing to see these guys waste all their talent away

  5. JW

    If you miss McKinnie, just look up “worthless fatload” in the dictionary. The relationship between him and the Vikings has been on the decline ever since “the Love Boat” incident. Not to mention, the Vi-queens aren’t in a real hurry to have another “Korey Stringer” incident.

    Oh, and don’t forget about how McKinnie nearly got Brett Favre killed last season. Leslie Frazier certainly didn’t forget.

  6. super article. Great website. carry on.

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