Thin Air

Tick, tick, tick. The sound you hear is the clock ticking on the clock for the Nuggets to trade Carmelo Anthony. Even though he hasn't publicly said it, Carmelo wants out of Denver. If I were him, I would want out too.

Carmelo Anthony is considered as one of the best small forwards in basketball. He can shoot the mid-range jump shot, take the ball to the rim with authority and he can also hit the deep 3. As this off-season went on, we also noticed that he is quite the observer.

This summer has seen the Three Kings form in Miami and Amar'e Stoudamire go to the Knicks. I think Carmelo see these teams as being contenders and has seen the Denver Nuggets try to help him by bringing in Al Harrington? If Al Harrington is the best that Denver can do, then its time for Carmelo to go.

Another reason for Carmelo to leave is that the Nuggets have put money into injury-prone players(Chris Andersen, Kenyon Martin, NeNe) and have given him no consistent force to go with him. Sure, Chauncey Billups was a good pickup, but he is losing his speed to keep up with the young guards in the league.

I'm not mad at Carmelo. I blame Denver's management. I wish he would have done something sooner. The Denver Nuggets failed in building a team that could contend around him and have a bunch of aging big men and an aging point guard. The only guy I think they made a good move for was PG Ty Lawson, but that isn't enough.

Hopefully Denver will enjoy the press conference today. Carmelo will be cordial and nice, but in his head he keeps hearing that sound. Tick, tick, tick. Time has run out Denver.

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