Carmelo’s Right. It’s Time For A Stand

The last week has been a rough one. We have seen police brutality happen twice with no answers yet from anyone and we also saw the killing of five officers at a peaceful Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas. The range of emotions that many have gone through has been extensive. And as a Black man in America, I have definitely went through a range of emotions over the events of this week. But one thing that is evident is that we as a country have not gotten as far as we thought we had. Change is needed and it should be demanded. But of course, not everyone sees the need for change. And that kind of thinking right there is a huge part of the issue. Some do not want to see that there are serious issues in America and want to focus on the world from inside their window instead of looking outside for a different prospective. Well, New York Knicks small forward Carmelo Anthony is speaking out and has had enough of how things are. And on Friday, he took to his Intagram account to address some things.

Anthony spoke on the system being broken and how athletes need to stop worrying about endorsements and start worrying about the communities they are in. And quite honestly, he was absolutely right. No one can force any athlete to do anything, but with their elevated platforms, they have the ability to make some change. And they can make change on a bigger level sometimes because of the platform they have. But there have been some that have remained silent, choosing to watch instead of voice their opinions. Those that have been silent may want to understand that these things that happened could actually effect them and their family members as well. What if that had been their cousin, brother, uncle, or friend that was gunned down in Louisana or Minnesota by the police or what if it was you? Thabo Sefalosha of the Atlanta Hawks can tell us all that police brutality happens to athletes as well. It wasn't the case for many, but it just as easily could have been. And because of that real possibility, there should be more speaking out against police brutality that is affecting the Black community.

But not only did Anthony speak of making change, he said that athletes need to look into speaking to their local politicians. Speaking to them about the issues that affect communities is good to do, but make sure that you are educated about what you speak. A perfect example of being uneducated on what you are talking about is television personality Wendy Williams. She went on television and went on and on about Jesse Williams' speech when accepting his award at the BET Awards. And she also began to ask about why he did not go to an HBCU and began to question why we have HBCUs anyway. Well, that speech sounded like someone that is trying to get attention for all the wrong reasons. And political personality Roland Martin was quick to put her in her place for the utterly ridiculous comments she said. The point of telling that story is when athletes step out there, they need to know what is going on. If they don't, then they could do damage instead of actually affecting positive change. Carmelo Anthony and others can use their platform to help communities, but not if they don't even know what they speak of and have not done their homework themselves.

Change can come from the lower levels and the higher levels as well. But when you have a platform such as most athletes, why not use it to affect change in the communities that you grew up in and play sports for? If these latest incidents have not moved you to do so, then maybe if it affected you closer to home then you would. Don't let it get to that point. Make change now. And like Carmelo essentially said, don't let the affects of money change the things that we are supposed to stand up for in times of injustice.

Carmelo Anthony

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Rest in Peace to Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and the police officers that lost their lives in Dallas.

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  1. I still don’t understand the relevance of Wendy’s slandering of HBCUs. It’s comments like that justify the treatment of our people. If we all stand united and not divided, we will see different results. And I do hope more celebrities like Melody take a stand immediately.

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