All About The Benjamins

And so the stalemate ensues. Darrelle Revis and the Jets are still worlds apart on what the All-Pro cornerback should be paid. In my mind, Revis is the best corner in the league right now and to be paid $1 million for this season is a joke. He should and I think he will get a raise. But the point that everyone is missing is that it isn't about having the highest paying contract, its about getting guaranteed money.

Darrelle Revis is looking to be the highest paid cornerback in the league, but not just that, he wants some guaranteed money. The thing that a lot of people miss is that when players sign a big contract, the player rarely sees all that money. The reason why is because of incentive clauses, roster bonuses and things like that are what make up most of the money that is written in the contract language. But, the main thing that a player sees are his paycheck per game and the signing bonus. And in the language, the biggest words are signing bonus and guaranteed money.

I don't blame Dareele Revis for going for the big money. If he didn't strike now while the iron was hot, he may not maximize his worth, or he could eventually get cut. After all, if he didn't perform, he would have been cut by now.

So, in the end, the Jets and Revis will stay in a stalemate until Revis gets his guaranteed money. And all that is lost is the game that he is supposed to love, football. in case u haven't realized about this whole blog entry, I haven't once mentioned Revis and his stats. That's because the NFL isn't about the game anymore, its about the money. Show Revis the Benjamins please.

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  1. James Rutherford

    Yes I agree sports are about the money now days,it use to be about the love of the game and I’m sure love is probably still there but players have wished up and now recognized that it is also a business and it won’t last forever so they are trying to make as money as possible before there skills diminish and they find themselves on the outside looking in.

  2. Carlos

    I say pay the man, but I think he should be at camp because he is under contract. Andre Johnson was in the same situation. He still reported to camp and now he is the highest paid receiver in the league. Holding out is never the answer. Once a player holdouts it seems when the comeback they either have a bad year or an injury occurs. Just my opinion!

  3. Darlene Stephen

    The Jets should pay him for his talents. He keeps the media looking at the team and people buying tickets.It is ashame that it comes down to money but professional sports have become a business.

    • The Jets would like to pay him, but there are other concerns on the team besides him. He wants $15 million or more to play cornerback. The Jets don’t have the money to pay him and then pay Nick Mangold, who is on his way to being a top-flight center in this league and Davis Harris, who is one of their top linebackers and is only getting paid $550,000 in the last year of his deal.

      • Justin U.

        Great point, Mike. And, has Nick Mangold ever ONCE complained about his deal? Didn’t Tom Brady play 4 years near the league minimum? Andre Johnson was average-paid for years while hauling in 100+ catches. It works out in the end if your patient for the pay day. Guys who demand renegotiation almost always flame out afterwards.

        • Guys who demand negotiations and holdout usually are the first ones to get hurt.

  4. Justin U.

    Many good points on the comments so far. Yes, he should 100% be in in camp. What I disagree with is the presumption that anyone who “outperforms” a contract obtains the right to complain about being under-compensated for that performance and demand more money. It is a patently selfish action that takes away from the team. If that’s the case, can we also pay you half of your guaranteed money if you UNDER-perform the contract? It doesn’t work both ways. You agreed to the terms, and if there isn’t a clause to renegotiate, you play it out and get paid at the conclusion by your current team or someone else. Teams have a right to see the investment they put in you mature until they legally HAVE to resign you to keep you. Have some decency, have some honor and have some class about yourself.

    • They do take away pay from players who don’t perform. Its called cutting or waiving them. No money is guaranteed anymore so when you see an opportunity to try and cash in, you have to go for it. I’m not saying its right, but its the sports world we live in. After all, the athletes only have a limited time before they are done.

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