This Isn’t Kentucky Anymore

John Wall was on top of the world at this time last year. He was the starting point guard at one of the top programs in the country, he was arguably the best player in the country and he also was winning a lot of ball games. Wall decided to leave after his freshman season and enter the NBA Draft. He was made the number 1 pick in the 2010 NBA Draft by the Washington Wizards. Then, he realized, this isn't Kentucky anymore.

Wall has great God-given abilities. He has excellent speed, great leadership abilities and also he is a playmaker. At the college level, he could use these skills to dominate the game. No one could keep up with his speed and his athleticism. But, in the pros, he learned quickly that it takes more than speed and athleticism to play and dominate a game.

Wall has reached the highest level of basketball. In the NBA, even the average players have speed and athleticism. For Wall, the true test of his potential and growth as a player is about to begin.

In watching, Wall must become a student of the game. No more can he just go out and play. The truly great players like Michael Jordan and Bill Russell were students of the game and used their athleticism as well as their smarts. Wall must also learn from defeat. Wall never really has had prolonged losing to deal with, so he must use the loses to fuel his drive to get better, yet he must not let the losing consume him. And lastly, Wall must now perfect his craft more and more as he continues to play in the league. He must develop a consistent jump shot and also develop into a leader on this young team.

All in all, Wall didn't do terrible last night, but in order for him to succeed, improvements need to be made, work needs to be put in and his leadership skills must shine through.

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