Will Demarcus Cousins Ever Get It?

Demarcus Cousins

Demarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings is an extremely talented player. At 6’11”, he can handle the basketball, shoot the mid-range jumper and use his bulky frame (270 pounds) to bully opposing players in the paint. The sky is the limit for him in regards to his talents. If you ask people about him, they will say he is easily one of the more talented big men in the NBA. But unfortunately his attitude seems to overshadow his skills.

Cousins started off the season doing better with his attitude. But even with that, he still had some hiccups in the early going, most notably this moment against the Los Angeles Clippers:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eqGiJc8Zy4&w=560&h=315] Some would get the impression that Cousins was just mad at losing while others said “there goes Demarcus again”. But even in this so-called “instance”, Demarcus was not angry or emotional high-strung at all. As the season has gone on, however, it is apparent the losing has worn on Cousins. This recent incident versus the Rockets this week was the tipping point:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLPzt_Sclrg&w=560&h=315] Cousins completely lost control again and forgot some of the things that Shaq had talked to him about as one of the new owners of the Kings. His coach was handling the issue, but Cousins just had to get his point across and in an emotional way. Honestly, Cousins should not have gotten the initial foul call and it did not look like he even said anything to receive the technical. But even in that, he has to handle that situation better. And because of his slow erosion back to the things he did last season, he has become a target for referees and a distraction for his team.
Cousins cheering on his teammates

This is now Demarcus’s fourth season in the NBA and it seems that when he takes two steps forward, he takes three steps back. The talent keeps getting blocked by the attitude. And with him being signed to a new four-year, $62 million extension in Sacramento, it looks like he is not leaving anytime soon. The Kings are counting on him to lead their franchise. But the big question is if he will ever mature into the player and person the Kings need him to be? That remains to be seen, but one thing needs to happen to give Cousins a better shot to make it. The Kings need to bring in a veteran presence that he respects to either be an assistant coach or be a part of the bench. An assistant coach like former NBA player Rasheed Wallace, who was a volatile personality at times himself, would be perfect for Cousins. Wallace would be able to teach Demarcus how to handle his temper on the court while helping him be an even better teammate than he is now. After all, Wallace was a loose cannon at one point and time until he learned when to reel it in for the sake of his team.

Until something like this happens, Demarcus may still continue to have his moments on the court. Hopefully he eventually matures or someone gets through to him. Because if he continues down this path, he could end up taking it too far and permanently damaging his career.

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  1. Mike, I have sent you an e-mail to an address I found VIA Gravatar (danger******@yahoo.com) Please, read that e-mail and get back to me as soon as possible!

  2. As you said in the article the biggest thing stopping Demarcus is Demarcus. But with a lot of basketball players, young and old, its never the talent that keeps them from reaching their goals its their mind. There are so many playground stories of guys with superior talent to those that are in the league but they could never get it together mentally.

    The only thing that is saving him is the fact that he is 6’11 and when he is on he is damn good.

    • Demarcus will get it. Some it just takes more time than others to get it between the ears.

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