A.J. Green: Free Agency’s Big Mystery

The time is getting closer and closer to free agency in the NFL. Names like Tom Brady and Philip Rivers are being mentioned along with players like Amari Cooper and Jadeveon Clowney. While those names are being mentioned by people, there is one name that's missing in the free agency pool: A.J. Green.

One reason no one is talking about Green much is because of last season in Cincinnati. The veteran wide receiver injured his ankle before the season started last year and never returned, even when healthy. At that point, many felt he wanted out of Cincinnati after the season. And as it stands right now, not many outside of Cincy are thinking of him going back there.

As for what Green has to offer, he has been a one-man band at wide receiver for most if not all of his career as a Bengal. And even with that, he has 602 receptions, 8,907 receiving yards and 63 touchdowns. Imagine the type of potential production he could add to a team that is close to making a run to a title. He could potentially put them over the top with his route running and elite-level talent.

While that type of production is alluring, the one thing you have to worry about is his injury history over the last four seasons. He has only completed one full season over the last four years and he completely missed last season. The last four seasons have to be a concern for anyone considering signing him to a contract.

The most likely outcome for Green this offseason (should he leave Cincinnati) is one of two things if he really wants to go to a contender: a one or two-year deal for lesser money or an incentive-laden deal for a contender. Only time will tell what happens, but the signing of A.J. Green could turn into a good one or become a lesser impact move. It all depends on what all he has left and how healthy he is going into next season. While there is talk of him being franchised out there, the reality is that he could want to leave and be on a contender for a title.

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